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FM 2021

Best FM 2021 Coaches — FM21 Coaches By Category

Best FM 2021 Coaches

The best FM 2021 coaches are vital to success and the full development of your players.

This list of best Football Manager 2021 coaches covers all categories from between the sticks, to defence, possession and attack.

Best FM 2021 Coaches Explained

You may have heard the term 5-star coaching, this is the star rating you see in the coaching screen. Unless you are in the top flight and able to hire a separate coach in every category achieving 5 star coaching is unlikely.

However, by signing the best Football Manager 2021 coaches and following the steps below you should come close.

  1. Where possible only give each coach one category (High workload deters ratings)
  2. Specialise and find the best FM21 coaches for each category (easy using the lists below)

Find the best FM 2021 players:

FM21 Coaching Categories

With the release of FM19 came an overhaul of training and some new coaching categories. We will list the best FM 2021 coaches for all categories.

  • Goalkeeping — handling & distribution/shot stopping
  • Defending — technical/tactical
  • Possession — technical/tactical
  • Attacking — technical/tactical
  • Fitness — quickness/strength

Best Football Manager 2021 Coaches

All coaches require the following attributes; determination, level of discipline and motivation.

You should then search by specialist attributes, all key attributes we have filtered by are stated below.

Note: defending, possession and attacking are now split into technical or tactical. Fitness is still split by quickness and strength, goalkeeping by shot stopping, handling and distribution.


Best FM21 Goalkeeping Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, handling & distribution/shot stopping

Flavio Tenius56BOT
Xavi Valero47West Ham
Javier Garcia41-
Alex Brunner46Udinese
Carlos Pracidelli63-
Joel Bats63-
Rui Barbosa46Wolves
David Thiel35Bayer 04
Haroldo Lamounier61-
Andreas Hilfiker51Wolfsburg
Massimo Nenci55-
Mauro Marchisio60Empoli
Jean-Claude Hagenbach60Strasbourg
Paulo Rui39BOT
Ed Wootten40Norwich
Alfred Dossou-Yovo36Lyon

Best FM 2021 Fitness Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, fitness

Darlan Schneider56-
Massimo Neri62-
Roberto Sassi69-
Rui Faria45-
Anthony Colbert57-
Jesus Perez48-
Markus Zetlmeisl53Schalke 04 II
Andreas Schlumberger54B. M'gladbach
Andrea Scanavino47Zenit
Jon Goodman49MK Dons
Walmir Cruz60-
Javier Vilamitjana52-
C. Manouvrier49-
Simone Folletti47-
Davide Losi33-
Marcos Alvarez49-
Bruno Mendes37-
Daniel Jouvin42Bayer 04
Kai Braun53Bayer 04
Cedric Uras42Lyon

Best Football Manager 2021 Defending Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, defending, technical/tactical

Norbert Elgert63Schalke 04
Marco Ianni38-
Mauro Tassotti60-
Daniele Baldini56-
Seppo Eichkorn63Schalke 04
Miguel Quaresma66-
Angelo Palombo38Sampdoria
Miguel D'Agostino48-
Giuseppe Irrera58-
Glynn Snodin60-
Pal Daradai44Hertha BSC
Tony McAndrew64-
Ricky Sbragia64-
Zoran Mirkovic48-
Lorenzo D'Anna48-
Peter Reekers39Heracles Almelo
Joachim Bjorklund49Hammarby IF
Markus Krosche39RB Leipzig
Marco Baroni56-
Lorenzo Rubinacci52Frosinone
Gunther Metz52Kaiserslautern
Erik Hoftun51-
Gordon Greer39Brighton

Every year we test countless tactics and review the very best. For FM21 these systems will be ranked and listed within our tactics index linked below.

Best FM2021 Possession Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, mental, tactical/technical

Giovanni Martusciello48-
Norbert Elgert63Schalke 04
Daniele Baldini56-
Dirk Bremser54-