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Download Sayam’s Football Manager 2011 tactics for Bury FC

Hi everyone, i have been planning this post for while but i have come round to doing it now. Anyway i will show you my tactics that i use for the currently undefeated Bury FC in league 2 (I only realised i was undefeated after Warren’s post in my last post, OMG!).

Anyway I’m not sure how great  these tactics will be for you but they work for me. I’m not known for being a tactic genius but i also don’t like using other tactics – don’t know why! :D

Anyway the team set out:

The set out is a normal 4-4-2, there isn’t any special positions in it.

Keeper – My keeper is only 19 years old and i plan to develop him into a keeper that will be at the club untill I leave. He plays as a GOALKEEPER and NOT a SWEEPER KEEPER.

Full Backs – These are used as normal full backs and NOT wing backs. My team is very attacking anyway and I have wingers so there is no need to use wing-backs. I also believe full-backs is the weakest area of my team.

Centre – Backs – I think these tactics work really well because of my centre backs. They are very important to this tactic because: 1) Full Backs are weak. 2) Team is attacking but due to there excellent attributes we don’t really have a problem defending against other strikers of the league. Set them both as: Central Defender > Defend

Centre-Midfielder – Marcel Mahouve plays the defensive midfielder role as a Ball Winning Midfielder > Defend

Centre-Midfielder – This is set as Advanced Playmaker > Attack

Wingers – Both wingers are set as Wingers > Attack

Strikers – Both strikers are set as Advanced Forward > Attack


Well even if you don’t use my tactics, at least you know what tactics i use!



Anyway Take Care!

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Darren Smith
10 years ago

Thanks for sharing mate, I haven’t managed lower league football yet but will bookmark this in case Im struggling. Well done Sayam.

10 years ago

Thanks Sayam, that’s a solid looking tactic!

10 years ago

Hi Sayam
Thanks for sharing. Always nice to see what others are up to in the tactical world.

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