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La Liga Round 10 : Apologies Been Feeling Really Un-Well!


Hola a Todos!! :)

So this update is super late but that’s because I have been feeling so unwell over the past few days, it was problems with my vision and terrible migraines which I had suffered before oddly around this time last year but rest assured I have been to the doctor and am totally fine which is such a big relief!

It seems stress can bring it on so I have been advised to relax a lot more which wasn’t a major surprise after the past few weeks which have been terrible for me but with X-mas coming it probably isn’t the best time to try avoid being stressed! My boyfriend has bought the new football manager and admittedly I have played it a little when I said wouldn’t!

However playing it and writing a story does relax me quite a lot and I do enjoy it so maybe in the future you may see a new story from me (no guarantees though), I said I wouldn’t write one but it seems its good for my health which is both pleasing and a bit weird!

Jokes aside you will start seeing the old me again starting from now, seeing as I enjoy these posts its a good start to my new more relaxed lifestyle which has been affecting my health which was a worry. I guess a build up of stress and feeling terrible in my real life was always going to end badly, but again rest assured I am fine I just to relax a little more (most have seen I can be quite, lets say assertive at times!) and stop worrying about life I guess what happens will happen when bills, rent, business problems, money, lawyers, insurance etc can all at times be quite hard to handle especially when they all hit you at once am just thankful its all all drawn to a conclusion and that I am feeling so much better! :)

So anyways!, La Liga was filled with a few surprises but not for the big two unfortunately but still lots to look forward too so lets have a look at the results!

(5th) Malaga 1 – 2 Rayo Vallecano (11th)

So Malaga who had started so well are starting to drop some points with a shock defeat you would say at home to Rayo. However they seemed more focused on the champions league where they look like they will progress to the last 16 which is quite incredible with the highs and lows they have had over the past couple of years.

Pleased for Rayo after a hard few weeks and eleventh through ten games is a strong start for them.

Malaga 1-2 Rayo Vallecano by fasthighlights-2013

(1st) Barcelona 3 – 1 Celta Vigo (15th)

So Barca win again over newly promoted Celta, great to see David Villa back amongst the goals and how cool in front of goal is Jordi Alba!!

Almost like a centre forward with the way he composes himself definitely a fantastic buy from Tito and Barcelona, that win keeps them top with 28 points out of 30 so much for the open La Liga race I hoped for! That said plenty of time left for things to change around a lot but cant ask for much more from the new coach.

Barcelona Vs Celta de Vigo 3-1 All Highlights… by kofiswag

(3rd) Real Madrid 4 – 0 Real Zaragoza (12th)

So Real remain eight points behind leaders Barca with a routine victory over Zaragoza, the scoreline wasn’t that reflected of the performance which flattered a little bit but a win is a win and at least Zaragoza wont have to go back there again this season in the league! They should be fine this season as Real move up into third their highest position in the league this season.

Real Madrid vs Real Zaragoza 4-0 (All Goals) 03… by ourmatch

(9th) Valencia 2 – 0 Atletico Madrid (2nd)

First defeat of the season for Atletico going down at Valencia who are so unpredictable at the moment, two of La Liga most prolific scorers went head to head in Roberto Soldado and Falcao but it was the Spaniard who struck first with a  fantastic goal am sure you will agree!

I guess a defeat is all about how you react and it will be interesting to see if Atletico can pick themselves up and continue to keep pace with the top two, Valencia are so unpredictable but a massive victory for them.

Valencia 2-0 Atletico Madrid by fasthighlights-2013

(17th) Real Sociedad 0 – 1 Espanyol (18th)

Early relegation fight it seems which was edged by the away side, Sociedad have started to slip past few weeks whilst Espanyol are improving the home side must improve otherwise it will be a long season near the bottom for them.

Real Sociedad Vs Espanyol 0-1, (Liga BBVA 2012) by futbolsapiens

(16th) Deportivo 1 – 0 Real Mallorca (13th)

So Mallorca continue to struggle after a very good start with yet another defeat away at Deportivo who themselves had been on a pretty poor run, one goal decided it and both with have to start to improve otherwise they will both be looking over their shoulder this season.

Deportivo Vs Mallorca 1-0 (Liga BBVA 2012) by futbolsapiens

(20th) Osasuna 0 – 1 Real Valladolid (8th)

So Osasuna remain bottom of the league with yet another defeat to Valladoid who have started really well and move into eighth position. Low confidence and a string of bad results has seen Osausna who performed so well last year sit bottom of La Liga with a small gap starting to open they need to start winning and fast.

Valladolid have had an excellent start and so far a mid table finish seems achievable for them.

Osasuna 0 Valladolid 1 by jordixana

(19th) Granada 1 –  2 Athletic Bilbao (14th)

A big win you would have to say for Bilbao who have struggled the past few weeks, Aduriz has been fantastic so far leaving Llorente in the shadows and a resilient display saw them claim all three points against struggling Granada. Hopefully this is the springboard for the away team to start winning and climbing the table for Granada they are where I expect them to finish the season sadly so far not good enough.

Granada 1 Athletic Bilbao 2 by jordixana

(7th) Sevilla 0 – 0 Levante (6th)

Great point away for Levante but for Sevilla its the same old story of not winning games they should be winning, any aim for champions league football they will have to start beating teams like Levante at home but Levante themselves are having a really strong start so I guess a point each is about fair.

Sevilla 0 Levante 0 by jordixana

(1oth) Getafe 2 – 4 Real Betis (4th)

Wow how well are Betis going!!

Up to fourth and playing some great counter attacking football as well they have been excellent so far and are more than worthy of their top four position, for Getafe and it was more missed chances and they payed the price of another defeat but they have improved over the past few weeks so will be just fine this season for Betis do they dare dream of champions league football! :)

Getafe 2 Betis 4 by jordixana


So that’s that!

A huge thanks to Johnny for his incredibly easy to follow guide so that I could get the highlights in the posts so you can all see some very spectacular goals (my favourite was Roberto Soldado’s which was yours!?) as always you can check the full league table here and my previous updates and things can be found living here.

So not a massive shock filled week ten, Atletico losing alongside Malaga but Real Betis going really well. Osasuna look doomed already cant believe they are bottom of the table but its still very early so plenty of time to start picking up some points.

So thanks for reading as always! Any questions or thoughts then just pop a comment below and I will respond to it and I will see you all soon so bye bye and take care everyone. :)

(A very happy and relived Ana!! xx)

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Johnny Karp
8 years ago

Glad to hear you are OK Ana, you should take better care of yourself. And that advice comes from somebody who does let stress get to him :)

As for FM 13, Kevin has just started a story in the forum, so you would be in good company if you decide to delight us with another one of your trademark journeys ;)

Glad to see Barca clinching another 3 points even though Madrid seem to be keeping up now…

8 years ago

Ironic how football manager, the addiction, ends up being the cure in this case :) Nice to hear your feeling better Ana and it would brilliant if you began writing in the forums. Out of curiosity what team are you playing with at the moment?

The highlights really add something to this round-up and it’s nice to see surprise package Real Betis still going strong. Good for them. The Roberto Soldado one was my favorite too. Would you call him one of the most underrated players in La Liga? Congrats to Malaga as well, but I fear their constant European midweek games are making there league form suffer.

8 years ago

Hey Ana:)another great update but I wanted to ask you a question.What did you think about Celtic beating Barcelona? Being a massive Celtic supporter I was at the game,how did you think Barça played?

8 years ago
Reply to  Ana Garcia

Thanks a lot:)

Darren Smith
8 years ago

Glad you have the all clear Ana. That will make a nice slogan for FM14, ‘repairs eye site and heals migraines.’ ;) Joking aside, I know its crap when you’re not well so hope you keep healthy.

Loving the new layout btw, these updates have got more and more professional every week so keep up the good work.

Soldado’s goal was outstanding, so I’m with you there, talk about technique!

Varun Chaddah
Varun Chaddah
8 years ago

Are you gonna write stories this year?

8 years ago

Hi Ana

Really upset to hear that you have been unwell. I have suffered from migraines since I was 22 years old and you know how old I am now! Wearing glasses eventually helped me out but more importantly a fabulous little pill called ZOMIG RAPIDMELT which you stick under yout tongue and voila! the migraine goes in about 45 minutes. Check with your doctor if it’s right for you.You can get side affects such as aching muscles but it’s way more tolerable than a mirgraine.

Come on now write a story , you know you want too :)

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