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FM 2021

Best FM 2021 Scouts — Top 80 FM21 Scouts

Best FM 2021 Scouts

I play Football Manager to a) find and b) develop Wonderkids but without the best FM 2021 Scouts this can take some time, and effort.

Your reach in the filtered search, accuracy of reports and pool of information are a direct result of buying the best Football Manager 2021 Scouts & unlike other backroom staff the required attributes are few.

What To Look for – Best FM21 Scouts

There are a few things to consider here; getting the right attributes and building a broad, worldwide knowledge.

I search for three attributes; judging player ability, judging potential and adaptability. For me the first two are vital and the latter helps FM21 Scouts lacking in knowledge adapt to scouting in other countries.

Remember knowledge is key, always build a diverse team of the best FM 2021 scouts targeting your preferred areas. If you want to find players in South America, namely Brazil and Argentina, search for Scouts of either nationality and the majority will have knowledge of both countries.

Of course, we have done all the hard work for you. Below is a list of our best FM 2021 Scouts including Nationality and rating.

Best FM 2021 Scouts

Jose Botopor54Shakhtar
Rod Ruddick77Southampton
Lluis Gonzalez51-
Bojan Krkic58-
Jose Luis Calderon43Malaga
Josep Boada58-
Carlos Paniza54Mallorca
Tony McAndrew64-
Joao Luis Afonso53Al-Nassr
Juarez Fischer59SEP
David Mills68Leicester
Stefano Cappelletti61Fiorentina
Adelio Moro69-
Toni Lima49Alaves
Rafa Juanes53Villarreal
Bryan King73-
Robbie Cooke63-
Gerard Bonneau66Servette FC
Soren Lerby62-
Mario Vossen45B. M'gladbach
Jakob Friis-Hansen53Bordeaux
Radu Baicu40Monaco
W van der Kujlen73PSV
Eric Abidal40-
Jim Flood59Southampton
Maryn Glover63Southampton
Rafa Monfort57Udinese
Pedro Gonzalez73River Plate
Douglas Gramani33SEP
Riccardo Guffanti62Cagliari
Stephane Chapuisat51Young Boys
Kieran Scott36Norwich
Carlo Taldo48Genoa
Jose Laranjeira38-
Angel Medina53Celta Vigo
Brandan MacFarlane26Brentford
Andy Scott47Swansea
Luuk Balkestein66B. M'gladbach
Mauro Silva57COR
Goran Vucevic49-
Christophe Rempp56Stuttgart
Francisco Oliveira67-
Patrice Girard49Lyon
Erwin Hadewicz69Stuttgart
M. Pirassununga43SEP
Roberto Marta49Atalanta
J Mario Reigota37Sampdoria
Bogdan Komorowski34Wolfsburg
Julio dos Santos62SEP
Dirk Jahnke51B M'gladbach
Rafik Allaf50-
Carlos Lodico66Lanus
Roger Cross71-
Ian Atkins63-
Rudi Wojtowicz64Wolfsburg
Ove Flindt-Bjerg72B. M'gladbach
Matthieu Louis-Jean44Nice
Gilmar Francisco53CEC
Victor Arroyo66San Lorenzo
Thiago Araujo46INT
Willi Kronhardt51FC Koln
Andrea Carnevale59Udinese
Bernd Pfeifer65Magdeburg
Chris Jones36Norwich
J Carlos Dehollain69Lanus
Bob Arber69Norwich
Gary Goodchild62Wolves
Frederic Viseux49Angers SCO
Harry Louris32Norwich
Jay Marshall42Norwich
Ricardo Bochini66Independiente
Abel Almada72-
Paul Hamilton49QPR
Dejan Vasiljev55Sampdoria
Javier Mina38At Pamplona
Michael Piwowarski71KSC
Mick Tait63Newcastle
Rafael Fernandes36-
Alfredo Alonso79Argentinos Jnrs
Michael Provaznik37E Frankfurt

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Your backroom staff are nearly assembled, now complete the task using our lists below. 

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