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Vauxhall Motors Story: January and February 2018

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Hello folks and thank you for coming back for another episode of the Vauxhall Motors Football Manager 2011 story! As you might remember the Motormen were top of the Premier League table at the end of December 2017 but the title race was very tight with Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United very close behind us. As for the cup competitions, we were still involved in all of them, qualified for the semi finals of the Carling Cup, first knockout round of the Champions League and third round of the FA Cup. Now let’s see what we did in the first two months of 2018.

The new year began with some insane scheduling from the FA, we were forced to play two games in two days! The first one went well, we produced a solid display against Aston Villa and the score line was narrow just because we conceded an unlucky own goal at 2-0. The game against 19th placed Bolton was a lot more difficult and that was because I had to use an almost totally different eleven since all the players that had faced Villa were obviously tired. I even had to bring in some youngsters from the reserves and that surely showed on the pitch. Bolton took the lead after just two minutes from a penalty kick, then we made it 1-1 at half time but were reduced to 10 men on 50 minutes and then conceded another own goal. Louis Laing beat our own keeper but fortunately he did the same at the other end to make it 2-2 and then Graham Howson scored the winning goal three minutes from time.

Andrew Surman left the club after the Bolton game, he even scored a farewell goal before joining Newcastle on a loan to buy deal possibly worth around 3 million pounds if the buyer will activate the clause. The first big game of the new year was coming up, we were facing defending champions Chelsea. They were having a bad season though, down in 7th place, so I was expecting a win.

Vauxhall vs Chelsea (Premier League)

Venue: Rivacre Park

Attendance: 10,266 (sold out)

Starting line up: Luis Guilherme – Kwabena Quartey, Javier Godoy, Louis Laing, Hans Larsson – Leandro Velasco, Radek Vecera, Tinga, Tiago – Parana, Zé Carlos

Team Talk: You can win today!

The game proved to be much easier that I had expected, we banged in three goals in the opening 17 minutes! First Louis Laing broke the deadlock after seven minutes with a corner kick header and then Zé Carlos bagged a quickfire double, first from the penalty spot and then with a fine effort from inside the area. Chelsea were in big trouble as we were pushing forward relentlessly and Ze Carlos could have scored again on 20 minutes. The goal did come two minutes after the half hour mark when Ze Carlos set up Parana and the striker finally managed to end a painful 16-hour goal drought.

Half time score: 4-0

Half time team talk: Pleased.

Half time substitutions: Julian Marino for Quartey, Abdallah Yaisien for Velasco

The second half was equally entertaining, Chelsea managed to create a couple of chances as well, but in the end they had to thank goalkeeper Petr Cech for avoiding a tennis score. We played beautiful football on that day despite the heavy rain that was pouring down on Rivacre Park and we grabbed a well-deserved emphatic win.

Full time team talk: Well done!

Man of the match: Zé Carlos

Flop of the match: Abdallah Yaisien

Match Stats

Video Highlights

Click here to watch the highlights.

Before moving on to the next games I have some transfer activity news: backup right back Kwabena Quartey left the club as Valencia met his minimum fee release close with a 7.5 million pounds bid. I knew about that release clause and I didn’t want to lose this player but unfortunately I was unable to make him sign a new contract. The board didn’t give back too much of that income so I was unable to find a replacement on the transfer market which forced me to promote a youngster from the reserves as a backup, 20-year old Sylvester Ogbonna (click name to see profile).

The next games went quite smoothly as we started with a demolition job of Newcastle in the league, then eased past League 1 side Cardiff in the FA Cup and last but not least grabbed a win against Bolton in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi final. That win could have been a lot better though, we enjoyed nearly total domination but Bolton were lucky to survive and score a goal out of two shots on target.

Another big match was coming up after those three easier ones, third placed Tottenham were coming at Rivacre Park, they were four points behind us but with a game in hand.

Vauxhall vs Tottenham (Premier League)

Venue: Rivacre Park

Attendance: 10,266 (sold out)

Starting line up: Luis Guilherme – Julian Marino, Javier Godoy, Louis Laing, Hans Larsson – Leandro Velasco, Radek Vecera, Tinga, Tiago – Parana, Zé Carlos

Team Talk: You can win today!

The start of the game was similar to the one we had against Chelsea but with a big difference: we didn’t score this time. Tinga had the first big chance just 64 seconds into the game as his fine effort from inside the penalty area cannoned off the upright and then the Brazilian midfielder tested the crossbar as well with a thunderous shot from 20 yards. Our domination continued until half time but the Tottenham goalie was unbeatable, you all know how good David De Gea can be…

Half time score: 0-0

Half time team talk: You can win today!

Half time substitutions: Denís for Vecera

De Gea continued his show after the break as he denied Parana on a great chance on 48 minutes and Tottenham had the first decent chance 10 minutes later when Dzeko hit the crossbar with a header. Our last big chance fell to Zé Carlos after an awesome team move but there was no way past that unbelievable goalie, he gave Tottenham a precious point in a game that we should have won.

Full time team talk: Sympathise.

Man of the match: Javier Godoy

Flop of the match: Radek Vecera

Match Stats

The next league game saw us beating Hull quite comfortably with Denís managing to score his first goal for the club. The second leg against Bolton was a quiet affair, we only needed a draw there and we got it even though I chose to rest most of the first team players.

We are going to Wembley for the League Cup final and we are going to meet Manchester United there in March.

The league table was looking pretty well at the end of January, we were still top, tied on 59 points with Manchester City but with a game in hand. We managed to maintain the four-point cushion over Tottenham while Manchester United seemed to drop the pace a bit as they were eight points behind us.

February had three very tough matches in store for us, Tottenham (our game in hand) and Manchester United in the league and also the first leg against Hamburg in the Champions League.

Sounds exciting? Go to the next page to read all about it!

Go to the next page to read the rest of the story.

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Jake Lenahan

Ouch, that is one long injury list you have there Johnny! You do have strength In depth though and although the Parana injury will hit you hard, there are players at the club who will pull you through.

League campaign is looking great. Still on top, even with a few results not going your way. Just need to get a foothold next month and win the important games while hoping City slip up somewhere along the line.

Good luck there, and obviously with the match against HSV. Your lot can score that away goal!:)

Darren Smith

Your season is starting to simmer Johnny. Those injuries and the loss against Spurs could be costly, but I’m hoping not. Still sensational to think how far Vauxhall have come and I’m expecting a title push already, really crazy. Anyway, I reckon you’ll hold onto top spot and maybe even win the League Cup off the back of your last encounter with Man Utd.


Ouch Tottenham definitely went all out against your players, losing one of your strikers is never good, at least you bounced back against Man Utd with a good 4-1 win, maybe it’s time to give your backup players a try, you never know, they could do the job against lesser teams :P

Good luck in the League Cup final and in the away leg against Hamburg, hopefully you can get maximum points in your league fixtures


Well done Johnny, despite some poor results and a few injuries you are continuing to deliver incredible results and I am sure you will still be in title contention by the end of the season, if you haven’t already won it! Good luck for the Carling Cup final and the Hamburg game and hopefully by the end of the next update you will have a trophy and still be on course for the title! :D


Hi Johnny,

Unlucky with those injuries and that really stretch your team to the limit. Some great wins against Chelsea and Man Utd and you are still with a high chance of winning the league title though Man City is catching up. Anyway i have high confidence with your team. Just look at those two players you have promoted, seems good enough for a first team spot. All the best for the rest of the games and good luck.

Martin Pickard

Great post Johnny! Hopefully your team will get there second wind and push on for the title! Great to see you in the League Cup Final…first of many I hope this season :). Also hopefully you wont miss those injured players too much. Best of Luck.


I definitely think you can get rid of Hamburg and get the league cup if you can repeat the league performance. You also are well placed in the league because City although a threat always mess up ;) good luck further.


wow good results there appart from tottenham and hamburg good luck away m8

p.s thanks 4 the shoutowt

Ana Garcia

Wow, my boyfriend will not be happy that you beat Chelsea 4-0! Amazing result though so well done!!

The second Tottenham result was bad in more ways than just than the result losing a couple of key players so hopefully the loss of Parana will not cost you in your title race.

Its still too close to call! But it should be an exciting finish I have my fingers crossed for you Johnny, best of luck!!! :)


Hi Johnny
Those injuries are building up raidly and at such a critical stage of the season as well. Hopefully City will slip up with their game in hand so you can remain top. I think your side is capable of adding some additonal suffering to United but that game in Hamburg mioght be a little tricky. As always I wish you well and good luck!

Sayam Khan

Hi Johnny, it’s really tight! And if City win their game…. Injuries have hit you at a bad time and that could be the only thing that may stop you from winning the league. Good Luck in the league cup final!


Hey Johnny
It is good to see you top of the table. You beat United 4-1 and Chelsea 4-0, you are all too good for them! Hopefully you can win the League Cup, then at least you can do the double. And I like your kits a lot, I think you should use them.


Very good again Johnny, and despite those injuries you’re still right in the title race. Ze Carlos and Laing are incredible players, and with those two in the side (as long as they don’t get injured!) I’m backing you to see of Man City and claim the title. Good luck!


Incredible games, the injuries can be a setback but I think you can pull though :D gl mate.


Oi, I’m falling behind in my commenting! Those were some great results, though the Tottenham game was a shame. Your injury list is almost as bad as Jake’s “Traveling” list, and I’m really impressed you’ve been able to keep up the good results with that (I’m absolutely envious of that kind of depth).

I can’t wait to see the Hamburg second leg, good luck!


Sorry for the delay Johnny, I’ve felt unwell for the past 2-3 days but I feel much better now. Everybody else has pretty much said everything, so I wish you the best of luck in the next few months, and hopefully you’ll beat HSV in the CL! Good luck .

Yasser Rahman

Great season so far, I’m sure you can do the fans and board proud. But what I am eagerly waiting for is the 28th of June , 2018 ; The day you can move into your 25000 capacity new stadium! Should do well for your finances and I’m curious to see how it will affect attendance and performance.

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