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Best FM 2020 Vanarama National League North/South Players

Welcome to our best FM 2020 Vanarama National League North/South players list, the third in our FM20 lower league free agents series.

The Conference North/South as it used to be known is seen as the ultimate starting point for any FM 2020 challenge.

The FM 2020 lower league players series:

I found the best Football Manager 2020 National League North/South players in foreign countries. But with a limited scouting reach they are hard to track down, that is where we come in.

Best FM 2020 Vanarama National League North/South Players Search Criteria

We have taken the below into account when researching these FM20 Conference North/South players.

  • Every player will sign for Chester
  • No work permits are required
  • Maximum age of 30 though the majority are young prospects with great potential and current ability.

The best FM 2020 Vanarama National League North/South players are ranked by ability. We have even handpicked our favourites highlighted by the FMS star. Filter our list by position using the ‘search’ bar, just type in the required position. You can also download all ‘93’ free agents as part of a shortlist further down.

FMS Favourite: 

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Best FM 2020 Vanarama National League North/South Players List

NameAgeNationPositionMin. wage p/wRating
Jordan Cox star120engST£7509.6
David Mbala26AML/AMR£1,3009.5
Tyrell Warren star120engDC/DR£9009.4
Jamie Thomas22ST£7009.2
Eddy Lecygne22fraMC/DMC/AMC£7008.6
I. Ben Khemis star123MC£3008.6
Chiori Johnson star121engDR/WBR£6008.6
Joe Muscatt star121engDL£7008.6
Luca Navarro star119engST£7758.6
Nassim Lankar star121fraAMR/MR/AML£3508.6
Umberto Otranto star121itaDMC/MC£3008.4
Millen Baars19AMR/AML£8758.3
Alessandro Mazza20itaML/AML/DL/WBL£3258.3
Juanito Lopez star119espST£7758.1
Mathieu Coquin21fraDMC/MC£3258.1
Brad Watkins star124engGK£7008.0
Tony Njike star121DMC/MC£1508.0
Fahad Mohamed20fraDL£3008.0
Jake Kenyon20engDL/WBL/ML£4007.9
Bilal Hadraoui20DC£3257.9
Vancauwenberge star118fraDMC/MC£3007.9
Leon Valentin20fraDC/DR£4257.9
Baptiste Gautier20fraMC£4507.9
Fraty Miezi19ST/AML£2507.9
Joe Kobo20fraMC£4757.9
Tom Heardman23engST£6507.8
Junior Ngaze19fraDR£3507.7
Youssouf Traore21fraDM£3507.7
Denilson Carvalho20AMC/AMRL£2507.7
Nick Okoro star118ST£1507.7
Yanis Boucif20fraDR/AMR£3507.7
Junior Sele20fraST£4007.7
Paul Mayer21fraST£4257.7
Mohamed Ambri20fraAMC£4007.7
Dylan Milandou20fraDC/DL£3507.7
Cristian Tzvetkov18ST£3007.7
M. Ali Mohamed19fraAMR£4007.7
Mohammed Nejjari star121fraAMR/MR£3757.7
Amara Djelassi star118fraAMC£3757.7
Hugo D'Adamo21fraDR/WBR£4007.7
Dylan Bolnet21fraAMR/ST£4257.7
Kevin Mbongo20fraST/AMR£4507.7
Oussama Naciri20MC/AMC£3757.7
Haroun Tchaouna19ST£1907.6
G. Adu-Peprah star120DL/DC£2207.6
Adel Lembezat20fraAMC/MC£3507.6
Alessandro Roma21itaDL/WBL£4257.6
Francesco Ferrari20itaDC£3257.6
Marveen Moreira19AMR/ST£2007.6
Tyrique Bartlett19ST£4257.6
Ibrahim Tall19fraDC£3007.6
Adrian Fernandez19espGK£2757.6
Ilyes Rahmani20fraDL/ML£3757.6
Halima Hajjem21fraDC£3507.6
Julian Tomas19gerMC/DMC£3507.6
Tilmann Jahn19gerAMC/ST/MC£4757.6
Josef Muller21gerMC/AMC£3757.6
Jules Youbicier19fraDC/DMC£3757.5
Ryan Ouazine20fraAML/ML/AMRC£4257.5
Luther Meri20fraMC£3757.5
Nolan Martin20fraDR£2757.5
Birahima Niakate20fraDMC£4007.5
Yann Massombo19fraAMC£3757.5
Jawad El Fouissi21fraAMC£3007.5
Rodney Mazicou19fraDR/DL£3757.5
Kenneth Attal20fraST£3507.5
Habib Kone19fraST£4007.5
Bleart Dautaj18gerST/AMC£3757.5
P. Balestracci21fraMR£3007.5
Alexandre Cazenave20fraST£3757.5
Ricardo Pereira18fraAMC/ST£4007.5
Durell Bilendo20fraDC£3757.5
Pierre Cayet19fraDC/DL£2757.5
Antonio Jose Lara20espAMC/ST£3507.5
Lucas Fontana21fraMC/DMC£2757.5
Jahny Coco20fraDR£3757.5
Jurgen Francois21fraDC£2757.5
Omar Toure21fraST£3507.5
Liandro Martis23AML/ML/AMR£5507.5
Tobias Pellio21gerDMC/MC/AMC£3757.5
Luca Floris19itaST£2507.5
Idris Kadded20fraST/AMR/AMC£3757.5
Amadou Soumare20fraST/AMR£4757.5
Billy O'Brian23GK£4007.4
Clement Payan21fraST/AMR£3507.4
Nicola Camilloni21itaDR/WBR£3757.4
Amadou Sylla21fraAMR/AMC£2507.4
Pietro Romano star119itaDC/DR£3007.4

Best FM20 Conference North/South Players Shortlist

To download every player above simply use the download button below and follow the instructions further down:

Please note: If you want to share this download on your website you will have to link back to this page, hosting the file elsewhere or posting the direct download link is not allowed!

How to install the shortlist

1 – For Windows put the downloaded file in this folder: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/shortlists. If the “shortlists” folder doesn’t exist you will have to create it. Windows users skip to step 2, Mac users read below.

Mac users put file in this folder: Users/YOUR Mac USERNAME/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/shortlists. If “shortlists” folder doesn’t exist create it. To access your files on Mac open ‘Finder’, click ‘Go’ from the menubar, press and hold the ‘alt’ key to show ‘library’ in your menu, while still holding ‘alt’ click it, then go to ‘Application Support’ > ‘Sports Interactive’ > ‘Football Manager 2020’

2 – Start your game and go to shortlists.

3 – In game click ‘scouting’ on the sidebar, then ‘shortlist’ within the top tabs. Click the settings icon next to ‘shortlist’ at the top right of your screen.

4 – Select “load shortlist” from the menu and then select the respective file

I hope this shortlist helps, if so please feel free to share on social media. We will be covering every FM 2020 lower league free player in this series, so consider following on Twitter or Facebook to be notified when they go live.

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