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FM 2019 Regen Dates – Youth Intake – Newgens



Hey guys and welcome to our FM 2019 regen dates youth intake guide. This post explains what regens are, when new youth is generated in FM 2019 and how to find the best FM19 wonderkids as we did in the FM 17 and FM 16 youth intake regens dates guides.

What are FM 2019 Regens

FM 2019 generates regens to keep the game fresh and provide endless enjoyment. Regens(also known as newgens) are simply new players generated by the game, players that can not be found in real life, they have rather funny faces and offer great hope in that we never truly know where the next Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo will come from on a save by game save basis.

These FM 2019 regens enter clubs on what we call ‘youth intake day’, which for most clubs happens around the same time every year. However, since Football Manager 14 Sports Interactive wanted more realism and therefore made most of the regen dates, or youth intake dates as its better known change year by year for each country. Each club within a country shares the same intake date.

But do not fear, FMS is here. We have researched all the FM 19 regen dates and comprised them into a handy list below. We have included the countries from the playable leagues and the ones we feel are worth searching for newgens too.

*Some years some countries change the date of the youth intake, but we’ve never seen it happen for more than a weeks.

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FM 2019 Regen Dates for non-playable leagues

African FM 19 newgens:

Youth intake dates during October

Oceania FM 19 newgens :

This youth intake dates are during February

Asia FM 19 newgens:

They are generated during August

Central America and Caribean + Canada FM 19 newgens:

Youth intake during February

Where do I find FM 2019 Newgens?

Simply follow the in-game instructions below and you will see newly generated Football Manager 2019 regens by month.

  1. Click the globe icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select ‘world’ from the top options.
  3. Select ‘transfers’ in the ‘general’ list.
  4. Now click the ‘all transfers’ drop-down menu and select ‘youth intake’.
  5. Use the filter to siffer out irrelevant countries and view all new regens by date generated.

How do I find the best FM 19 regens?

If money is not a problem, and I have enough budget to scout hundreds of players, every first day of each month I go and check the FM 19 regens generated during the youth intake dates of the previous month, I shortlist them and scout all of them.

After that, I can check the personalities and main attributes of the ones the scouts reported as promising while erasing from the shortlist the rest of them. This way I always find all the best FM 2019 wonderkids of the future and mentor them into  FM 19 elite and world class star players.

Well that’s all folks, I hope this helps you find some fantastic wonderkids on the cheap. Until next time please share and like this guide on social media if it was of use.

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