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How to Install Badges in FM23 | TCM Logo Packs

Install FM23 Logos

There is no doubt about it, Football Manager 2023 just looks better when all the teams, including Manchester UFC and  Parthenope, have all the real logs in the game. We are here to show you how to Install Badges in FM23. And it is only going to take a few minutes.

It is great that Sports Interactive were able to partner up with Manchester City and Brighton, but no one wants to see a generic badge, especially if you are managing in a new league or country. You want the realism to be 100% and that’s where FM 2023 logo packs come in to save your save.


Megapack : 232 Nations : 62711 Clubs + 5744 Competitions + 528 Miscellaneous = 68983 LOGOS
Africa : 3507 Clubs – 234 Competitions
North America : 3730 Clubs – 340 Competitions
South America : 4578 Clubs – 306 Competitions
Asia: 6900 Clubs – 916 Competitions
Europa : 43517 Clubs – 3591 Competitions
Oceania : 479 Clubs – 93 Competitions
+ Confederations, Federations, International Competitions & Flags.

Club logos are registered trademarks and/or copyright material owned by the respective football clubs.
This graphic pack is only intended for personal use within the game.
Warning: The Manchester United logo is not present in this pack for image rights issues.

TCM Megapack Download

Manchester United logo Download

Install TCM Logos in FM23

In the video below we show you where you can download the badges and how to install badges. This was made for FM23, but everything still applies for FM23.

Follow the video above and you should have no issues downloading and being able to install real kits in FM23.

How to add these in your FM23

  • Win Vista/Win 7/Win 8: C:\Users\”username”\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\graphics\
  • Win 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\”username”\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\graphics\
  • Win 98/ME: C:\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2023\graphics\
  • Mac OS X: /Users/”username”/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/graphics/
  • Mac OS X Catalina: read here)

If you don’t have the graphics folder, create it. We recommend to make a folder in it called Kits and extract this pack in it.

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