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FM 2021

FM 2021 Feature Hints – Manager Style & Tactics

FM 2021 Feature Hints - Manager Style, Tactics

Since Sports Interactive announced FM21 will be released November 24th, we have combed through every news feed to find nuggets and hint of any new features. With official feature announcements due through October we don’t have much bar one very big hint at a change to manager style and tactics in FM 2021.

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FM21 New Features Hints

Much can be read into the first promotional video and marketing for FM 2021…here is the video.

Bigger emphasis on manager style and tactics?

The tagline “These are our colours” is prominent and clearly a teaser for whats to come. We believe this points not to in game customisation but the make-up of you as the manager. This could bring more options in tactical and management style with bigger consequences.

The video ends, “these are our colours, choose yours”. Another hint comes in the promotional picture below and the sentence ‘..renew the focus on you, the beating heart of the football club.’

This is followed by ‘…You are equipped with more tools than ever before to develop your managerial prowess and command success.’ Could this hint at a more in-depth journey of development? Maybe more emphasis on our coaching badges and a greater scope of learning to become a more refined manager?

The final line ‘…New additions and game upgrades produce unparalleled levels of football authenticity as well as extra layers of depth..’ clearly points to new FM21 features in management style.

On the one side we have manager style – your approach to man management, experience etc etc – then we have tactical style. The above of course could point to more variety of tactics, maybe more formations, bigger depth of instructions or maybe an overhaul of interface?

We may also see a bigger emphasis on in game tactics, placing the pressure on you, the manager, to respond and adapt on a game by game basis. We could surmise a change to ‘touchline shouts’ or maybe pre-set tactics for specific scenarios.

This may not be a welcome change for you click and play tacticians but it would add more realism should the match engine not be a sham!

What do you think? What can we expect from Football Manager 2021?

These are all guesses and assumptions right now, but we will announce all new features from our FM 2021 new features & screenshots page here.

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