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Jon’s – Ultimate National Challenge – The Gold Cup Groups

The list below is what I need to win and what I have already won so far;

The Copa America

The Oceania Nations Cup

The Caribbean Championships*

The Gold Cup

The World Cup – 2014 England

The Confederations Cup – 2013 England

The Olympics*

The African Nations – 2017 Cameroon

The Asian Cup

The European Championships – 2012 England

The Four Associations Tournament

As you can see there is two cups with a * on the end, they are in place because they aren’t a cup I have to win to complete it. If I get the chance I shall go for it but I will not be searching for the job.

Right so it’s Gold Cup time already, I must say it was lucky I landed this job before the Gold Cup or I would have to wait another two years before I could attempt to win it. So in a way I was glad they wasn’t doing to well 1. Very close to Gold Cup 2. Gives me a small challenge of gaining a World Cup spot for Mexico.

So a 22 man squad is needed for this tournament which is something I prefer as I dislike picking quite big squads. I got it down to these 22 talented individuals;

Goal keepers –

Defenders –

Midfielder’s –

Strikers –

I will jump straight into my first match of the Gold Cup, we have previously played this team in fact they was the first team I played in my first game in charge so it would be good to see Mexico and myself overcome them again!

So I picked this squad prior to the game, well in bed last night in the hotel. The great formation, I got from a close friend from England who is currently managing Newcastle. The 4 – 5 – 1 let’s hope it pays off!

So according to the press out here in USA “The Salvadoran Football Daily”

They reported that ” I’m backing Mexico to triumph over El Salvador. They’ve got some good players and I think they’ll be too strong for El Salvador.

So prior to the match in the dressing room I told the boys go out their and win this for your fans, make them smile! (Team talk – For the fans)

First half –

4th minute – INJURY – Javier Hernandez makes way for Carlos Vela

21st minute – GOAL – Carlos Vela

36th minute – GOAL – Carlos Vela (2)

42nd minute – GOAL – Jesus Eduardo Zavala

Half time –

El Salvador 0 – 3 Mexico

So boys, 3-0 up and sitting comfortably in each position even the bench, Well done to you Carlos Vela coming off the bench to replace Hernandez, but overall boys I am pleased with your performance (Team talk – Pleased)

Second half –

60th minute – GOAL – Jesus Eduardo Zavala (2)

75th minute – GOAL – Carlos Vela (3)

78th minute – GOAL – Rafael Ramirez

90th minute – GOAL – Jonathan Dos Santos

Full time –

El Salvador 0 – 7 Mexico

You guys are just unstoppable bring this into your next match and you’ll win blindfolded on! (Team talk – Well done)

Match report –

El Salvador 0 – 7 Mexico (Gold Cup Group B)

Mexico fans celebrated an emphatic 7 – 0 win at New Meadowlands Stadium this evening. The highlight of the game was undoubtedly a superb hat trick from Mexico’s Carlos Vela.

The match began in controversy with Mexico seeing a goal disallowed in controversial circumstances. Striker Carlos Vela gave Mexico the lead with a fierce shot in the 21st minute.

Vela added his 2nd goal of the game with a deftly executed finish on 36 minutes. Zavala scored with a free kick from just outside the penalty area, which went in off the post in the 42nd minute to extend the lead further.

Zavala added his 2nd goal of the game with a curling shot, which hit the inside of the post before crossing the line on 60 minutes. Vela added his 3rd goal of the game with a well-executed finish on 75 minutes.

Ramirez added another goal for Mexico with a close range header on 78 minutes. Midfielder Jonathan Dos Santos completed the rout with an accurate finish on 90 minutes.

Here are the highlights from the game between Mexico and El Salvador (HD 1080p) ;


So next up for Mexico is Jamaica, I’d say if we manage to win this game we  should advance into the next round of the Gold Cup, let’s see who was picked for Mexico;

According to a well world source “”

They have printed that “I Believe Mexico have enough quality to see of Jamaica.”

Come on boys this is it, we should be able to qualify if we win this match go out there and do it for your fans. (Team talk – For the fans)

First half –

Half time –

Mexico 0 – 0 Jamaica

Come on boys, your better than this and we both know you can do it go and win it! (Team talk – You can win!)

Pablo Barrera makes way for Carlos Vela

Second half –

55th minute – GOAL – Ryan Johnson

58th minute – GOAL – Carlos Vela

90+1 – GOAL –  Taufic Guarch

Full time –

Mexico 2 – 1 Jamaica

Well done boys, we underestimated Jamacia today but we got through it and won, so well done. (Team talk – Well done)

Match report –

Mexico 2 – 1 Jamaica (Gold Cup Group B)

It was a memorable day for Oneil Robertson and Jamaica fans alike as Roberston became the youngest player in the history of the gold cup.

The match began in controversial circumstances as Mexico was denied claims by Jonathan Dos Santos for a penalty. Then followed controversy as Mexico were denied claims by Mexico captain Efrain Juarez for a penalty.

Things turned sour for Jamaica when experienced midfielder Rodolph Austin earned himself an early bath for persistent fouling on 47 minutes. Jamaica finally took the lead when experienced midfielder Ryan Johnson scored a header on 55 minutes.

Striker Carlos Vela then equalised for Mexico in the 58th minute with a powerful effort from the edge of the area. Striker Taufic Guarch then clinched a late winner for the home side on 90 minutes with a powerful close range effort.

Guarch’s impact delighted the fans with his late goal.

Here are the highlights from the game between Mexico and Jamaica a close encounter (HD 1080p) ;

Last game of the groups, Mexico are playing a team I have never personally heard of; Netherlands Antilles sound like a copy of Holland to me ;) but I shouldn’t under estimate them you never know how this will pan out!

So here is my final squad for the groups, I thought hard about this and this is what I came out with;

According to the well known source “The Dutch Antillean Football Express”

They said “I Fully expect Mexico to record an easy victory over Netherlands Antilles. It wouldn’t surprise me if they was 2 or 3 up by half time.”

I said to the boys, go out there and win it, I fully expect you to win this game. (Team talk – I expect a win)

First Half –

Half time –

Netherlands Antilles 0 – 0 Mexico

Boys, what’s going on? Your outplaying them everywhere! Come on go get a goal even if it is one!

Jesus Eduardo Zavala makes way for Carlos Vela

Second half –

56th minute – GOAL – Carlos Vela

83rd minute – GOAL – Pablo Barrera

86rd minute – GOAl – Own Goal – Nuelson Albertus

Full time –

Netherlands Antilles 0 – 3 Mexico

Well done boys, I am pleased we qualified should of done it with more style never the less we are through.

Match report –

Mexico produced a good display this evening to see off the challenge of Netherlands Antilles at Meadowlands Stadium.

The match began in controversial circumstances as Mexico was denied claims by Pablo Barrera for a penalty. Player Sharlon Lodovica showed a sign of things to come though as he nearly gifted Mexico a goal on 22 minutes.

Netherlands Antilles’ Shelton Martis received the red card for a professional foul with 48 minutes on the clock. Mexico finally took the lead when striker Carlos Vela scored a well-timed close range finish on 56 minutes.

Barrea added another with a placed shot in the 83rd minute. The last goal of the game came from player Neuelson Albertus whose 86th minute own goal will undoubtedly cause him some embarrassment.

Here are the highlights from today’s victory for Mexico (HD 1080p) ;

So guys as you can see, we qualified for the quarter finals of the Gold Cup where we was drawn against Trinidad and Tobago and I’ve decided to play this match within this update and also will play the Semi Finals if we manage to get there!

So here you go this is where you can’t make no faults and have to go all out and win the game! So here is my first eleven;

According to the “Trinidad and Tobagonian Football Express”

They said “Mexico will have to much quality for Trinidad and Tobago today and I believe we’ll be looking at a comfortable win here today.”

Go out there and win this for your fans, not just for yourself or me but the people who pay to watch you! (Team talk – For the fans)

First half –

6th minute – RED CARD – Adrian Aldrete

7th minute – Enrique Perez makes way for Hugo Ayala

23rd minute – GOAL – Pablo Barrera

Half time –

Trinidad and Tobago 0 – 1 Mexico

Come on boys, hold out and try nick another goal! (Team talk – Encourage)

Second half –

54th minute – GOAL – Jamal Marshall

Full time –

Trinidad and Tobago 1 – 1 Mexico

Boys? What happened? No worries just go win it now and your fans will be happy!

Carlos Vela makes way for Taufic Guarch

Extra time –

Full time extra time –

Trinidad and Tobago 1 – 1 Mexico

Penalties –

Guardado – Mexico – GOAL

Marshall – Trinidad and Tobago – SAVED

Guarch – Mexico – GOAL

Smith – Trinidad and Tobago – SAVED

Hernandez – Mexico – SAVED

Hyland – Trinidad and Tobago – GOAL

Juarez – Mexico – GOAL

Villaroel – Trinidad and Tobago SAVED

Mexico win the shoot out 1 – 3 and progress onto the semi finals!

You was unlucky not to clinch a winner earlier in the match but that’s in the past your through but look to up your game in the semis (Team talk – Not good enough)

Match report –

Trinidad and Tobago 1 – 1 Mexico (Gold Cup Quarter Final)

(Mexico won 3-1 on penalties)

Mexico’s class showed through in the end as they beat Trinidad and Tobago 3-1 on penalties in the North American Gold Cup Quarter Final game at Cowboys Stadium.

Fullback Adrian Aldrete’s red card for a vicious foul on 5 minutes put Mexico’s position under question. Winger Pablo Barrera gave Mexico the lead with an accurate finish in the 23rd minute.

At that, stage things looked even gloomier for Trinidad and Tobago as experienced midfielder Chris Birchall earned himself an early bath for a vicious foul on 35 minutes. Young striker Jamal Marshall equalised for Trinidad and Tobago after 54 minutes with an effort, which was deflected on its way in.

Then followed controversy as Mexico was denied claims by centre-back Hector Moreno for a penalty. In the shootout that followed it turned out to be heartache for Trinidad and Tobago as fullback Kevon Villaroel missed the final penalty.

So it’s the semi finals and we was drawn against the USA, last time Mexico played them we managed to draw 2 – 2 so this time I will look to get one over them and get into the final of the Gold Cup.

Know here is my first eleven;

So according to a well known source “”

They said “I think this is a difficult one to call and it will definitely be close but I reckon they have what it takes to see of USA today.”

Well boys this it, we are nearly there and I am positive you will do it so lets go! (Team talk – For the fans)

First half –

26th minute – GOAL – Javier Hernandez

32nd minute – GOAL – Javier Hernandez (2)

41st minute – GOAL – Javier Hernandez (3)

Half time –

Mexico 3 – 0 USA

Well boys, you’ve done what I asked and I am more than pleased with your performance especially you Hernandez you’ve saved your best till last! (Team talk – Pleased)

Javier Hernandez makes way for Erick Torres

Giovanni Dos Santos makes way for Pablo Barrera

Second half –

61st minute – GOAL – Erick Torres

66th minute – GOAL – Jozy Altidore

68th minute – GOAL – Erick Torres (2)

80th minute – GOAL – Erick Torres (3)

Full time –

Mexico 6 – 1 USA

I am so happy with your performance tonight, I knew you could win but not by such a big margin if you can bring that into the final no one can stop us! (Team talk – Congratulations)

Match report –

Mexico 6 – 1 United States (Gold Cup Semi Final)

The final score of 6 – 1 didn’t flatter Mexico as they totally controlled their North American Gold Cup Semi Final game against United States at New Meadowlands Stadium. The highlight of the game was undoubtedly a superb hat trick from Mexico’s Javier Hernandez.

Striker Javier Hernandez gave Mexico the lead with a fierce shot in the 26th minute. Hernandez added his 2nd goal of the game with a screamer from the edge of the area on 32 minutes.

Hernandez added his 3rd goal of the game with a real poacher’s effort on 41 minutes. Midfielder Erick Torres then added to the lead with a real poacher’s effort on 61 minutes.

An error from Mexico’s Darwin Chavez allowed striker Jozy Altidore to score a real poacher’s effort. Torres added his 2nd goal of the game with a deftly executed finish on 68 minutes.

There were no prizes for guessing who completed the rout on 80 minutes as that man Torres popped up again with an accurate finish.

So guess that’s it for today, 5 matches in total I thought I’d be generous ;)

I am sorry Stromson (Jon) but USA sucked today!

But yes I shall be back with the final against well you will find out next time as it’s a secret!



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9 years ago

Well done mate, Mexico are incredible! Good luck in the final! :D

9 years ago
Reply to  Sibo


The final…Honduras? :D

9 years ago

Hey Jon
Great progress in the Cup, I cannot think who you play next in the final. I don’t think it is Canada. Hernandez is doing amazing and so is Erick Torres, with a hat-trick. He should start in the final.

9 years ago

Well done! ;) I think you can win in the final! :)

9 years ago

Good luck in the final. I am guessing Costa Rica or Guatamala is your opponent.

Darren Smith
9 years ago

Well done Jon, you progressed through the tournament well and should have a good chance of winning.

9 years ago

Brilliant run Jon, and I reckon you will win the final, you have two excellent strikers in Vela and Hernandez, so hopefully they will fire you to victory. Good luck!

9 years ago

I laughed when I saw the result against USA, great performances and looks like Torres and Hernandez are combining very well. After beating the USA so convincingly I’d be very surprised if you didn’t win the final! (I’m guessing Honduras or Costa Rica)

9 years ago

Hi Jon
You’ve pretty much got this tournament in the bag. Well done!

Ana Garcia
9 years ago

Agree with whats been said, the USA were you biggest threat and having beat them you should be able to beat anyone in the final.

You seem to have some good luck in penalty shootouts!

As always best of luck who ever you face in the final! :)

9 years ago

This post makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you’re through to the final, but you didn’t need to humiliate us along the way. :( Unfortunately I could forsee this being not too far from reality in a few days (assuming we beat Panama)…

Again, congrats on getting through to the final, you better win the damn thing! :)

Johnny Karp
9 years ago

Much more difficult than expected against Trinidad but then you did a very good job against USA. Good luck for the final!

George Dobson
9 years ago

great results hope you win the gold cup

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