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Vauxhall Motors in 2020 – The Grand Finale

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Hello my friends and welcome to the last update of the season! As you know the Motormen were mighty close to snatching the third consecutive Premier League title and we also were just one step away from reaching the Champions League final for the second time in a row. That step was quite a big one though as we were going to meet Manchester City in the semi final, the team that had just knocked us out of the FA Cup.

The first leg was away and that was a good sign, I always prefer to play the first leg away and then put the hammer down at home. Let’s see how it went…

Manchester City vs Vauxhall (Champions League Semi Final Leg 1)

Venue: The City of Manchester Stadium

Attendance: 47,405

Starting line up: Luis Guilherme – Gary Warner, Danny Wilson, Marat Bykov, Pierre Touya – Leandro Velasco, Indio, Marcos Fernandez, Tiago – Zé Carlos, Parana

Team Talk: For the fans!

We had played four games against Man City this season, we drew 1-1 and won 2-0 in the league, then won 3-1 in the Carling Cup final but got beaten 2-1 in the sixth round of the FA Cup. This time we started brightly and managed to do some damage after just four minutes: Joe Hart parried a Leandro Velasco shot but the ball bounced back to our right winger who coolly finished it off to put us ahead. That goal sparked life into the match, it was a fierce one until half time but there were no clear chances as both defences were extremely tight. The only notable event before the break was an injury to right back Gary Warner, I sent in Julian Marino to replace him.

Half time score: 0-1

Half time team talk: For the fans!

Half time substitutions: Lucas Cuello for Parana

The game continued to be played at a fierce tempo after the interval but it was rather quiet in terms of chances. I was quite happy with that and we even managed to test Joe Hart again on a couple of occasions after the hour mark. Man City came close later on as they hit the crossbar with a long shot before pushing Luis Guilherme to a huge save eight minutes from time. We held out to snatch a very good result but we lost Gary Warner for the remainder of the season, he was going to be out for six weeks.

Full time team talk: Well done!

Man of the match: Leandro Velasco

Flop of the match: Zé Carlos

Video Highlights

Click here to watch the match highlights.

Match Stats

Back to the league for a quick intermezzo before the second leg, there were three games remaining in the Premier League and we only needed to win two of them to secure the title. The first one was at home against Ipswich and although the three points were extremely important I decided to rest most of my important players for the clash against Man City. Despite that we won the game quite comfortably, Ipswich were unable to question our superiority and we were just one win away from the title…

Vauxhall vs Manchester City (Champions League Semi Final Leg 2)

Venue: Vauxhall Stadium

Attendance: 25,875 (sold out)

Starting line up: Luis Guilherme – Julian Marino, Danny Wilson, Marat Bykov, Pierre Touya – Leandro Velasco, Indio, Marcos Fernandez, Tiago – Zé Carlos, Parana

Team Talk: Encourage.

We had the chance to knock out the team that had beaten us in the final last season, it was a huge opportunity for the club and our fans filled the stands to support us. The lads were ready to deliver and they showed that right away as we took the lead after just 9 minutes when a fine exchange between my two Brazilian strikers released Parana who made no mistake from inside the penalty area. We continued to press forward and could have made it 2-0 on 20 minutes when Hart pulled off an amazing save to stop a close range shot from Indio. Our domination continued and we finally bagged that second goal on 32 minutes when a great move saw Zé Carlos setting up Marcos Fernandez at the edge of the area and the Argentine midfielder put it into the bottom corner from the edge of the area.

Half time score: 2-0

Half time team talk: Pleased.

Half time substitutions: Walid Mechergui for Tiago

We were almost there, the lads managed to keep things fairly quiet after the break as Man City were unable to display more than a few shots from distance. They came close on 70 minutes though as a corner kick header came back off the crossbar so Zé Carlos decided to put an end to it: he scored a magnificent goal as he skinned two opponents before unleashing a powerful shot that beat Joe Hart and hit the back of the net! It was all over, we were through to the Champions League final again!

Full time team talk: Congratulations!

Man of the match: Zé Carlos

Flop of the match: Tiago

Video Highlights

Click here to watch the match highlights.

Match Stats

As expected, Arsenal beat Galatasaray in the other semi final so we were going to meet the Gunners in what was going to be the second Champions League final in history for both clubs.

But before that we still had to secure the Premier League title. Well, it was a lot easier than expected because we clinched the title even before playing the last two games because Tottenham drew 0-0 at West Brom in their game in hand so the title was ours with two games to spare! We still did a professional job in those two games though as we beat both Hull and Liverpool, I decided not to do any favours for anybody because it wouldn’t be fair!

… but Liverpool did manage to survive the drop, they were quite lucky to be honest. Anyway, we clinched our third consecutive Premier League title and we managed to grab 100 points in the process, I’m quite proud of that. Our home form pushed us to the top this season, we had an 100 percent record at Vauxhall Stadium, 19 wins out of 19!

I’m also proud to report that I grabbed my fourth consecutive Manager of the Season award ;)

There were plenty of awards for my players too, starting with Indio who grabbed the Young Player of the Year

… and continuing with Parana, the Premier League Golden Boot!

It was a huge season for Parana, he set a new record for the club and the good news is that I think that he can do even better as he’s only 22 years old! Another important fact is that he has just reached the 100 goals scored for the club mark, legend!

My lads also dominated the Team Of The Season, no less than 5 out of 11 plus two on the bench!

And last but not least, Zé Carlos was elected Player of the Year! He didn’t score too many goals this season but he did much more for the team compared to the previous seasons.

All these awards are nice, the Premier League title is nice, but we still had one more dream to achieve: the Champions League! Everything was set for the final against Arsenal, all my important players were fully fit and with superb morale, I was quite optimistic! How did it go? The answer to that question is in the next page. ;)

Go to the next page to read the rest of the story.

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10 years ago

Hello Johnny
I’m sorry I missed your last post though I think I’ve explained that away. So, congratulations on bringing us another exciting end to the season but this time your are crowned Champions of Europe so jolly well done!
This has been a superb story to follow (as they all are) watching you buy some great players along the way all building up from the BS Leagues to this major event of Europeam glory. Great stuff!!
Fully understand why you won’t be posting for a while but look forward to your return.

Darren Smith
10 years ago

Well I’m sorry about your club Johnny, we’ve already spoken about it but I really do feel for you. All wounds heal eventually though mate, though they feel too fresh to realise so at the beginning…I just hope this is the case.

Back to FM and the best season to date though. A fantastic season, you slaughtered your way to the title and then won the CL by beating two of the best teams in Europe. The final was so entertaining too, to miss two penalties and still win must have been a rollercoaster ride. Well done mate.

10 years ago

Very nice work Johnny. The CL final was amazing to watch and I would have been sweating if I was in your position. Unlucky with your club but like laxeyman said they could remake a club.
Good Luck in FM and your club.

10 years ago

Hi Johnny,

It was an epic final. You must have felt the worse when your players missed those penalties. It was a great season mate. I bet this will start the dominance of the motormen.

Sorry to hear about your beloved club. I am sure it won’t be the end. Can the fans combined together and do something?

10 years ago

hi jonny, i am Eastleigh in League 2 and struggling big time!!! I see you got promoted consecutively from the same level i started at so figured it must work in lower leagues as well, so with your tactic (i assume its the one you have provided for download) what are the specific attributes you look for in each position.

PS: Great story btw, love your work haha

Desmo Wenning
10 years ago

Really sorry for you Johnny about Craiova, why did it happen anyway? Financial problems?

Back to the story, amazing work winning the CL for the first time! Must have been one hell of a final with 2!!! missed penalty kicks. But in the end the Motormen did manage to get the good result :D Keep up the good work Johnny!

10 years ago

Shame about Craiova :-(

Brilliant season, congrats on the treble! I’m sure you can replica the form again next season, good luck!

10 years ago

What a treble! well your team was impressive and that was great achievement
ps:how can one of the biggest club in Romania get a banned! feel sad for that :(
ps:get back soon,and Good luck!

10 years ago

Ack! I’m sorry to hear that Johnny, that must be absolutely heart wrenching to lose your club like that. :( Small consolation that you managed to win the tremble with Vauxhall, but I doubt that does much to soften the blow. Is there any chance Craiova can be saved at this point?

10 years ago

Sorry to hear about your club Johnny, can’t they change their name and start again? a bit like Wimbledon last time, though I am not sure of the specifics

Congratulations on winning the treble by the way

10 years ago

Hey Johnny
Great success! Great treble and well done. Something needs to be done about penalties, but it may also just be nervousness. Sorry to hear on your club, but take a break and hopefully you will come back soon.

Sayam Khan
10 years ago

Hi Johnny, excellent season and your Vauxhall team really ticked this year. May have got a little lucky in the CL final but I guess you deserved it.

Feel sorry for you regarding you supported team. I can’t imagine what would happen to me if Arsenal and Bury were not a club anymore! ;-)

Anyway, have a good break, you will be fresh and eager to play more when you return (talking from experience ;-))

10 years ago

Well done mate! Great treble! :D

Shame to hear about your club, I don’t think I would be able to follow football at all if that happened to Aberdeen…

Have a good break. I hope you feel good again soon! :D

10 years ago

That’s some bad news about your team Johnny :( I’ll second what Sibo said about loosing your team (however it would have to happen to Aston Villa) You never know what might happen though, hopefully something comes along, so chin up!

Anyway fantastic achievement with Vauxhall! It had to happen eventually. What’s the plan now? Are you going to go for more CL titles with Vauxhall? Or start a new story? Either way I hope you continue with your regular postings as I genuinely enjoying reading your stories :) Thanks Johnny.

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