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Football Manager 2021 Cheap Wonderkids UPDATED: Best FM 2021 Cheap Players Winter Patch

Best FM 2021 Cheap Wonderkids Winter Update

Its time to share the best FM 2021 cheap wonderkids from the Winter update, patch 21.3! Using the list of 500+ top prospects we have hand picked the best FM 2021 cheap players you can buy on day one.

This list now includes five new FM21 cheap wonderkids from the Winter update, four of which cost less than £1 million. All prices range from £300K to £7.5 million, the maximum age is 21 and each player should be easy to sign.

Our Football Manager 2021 cheap wonderkids have potential to reach the very top. Some will no doubt have flexible PA, meaning they could vary in your save and there is one player you may struggle to get a work permit for in England but the rest should pass on appeal.

Little tip; do not miss the last player on this list, he’s a little known beast and available for £700K.

Updated for patch 21.3 with more cheap Wonderkids added from the Winter update

Football Manager 2021 Cheap Wonderkids

I have listed the best FM 2021 cheap players by position and tried to share a variety of bargains from first teamers to long term projects. Please note you should load a large database with England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil selected as playable to ensure every FM21 cheap wonderkid is visable.

All our FM 2021 cheap wonderkids have now been updated for patch 21.1 and additonal cheap players added.

Best FM 2021 Cheap Wonderkids: Goalkeeper

To be frank it was slim picking in goal but one bargain stands out from the Norwegian top flight. Klaesson has good all round ability for a 17 year old and no real weakness. £7.5m may seem steep but this kid was first choice for Schalke before moving to Liverpool in my test save. The future screenshot below should lay those pricing doubts to rest.

Kristoffer Klaesson | 19 year old | GK | Valerenga | Cost: £7.5m

Klaesson development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

Best FM 2021 Cheap Players: Defenders

Lets kick things off in Defence with a Football Manager 2021 Wonderkid from the new patch. Pierre Kalulu costs just £4.7m, a surprising amount considering AC Milan recently purchased him. Add high, fixed potential and I’m not sure where that price tag comes from. Fast, good in the air and fantastic feet mean Kalulu could even feature at right back.

Pierre Kalulu | 20 year old | DC/DL | AC Milan | Cost: £4.7m

Kalulu development in the year 2027

Ahmedhodzic is a giant ball playing defender with great speed, technique and well rounded mentals. He is the complete Defender and at 21 years of age enjoys high, fixed potential with a spirited personality meaning the Bosnian could be World class, save in save out.

Anel Ahmedhodzic | 21 year old | DC | Malmo | Cost: £4.9m

Ahmedhodzic development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

Following relegation last season Brescia lost their prized asset, Tonali, yet the Serie B side have another FM 2021 cheap wonderkid. Andrea Papetti is a centre back by trade but enjoys good technique and ability on the ball. For £2.9 million you are getting a World class prospect with great speed and all round ability. How many centre-backs do you know worth £138 million?

Andrea Papetti | 18 year old | DC | Brescia | Cost: £2.9m

Papetti development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here



Moving onto full backs and we begin with Matteo Ruggeri, a versatile, 18 year old plying his trade in Italy for Atalanta. Ruggeri is dirt cheap provided he has not signed a pro deal costing just £900K in the new patch for FM 2021. With high flexible potential, fantastic maturity and focus you can really take advantage of those physical stats and all round ability on the ball. A must buy.

Matteo Ruggeri | 18 year old | DL/WBL | Atalanta | Cost: £900k


Ruggeri development in the year 2027


Another cheap left back from the FM21 Winter update is Thierry Small. A home grown prospect from Everton, Thierry can be poached for just £600K at the tender age of 15. Extremely quick and tecnically proficient hes the modern Wing Back with amazing potential.

Thierry Small | 15 year old | DL/WBL | Everton | Cost: £600K

Small development in the year 2027

Next up a left back and one of my favourites, Riccardo Calafiori. As a Roma fan I’m syched to see the 18 year old recognised but doubt the Giallorossi would let him go for £7.5 million in real life. This kid has it all, speed, defensive awareness and ability on the ball. With great potential Calafiori is the ideal flying wing back and creative force.

Riccardo Calafiori | 18 year old | DL/WBL | Roma | Cost: £7.5m

Calafiori development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

Best FM21 Cheap Wonderkids: Defensive & Central Midfielders

Our next FM 2021 cheap player is a prospect from Argentinacosting just £6 million. This kid has it all, he is a complete midfielder capable going forward and in defence. You could use Vera in rotation from the get go and enjoy one of the best Central Midfielders by 2027.

Fausto Vera | 20 year old | DM/MC | Argentinos Jnrs | Cost: £6m


Vera development in the year 2027


Now for one of my favourite FM21 cheap wonderkids from the Winter update, Alfie Devine. At just 15 years of age Alfie enjoys bags of potential and a crazy asking price of £600K. Operating from central midfield or AMC he enjoys an all round game and reminds me of Steven Gerrard.

Alfie Devine | 15 year old | MC/AMC | Tottenham | Cost: £600K

Devine development in the year 2027

£300K! That is what 15 year old wonderkid Gavi will cost you from Barcelona. Whomever accpeted that ridiculous release clause needs sacking but their loss is our gain. I am yet to find a fair reflection of Gavi’s development in FM21 but even aged 22 he looks tasty. A flair machine capable from MC or AMC you should let the young Spaniard loose in an advanced playmaker role.

Gavi | 15 year old | MC/AMC | Barcelona | Cost: £300K

Gavi development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

Best FM21 Cheap Players: Attacking Midfielders

OK, a bit of a cop out but he’s back guys. The much loved Thiago Almada returns as one of the best Football Manager 2021 cheap wonderkids. I have a feeling the 19 year old has dropped slightly in PA but for £6 million he is amazing. Just look at all those 17 technicals and that flair/vision.

Thiago Almada | 19 year old | AMC | Velez | Cost: £6m

Almada development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

Football Manager 2021 Cheap Players: Wingers

Brian Oddei is an exciting, creative Winger with great speed and ball control. Costing just £1 million Brian is a complete steal with solid base attributes and high, flexible potential. Best used from the right wing, cutting inside he can also train to be a False Nine.

Its quite rare to find a forward with such speed and skill who can also pick out a pass and cross the ball. This proved the case in our test save where Oddei scored 64 goals assisting 43 from 229 games.

Brian Oddei | 18 year old | AMR/ST | Sassuolo | Cost: £1m

Oddei development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

Akhomach is a dynamic, skilful, inside forward from La Masia Academy with flexible potential and £5.5 million release clause. Man United paid £64 million in our test save as Ilias scored 15 goals assisting 9 from 54 games in England, reaching elite Winger status.

Ilias Akhomach | 16 year old | AMR/AMC | Barcelona | Cost: £5.5m

Akhomach development in the year 2027

I struggled to find high class talent out wide for a fair price, that is until Exequiel Zeballos came across my screen. The 18 year old has great all round ability underlined by fantastic technique and while he can take some developing I have two saves showing brilliant growth. Zeballos is best played from the left cutting inside to utilise his finishing and ability on the ball.

Exequiel Zeballos | 18 year old | AML/ST | Boca Juniors | Cost: £4.7m

Zeballos development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

FM 2021 Cheap Wonderkids: Strikers

Finally, my favourite FM21 cheap players and both would form a fantastic front line. Matias Arezo should be familiar to all costing just £1.9 million, his current ability has been lifted for FM 2021. The 17 year old could be a complete forward and challenge for first team Football early on but won’t join your club until January. Real Madrid paid £80 million for Matias in my test save and no wonder, just look at that speed, balance and agility.

Matias Arezo | 17 year old | ST | River Plate Montevideo | Cost: £1.9m

Arezo development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

My final FM 2021 cheap wonderkid is Wilfried Gnonto from Switzerland. A strange wonderkid as most don’t get hyped after leaving big clubs, yet Gnonto left Inter for Zurich. The 16 year old should set you back £700K and develops great speed and striking instincts. Atalanta paid £15m in my save before Juventus coughed up £48 million and the kids scored a goal every other since. Of course he will need nurturing but its low risk high reward.

Wilfried Gnonto | 16 year old | AMC/ST | Zurich | Cost: £700K

Gnonto development in the year 2027

 Full player profile available here

Every year we test countless tactics and review the very best. For FM21 these systems will be ranked and listed within our tactics index linked below.

Well that concludes my FM 2021 cheap wonderkids but you can find the very best FM 2021 wonderkids, 500+ to be precise right here. Remember my player profiles begin soon so keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook.

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