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La Liga Round 16 : Towel Being Thrown In?

Hello everyone I really hope you are all well.

First I have to mention the desperate tragedy in America, almost two years ago the area I live in had a similar incident when a lone gunman murdered innocent people without any reason but the fact that these children and teachers were cruelly and heartlessly taken for no reason should be in everyone thoughts and prayers, I still remember how terrified I was living really close to where that massacre started but to see the list of these poor victims aged only six and seven it brings me to tears to think what a harrowing ordeal they must have gone through with so many brave teachers doing what they could to protect those innocent lives and how there friends and families have to deal with such a tragic loss so close to Christmas also.

In football games in England and Spain (and others am sure) they often show a minute of remembrance or reflection to those we have lost, am not saying that you have to do that now but please just spare a thought for these poor children and teachers and not to spark any discussion whether religious or political but a show of compassion for those lives taken at such a young age.

Reposar en pau, Reposar en paz, Rest in peace.

Ana. xxxx


With that shocking and incredibly saddening story it seems wrong to try and talk about anything else but we must do our best to try and move on from such a heartbreaking tragedy am sure we all send our love and our prayers to the victims and their families.

La Liga was, well being kind wasn’t the best this week, not many goals to be had barring the big two who shared nine goals in their games which we will see near the end so lets look at the weekend results with the exception of two games plyed this evening including Valladolid’s trip to Deportivo and Real Betis and Celta Vigo.

(7th) Getafe 1 – 1 Osasuna (16th)

So a solid away point for Osasuna who have climbed out of the relegation zone for the first time this season and are improving well, Getafe who also started terribly remain in the top ten after the points were shared.

Getafe 1-1 Osasuna by fasthighlights-2013

(18th) Real Mallorca 0 – 1 Athletic Bilbao (12th)

Mallorca’s horrendous run continues as that is now nine defeats in their previous eleven games, but an excellent away victory for Bilbao who have to thank Aduriz for his tenth goal of the season and looking a fantastic buy for the Basque side.

La Liga : Real Mallorca vs Athletic de Bilbao 0-1 by MRLooka

(17th) Granada 0 – 0 Real Sociedad (8th)

Well not much to say a poor game that ended in a share of the points, I guess a good point for Granada who climb out of the relegation zone albeit on goal difference but Sociedad remain top ten which will still be pleasing for them.

(13th) Sevilla 0 – 2 Malaga (4th)

Malaga beat local rivals Sevilla to continue their great run and move back into fourth place, again for Sevilla their inability to take chances has cost them and are set for another disappointing season but take nothing away from Malaga who are now finding their feet and stringing some fine results together.

Sevilla Malaga 0-2 todos los goles by wiltoom

(14th) Real Zaragoza 0 – 1 Levante (5th)

Most would think that the performance of the season so far has been Atletico Madrid but for me the real success story is Levante! They have moved into fifth thanks to a narrow victory at Zaragoza and still only a point away from fourth place Malaga such an impressive performance so far and one to keep an eye on.

[] Zaragoza 0-1 Levante by all-goals

(11th) Valencia 0 – 1 Rayo Vallecano (9th)

Ernesto Valverde was handed his first defeat in charge of Valencia losing at home to a spirited Rayo side, who in claiming the victory climb above Valencia and are going along really nicely so far.

Valencia Vs Rayo 0-1 (Liga BBVA 2012) by futbolsapiens

(3rd) Real Madrid 2 – 2 Espanyol (19th)

So Madrid dropped home points against the bottom of the league in one of the biggest shocks in recent history, Espanyol were very good value for the lead which they took before two quick fire goals turned the game around but a former Madrid player would steal the show Espanyol goalkeeper Kike Casilla who made a string of fine saves and he and his team were rewarded in the closing minutes when substitute Albin struck to give the away side the unlikeliest of points.

Mourinho has claimed to have thrown in the towel which means he has almost conceded that Real Madrid cant win the La Liga title this season which is either a desperate attempt to unsettle Barcelona by trying to take the pressure of his own side or the truth, I will let you decide. :)

Real Madrid vs Espanyol 2-2 16.12.12 (All Goals) by ourmatch

(1st) Barcelona 4 – 1 Atletico Madrid (2nd)

So what can I say except Tito and Barca’s incredible run continues after they swept away an excellent Atletico side in the Nou Camp, despite falling behind to who else Falcao! They battled back with a stunner from Adriano (worth a look I think!) who as a Barca fan has really impressed me so far this season and Busquets with a rare goal, Messi to be fair had an off day performance wise yet still managed to score twice which shows how incredible he really is.

Barcelona 4-1 Atletico Madrid by goalsarena2012

Once again that is that!

Its an incredible start from Barca and so much for me thinking that La Liga will be competitive this season….. but what can I do when Barca win every game!? Of course as a fan I cant complain but I relise that most will find it boring which I can accept but I just hope you have seen enough so far that although the winners may be set in stone that anything can happen in football.

There are loads of games left and loads of points to play for so as a fan I take nothing for granted but special credit to Tito for what he is doing at Barca who now pull nine points clear of second place Atletico and thirteen points clear of Real Madrid in third.

Depor fall bottom but have a chance to climb out of the relegation zone with a victory this evening as Espanyol and Real Mallorca make the places complete. Malaga remain fourth whilst Levante are fifth but both could be overtaken if Real Betis win also this evening but the entire table can be see here along with all my previous edition and posts which are found here.

A quick note that I will spending Christmas away from England back home in Spain, I will be leaving this Friday the 21st and returning back on the first Friday in January which is the 4th so I wont be around the site for Christmas!

I am aware that the final fixtures in La Liga before the X-mas break are next week but I wont be able to report on those as I will be away but I will report the first fixtures of 2013 (wow! scary how time goes so fast!) when I return, so I do wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas I do hope Santa Claus brings you everything you want this year! ;)

Also all enjoy a brilliant New Year and make sure everyone enjoys that first hangover of the year! (except you that are underage don’t worry you will have plenty of time to catch us up!!) and do spare a moment to think of those that I mentioned in the opening of this post and those who are less fortunate than most, remember to take life and live it to its fullest.

So take care everyone and see you all in the New Year. xxxxx

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8 years ago

I personally don’t see how either of the madrid teams can catch Barca, they’re just too good. (unless your celtic).

8 years ago

RIP to those young children. Hi Ana, I just love this thread!!! I recorded the Real Sociedad game…….wish I hadn’t of bothered it was a poor game. That being said they still sit in 9th place WHOOP WHOOP!!! They have some serious young talent in that squad.

I started my first save with Sociedad and I have just finished my first season in 3rd place without buying or loaning a single player.

ale erreala ale,
ale erreala ale…

Johnny Karp
8 years ago

I watched both the Real Madrid match and the Barca match and I guess you can imagine how happy I was :) Barcelona can’t be stopped this season I think, they are just too good for anyone in Spain or in Europe for that matter.

Varun Chaddah
Varun Chaddah
8 years ago
Reply to  Johnny Karp

Barca can’t beat Celtic!

Varun Chaddah
Varun Chaddah
8 years ago

Real Madrid? What’s going on? Last season they won the league now they can’t even beat Espanyol! Think its Barca’s year!

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