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Jon Crosby

Well I've been playing Football Manager since i was a kid, I've got them dating back to 03/04 Championship Manager, I Have so much love for that game and still have the cheeky few hours on it when and if i can. I'm 17 and still in secondary education studying PE and Biology, I go to Carshalton Boys Sports College. In my own time, i obviously play FM11, But since September 2010, i picked up a little league team called " Royal Blues " to this day (2703/2011) We managed to pick up two trophies, It hurts to say but TWO runners up trophies. To make it just that little bit hurtful we lost in the league play off agaisnt the " Greens " and then again in the final agaisnt the " Greens " I have a YouTube channel which i'll link at the end of this... It's mainly for Short videos that show the young talent, in either Britain or Europe, which i'll be looking to expand further. The Team i'm playing with currently is " Woking " as i'm in 2023/2024 season i can't back date so unable to blog about that. YouTube - Steam account - IAmWombRaider E-Mail -

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