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La Liga Round 12 : Mexican Billions On The Way


Hola a todos!!

Welcome to yet another round-up of Spanish football! Mexican riches seem to be on their way for struggling Real Oviedo as the worlds richest man has decided to buy a controlling stake in the club and most will know this has mixed feelings for me.

I guess I will see what happens but when your worth around £43 billion am sure the £1.6 million he has forked out is almost like spare cash for him! :)

It seems an odd choice for a takeover especially with a team like Atletico Madrid who are real contenders for La Liga and with a bit of investment could hold onto Falcao and add a few more players to turn them in to real contenders but I guess when you make over £40 billion pounds your probably quite good at making decisions so who am I to argue!!

Anyways lets get right on to the update with well no real shocks to be honest but plenty of good goals so that’s a good thing I think!!


(19th) Osasuna 0 – 0 Malaga (5th)

So four without a victory for Malaga who are struggling league wise at the moment, infact things maybe should have been worse after two brilliant late saves denied Osasuna all three points. Malaga are still well placed but have lost a little belief it looks after the past few results and are maybe focusing too much on the champions league as their league form suffers.

Osasuna 0 Málaga 0 by jordixana

(8th) Valencia 2 – 1 Espanyol (20th)

Valencia continue to be unpredictable after a controversial victory over the new bottom club Espanyol, the late penalty award did seems very harsh on Espanyol but ever reliable Roberto Soldado converted it as again Espanyol didn’t play too badly just cant convert chances into goals they are really struggling at the moment.

Valencia 2-1 Espanyol by fasthighlights-2013

(1st) Barcelona 3 – 1 Real Zaragoza (12th)

So again Barca win and once again you would say in an unconvincing way as they had lead early before Zaragoza leveled then Messi once again stepped up to save the points. I guess you cant be too disappointed with 34 out of a possible 36 points and leading La Liga but Barcelona are for from perfect at the moment, as for Zaragoza and they will do just fine this season they have a lot of pace and few good players so a good mid table should be in store and maybe a top ten finish.

Barcelona 3-1 Zaragoza by goalsarena2012

(3rd) Real Madrid 5 – 1 Athletic Bilbao (13th)

So much for a close run La Liga! Madrid powered to a comfortable victory over struggling Bilbao who were totally out classed by an inspired looking Karim Benzema. Bilbao offered very little and with Llorente still being put in the outcast role you would think that they would just play him until January to get the most of of him as him alongside Aduriz would cause teams so many problems and he might even decided to stay but for now it will be a rebuilding season for Bilbao so am not expecting what they achieved last season.

Real Madrid 5-1 Athletic Bilbao by goalsarena2012

(18th) Deportivo 0 – 2 Levante (4th)

So high flying Levante moved up into the champions league places with a fairly comfortable victory over out of form Deportivo, Depor have fallen away so badly over the past few weeks and now look like a team that will be fighting near the bottom as many expected, for Levante is was the perfect response after losing late against Real Madrid last week as their strong start continues.

Deportivo Coruña 0 Levante 2 by jordixana

(16th) Celta Vigo 1 – 1 Real Mallorca (15th)

Mallorca ended a run of six consecutive defeats with a point at Celta, both teams had chances to maybe even win the game but both will be fairly happy with the result. Mallorca did welcome back a few players after their injury crisis as they have had a terrible run since their bright opening start to the season with Celta being around where I expect them to finish fighting to stay in the league.

Celta Vigo 1 Mallorca 1 by jordixana

(9th) Getafe 2 – 1 Real Valladolid (11th)

Getafe continue to improve and move into the top ten after coming from behind to defeat Valladolid with two goals in four minutes! It seems finally that Getafe are recovering from their horrible start are where they should be be pushing near the European positions where as Valladolid also having a strong start so both clubs are going well at the moment.

Getafe 2 Valladolid 1 by jordixana

(17th) Granada 0 – 1 Atletico Madrid (2nd)

Atletico pulled five points clear of Rivals Real with a narrow victory away at strugglers Granada and only three behind the leaders Barca, they had to work hard for it after going down to ten men but they battled hard to earn the victory as the Falcao rumors so far dont seem to be getting to the players as they continue going well so far.

Granada 0 Atlético Madrid 1 by jordixana

(7th) Sevilla 5 – 1 Real Betis (6th)

A close Sevilla derby was expected but the home side were far too ruthless as they eased past a poor performing Real Betis performance, Betis have been overachieving so far but with a second defeat in a row they have struggled to perform the past few games where as the unpredictable Sevilla produce a world class display to climb into seventh.

Sevilla 5 Betis 1 by jordixana


So that’s another review as round twelve is concluded with the big three still holding firm at the top whilst teams around like Malaga and Real Betis start to struggle, at at the bottom Osasuna climb of the bottom as things are getting very close between the teams involved.

The full league table can be seen here along with all my other updates so far found here so with the worlds most richest man joining the ranks in Spain am curious how can somebody earn so much! But if you managed to have that much wealth what would you spend it on?

For me it seems like far to much to ever be truly happy which sound like envy I guess but with £43 billion I guess he wont care too much what I think!! :)

So that’s that! As always thanks for reading and as always any thoughts or comments just leave below and I will respond to them, bye bye!!


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Johnny Karp
8 years ago

Quite a few nice goals indeed, thanks for the update.

As for the money, I’d definitely build myself a football team if I had that kind of wealth. Hell, he could buy himself a whole league :)

Darren Smith
8 years ago

Hey Ana, I personally think its great the Mexican chose Oviedo, he said it was the fans that drew him in. They helped bail the club out in a shot space of time and the new investor was touched by their support so wanted to get on board with the venture.

Darren Smith
8 years ago
Reply to  Ana Garcia

I know but it stood out to me because the fans raised millions in the space of weeks, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that happening before. Well that’s what the commentators said anyway, I haven’t researched myself, just trusting their facts.

Darren Smith
8 years ago
Reply to  Ana Garcia

What can I say, I’m a romantic lol :) Would like to hear more on it though so please do let us know on any developments.

8 years ago

I would spend the money get a really good team. Its kind of like what happened to Malaga, they got some rich owners, and did really well in the league. They had to sell their players after they went into debt though.

8 years ago

Great post again Ana, Real Oviedo in the money! What ever happened to Dani Aquino….he never reached his full potential. Not seen much of La Liga this season but how are my favourite spanish team Real Sociedad holding up? Rubén Pardo the next Pep Guardiola?

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