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FM 2020 Training Schedules: Create More Chances & Win Cup Finals

FM 2020 Training Schedules feature

Hey guys and welcome to this FM 2020 training schedules guide. I use five Football Manager 2020 training schedules during pre-season, a further four during match weeks and every single one is available to download at the bottom of this post. However, knowing when to use each schedule is half the battle so please read through this entire guide.

Ever wondered why you struggle to create chances and how to win cup finals in Football Manager 2020? Bet you never thought to check your FM 2020 training schedules. It is vital to a) set off on the right foot by addressing team chemistry plus physical condition and b) drill your players before each match. Lets begin with pre-season.

DM 2020 Training Schedules Guide Vide

FM 2020 Training Schedules Guide For Pre-Season

I think of pre-season as a process to prepare my players so we gradually build up layers. Use ‘week 1/2/3 pre-season training’ in its appropriate week. These are designed to build endurance and quickness.

During weeks four and five use said weeks training, these are designed to work on technical and overall physical. Below is how your calendar should look, scroll to the bottom for installation instructions and credit.

FM 2020 Training Schedules pre-season

FM 2020 Training Schedules Guide For Chance Creation

During game weeks I use four Football Manager 2020 training schedules, let me explain each schedule and its purpose. We have a mix of Passion4FM’s work and FM-Korea here.

FM 2020 Chance Creation Training Schedules

Every single game week bar cup finals should be trained using one of three schedules.

Chance creation

Chance creation Sunday game

Double game week

The standard chance creation schedule should be your default, then use the Sunday schedule when you have a game on the Sabbath and ‘double game week’ when you have two games in one week. Simples!

Only time I move away from this is if in lots of competitions and consistently playing two games per week. Here I alternate weeks between chance creation training and double game week. I found my players were under trained and complaining otherwise. This was in an extreme case of hunting down the quadruple!

FM 2020 Training Schedules win cup finals

Football Manager 2020 Training Schedules Guide To Win Cup Finals

Cup finals are a one off game which require specific preparation and we have one schedule for such occasions made by FM-Korea. Simply use the ‘Big Game’ schedule week of any cup final.


These schedules will not work for part time clubs but will suit lower league full time teams. I have only included the schedules I use for the first team, which are heavily based around chance creation because of the systems I use. I leave my Assistant to handle Youth training but if you want to take control of that, try Passion4FM’s guide here.

Need an attacking FM20 tactic, try Knap’s BEOWULF 4-4-2, we won the top flight quadruple with York City, just click here.

FM20 Training Schedules Download

How To Install

Use the download button above then extract the file using WinRAR for Windows or Archiver for Mac and extract to the file location below:

\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\schedules

Mac users put file in this folder: Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/schedules. To access your files on Mac open ‘Finder’, click ‘Go’ from the menubar, press and hold the ‘alt’ key to show ‘library’ in your menu, while still holding ‘alt’ click it, then go to ‘Application Support’ > ‘Sports Interactive’ > ‘Football Manager 2020’

Load each individual schedule into Football Manager 2020

Training > Schedules > Dropdown > Custom Schedules > Get More > Select the Schedules > Once Opened Click Save

Pull each appropriate schedule into your calender

Training > Calendar > Dropdowns per each week (Use the guide above for which schedules to use when)


Huge thanks to Knap over on SIGames Forums for brining this variety of schedules to my attention. The pre-season and big game schedules come curtesy of FM-Korea and were translated by FM-Base. The chance creation and double day schedules are from Passion4FM, go check those guys out, all cracking lads.


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I have a question. I’m using this training schedules and I love it. It’s so good. But as a newbie I’m interested in the optimal settings for the rest tab for each player. Do you use the automatic settings or do you adjust the setting of each player according to the physio recommendation?


The training schedules are shit! my villa team conceding shit loads of goals, no defensive structure in these schedules at all. We’ve lost a shit load of matches using these schedules and Knap Beowulf tactic on your other forum.


I start to agree with u, since i put this training my team almost never attack…I´m a week team but i don´t see any vantage to use this…


Hello and thanks for that… I will start use this training..
Just a doubt, i´m training Bolton 4ª season and i reach to premier league in this season.. When i have one match against one team that suppose to be in relegation zone with me, can i use big games match preparation? And when u have a week without games?


Hey, ca I ask what to use if you have no teams to play in one week?

Mohd Shafiq
Mohd Shafiq

Hi Darren. Thanks for the training schedules. One question, half of my squad unhappy and said they wanted more quickness training. Should I leave them be or adjust the schedule? Currently managing Chesterfield in Sky Bet League One.


This training schedule could work with your tactic Concerto?

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