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Football Manager 2017 New Features

FM 2017 is coming on November 4th and now we know some of the new features in Football Manager 2017! You won’t have to wait until November 4th either, if you pre-order FM 2017 from us you will be able to enjoy it around two weeks before that date through the Beta version. Moreover, any save you start in the Beta version will be fully compatible with the final game release.

And now… the new features!

FM 2017 Match Engine

  • improved animations (over 1500 new motion-captured player animations)
  • better AI reactions
  • new camera angle (behind goal low)
  • enhanced visuals (including vanishing spray for free kicks!)
  • refreshed commentary

Social Media in FM 2017

  •  new social feed tab in the game, which includes reactions from fans to matches and transfer decisions

FM 2017 Inbox

  • revamp of the way information gets to the manager
  • dynamic odds throughout the season

FM 2017 Transfers and Contracts

  • pre-contract conversations added
  • clubs can delay selling a player until signing a replacement
  • transfer rumours on social media
  • agents give more detailed feedback in negotiations
  • new contract clauses added

FM 2017 Manager

  • add your face from a picture and create your own manager avatar
  • more realistic reputations at the start of the game

FM 2017 Fantasy Draft

  • AI managers added
  • more squad budget options
  • import/export fantasy draft team

FM 2017 Quick Start

  • quick start mode added, automatic addition of leagues and database based on your club choice
  • 64-bit version added

FM 2017 Staff

  • contextual advice from staff
  • more content in backroom advice
  • new staff roles: data analyst and sports scientist
  • players can start coaching badges before they retire

FM 2017 Scouting

  • re-designed next opposition reports
  • highlight reels of potential signings
  • revamped team report screen
  • more filters in player search screen
  • secondary sorting in player search screen

FM 2017 Match Analysis

  • overview screen during the match
  • new events and graphics

FM 2017 Media Interaction

  • new, more contextual questions from the media
  • more transfer questions

FM 2017 Players

  • improved player personalities
  • more realistic player progress
  • players can now approach managers to express their interest in joining a specific club
  • players can conduct exclusive interviews with media
  • revamped player comparison screen

Create a Cub in FM 2017

  • add more created players to the squad
  • search for specific players to be added

FM 2017 Board

  • boards behave in a more realistic and dynamic way
  • more input on relationship with affiliated clubs

FM 2017 Details

  • every player shown in club history screen
  • tweaked newgen names
  • revamped youth system in Australia
  • updated Financial Fair Play rules
  • updated competitions, squads and player data

FM 2017 Network Play

  • can set a window of time for certain decisions, making the network play quicker
  • every player in a network game can set their assistant to take over friendlies in order to get through pre-season quicker

You can get more details about the new features in FM 2017 from Miles Jacobson himself, just watch the video below!

Remember, you can pre-order the game now and play it two weeks before release through the fully playable Beta version! Just click below and you will get FM 2017 at a great price!

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