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Best Football Manager 2020 Coaches

Best Football Manager 2020 Coaches

We all love signing players, but finding the best Football Manager 2020 coaches can be a grind. Unfortunately, without a strong team of backroom staff those new fledglings will never fulfill their potential.

Enter FMS! We have compiled a list of the best FM 2020 coaches across all coaching categories to help.

Best Football Manager 2020 Coaches Explained

This is not a coaching guide but lets go over some basics. You may have heard the term 5-star coaching, this is the star rating you see in the coaching screen. Unless you are top flight and able to hire a seperate coach in every category achieveing 5 star coaching is unlikely.

However, by signing the best Football Manager 2020 coaches and following the steps below you should come close.

  1. Where possible only give each coach one category (High workload deters ratings)
  2. Specialise and find the best FM20 coaches for each category (easy using the lists below)

When you have the best coaches, download our best Football Manager 2020 Wonderkids shortlist, by clicking here. :)

FM20 Coaching Categories

With the release of FM19 came an overhaul of training and some new coaching categories. We will split the best FM 2020 coaches list into the following categories and state which sub-category each coach would best specialise in.

  • Goalkeeping – handling & distribution/shot stopping
  • Defending – technical/tactical
  • Possession – technical/tactical
  • Attacking – technical/tactical
  • Fitness – quickness/strength

Best Football Manager 2020 Coaches

All coaches require the following attributes; determination, level of discipline and motivation. We should then search by specialist attributes, all key attributes we have filtered by are stated below.

Note: defending, possession and attacking are now split into technical or tactical. Fitness is still split by quickness and strength, goalkeeping by shot stopping, handling and distribution.

Need an attacking FM20 tactic, try Knap’s BEOWULF 4-4-2, we won the top flight quadruple with York City, just click here.

Best FM20 Goalkeeping Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, handling & distribution/shot stopping

NameAgeNationClubWageCoach Category
Rui Barbosa45porWolves3000GK - Both
Flavio Tenius55braBOT950GK - Both
Joel Bats62fra-GK - Both
Alex Brunner45itaUdinese2900GK - Both
Andreas Hilfiker50suiWolfsburg3600GK - Both
Hugo Oliveira40porEverton6000GK - Both
Brosco44bra-GK - Both
Danilo Minutti31braVDG950GK - Both
Seamus McDonagh66-GK - Both
Gerry Peyton63-GK - Both
Eric Steele65eng-GK - Both
Angel Ferez53espAlmeria1600GK - Both
Darryl Flahavan41engBirmingham1500GK - Both
Pedro Alba64espR. Santander975GK - Both
Vic Bettinelli59engFulham900GK - Both
Paulo Di Sarno51itaTorino1600GK - Both
Gerald Ehrmann60gerKaiserslautern1800GK - Both
Luis Llopis54espR. Rociedad5750GK - Both
Jorg Sievers53gerHannover1800GK - Both
Jim Stewart65-GK - Both
Xavi Valero46espWest Ham3000GK - Both
Chris Woods59eng-GK - Both
Alfred Dossou-Yovo35fraLyon2900GK - Both
Sebastien Gerin45fraLyon1500GK - Both
Sebastien Hamel43fraReims4100GK - Both
Arnold Lucas47fraAngers3700GK - Both
Mauro Marchisio59itaEmpoli1500GK - Both
Eduardo Nino52Deportivo Cali240GK - Both

Best FM20 Fitness Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, fitness

NameAgeNationClubWageCoach Category
Eric Bedouet65fraBordeaux5000Fitness - Quick/strength
Kai Braun52gerLeverkusen1100Fitness - Quick/strength
Darlan Schneider55braBTF1200Fitness - Quick/strength
Mark Hulse47engMan United1500Fitness - Quick/strength
Christophe Manouvier48fraSM Caen950Fitness - Quick/strength
Hendrik Vieth35gerHertha1800Fitness - Quick/strength
Franco Ferrini57ita-Fitness - Quick/strength
Marcos Alvarez48espBetis2800Fitness - Quick/strength
Tony Colbert56eng-Fitness - Quick/strength
Markus Gunther52gerHamburger2700Fitness - Quick/strength
Marcello Iaia40ita-Fitness - Quick/strength
Joelton Urtiga50braPON300Fitness - Quick/strength
Werner Leuthard57gerEintracht1800Fitness - Quick/strength
Gabriel Macaya56arg-Fitness - Quick/strength
Matt Reeves31engLeicester1000Fitness - Quick/strength
Rodolfo Mehl65braPAR300Fitness - Quick/strength
Marjus Zetlmeisl52gerSchalke II1300Fitness - Quick/strength
Alfonso Azurza38espR. Sociedad1800Fitness - Quick/strength
Daniel Behlau30gerLeipzig2700Fitness - Quick/strength
Ismael Fernandez42esp-Fitness - Quick/strength
Bruno Dominci47ita-Fitness - Quick/strength
Paulo Gaudino32itaMan United750Fitness - Quick/strength
Eduardo Pimenta45bra-Fitness - Quick/strength
Nicandro Vizoco40ita-Fitness - Quick/strength
Jose Alfonso Morcillo48espWatford3000Fitness - Quick/strength
Nogueira de Souza47braCTB300Fitness - Quick/strength
Stefano Rapetti47ita-Fitness - Quick/strength

Best FM20 Defending Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, defending, technical/tactical

NameAgeNationClubWage £ p/weekCoach Category
Daniele Baldini55ita-Defending - Tactical
Wally Downes58eng-Defending - Tactical
Norbert Elgert62norSchalke3600Defending - Technical
Martin Hunter58eng-Defending - Tech/Tac
David Lowe53engBlackburn2500Defending - Tech/Tac
Stefano Nava50ita-Defending - Tactical
Neil Wood36engMan United1200Defending - Tech/Tac
Stefano Firicano48itaTraponi1000Defending - Tactical
Heiko Gerber46gerStuttgart725Defending - Tactical
Jamie McAllister41Bristol City2000Defending - Tactical
Gunther Metz51ger-Defending - Tactical
Sergey Shtanyuk45-Defending - Tactical
Augusto Ocampo38arg-Defending - Technical
Manuel Dos Santos45porMonaco3700Defending - Tactical
Patrick Muller42suiServette725Defending - Tactical
Renato Baldi40itaBologna4400Defending - Tactical
David Garcia47espAt. Pamplona2900Defending - Tactical
Eddie Niedzwiecki60-Defending - Technical
Gabriel Raimondi41argBologna4100Defending - Tactical
Ingo Schlosser46gerWolfsburg400Defending - Technical
Vladimir Gudelj52Vigo4500Defending - Technical
Martin Minella39argColon525Defending - Technical

Best FM20 Possession Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, mental, tactical/technical

NameAgeNationClubWageCoach Category
Tommy Martin55engMan United1500Possession - Technical
Ivan Moretto49itaCagliari4100Possession - Tactical
Maurizio Trombetta56ita-Possession - Technical
Daniele Baldini55ita-Possession - Tactical
Mark Dempsey55engMan United2500Possession - Tactical
Fabio Micarelli54ita-Possession - Tac/Tec
Neil Wood36engMan United1200Possession - Tac/Tec
Danilo Pierini64ita-Possession - Technical
Joao Tralhao38por-Possession - Technical
Tony Whelan66engMan United1000Possession - Technical
Mark Chamberlain57engPortsmouth1000Possession - Technical
Martin Hunter58eng-Possession - Tac/Tec
Aldo Dolcetti52ita-Possession - Tactical
Rossano Casoni55itaSPAL500Possession - Tactical
Dave Watson57eng-Possession - Tactical
Renato Baldi40itaBologna4400Possession - Tactical
Denis Arnaud46fraAngers3200Possession - Tactical
Stefano Bonaccorso57itaAtalanta2700Possession - Technical
Nathaniel Weiss31Nurnberg900Possession - Technical
Wally Downes52eng-Possession - Tactical
Patrick Muller42suiServette725Possession - Tactical
John Cooke58engMan United1000Possession - Tactical
Andreas Schumacher38ger-Possession - Technical

Best FM20 Attacking Coaches

Key attributes: Determination, level of discipline, motivation, attacking, tactical/technical

NameAgeNationClubWageCoach Category
Duncan Ferguson47Everton6000Attacking - Technical
Pedro Sallaberry50argSan Lorenzo800Attacking - Tactical
Paulo Riela36itaFiorentina2900Attacking - Technical
Joao Tralhao38por-Attacking - Technical
Maurizio Trombetta56ita-Attacking - Technical
Tony Whelan66engMan United
1000Attacking - Technical
Norberto Batista57arg-Attacking - Tactical
Neil Wood36engMan United
1200Attacking - Tac/Tec
Fabio Micarelli54ita-Attacking - Tac/Tec
Tommy Martin55engMan United
1500Attacking - Technical
Colin Little46engMan United
1200Attacking - Technical
Mark Sale47eng-Attacking - Technical
Keith Bertschin62eng-Attacking - Technical
Gabriel Medina48argLanus725Attacking - Technical
Emilio De Leo41itaBologna4500Attacking - Tactical
Egidio Acuna59argTalleres700Attacking - Technical
David Lee51engBolton1400Attacking - Technical
Martin Hunter58eng-Attacking - Tac/Tec
Nicolas Jover35fra-Attacking - Technical
David Lowe53engBlackburn2500Attacking - Tac/Tec
Stefano Melandri55ita-Attacking - Technical
Mark Robson50eng-Attacking - Technical

Your backroom staff are nearly assembled, now complete the task using our lists below. 

I hope our best FM20 coaches lists are of use, remember to bookmark this page for the future and any social media shares would be much appreciated!

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