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Football Manager 2013 Video: Introducing the Director of Football

This is a feature that many of you have requested in our FM 2013 wishlist and now it’s here! Football Manager 2013 will include the Director of Football in your club staff and there are plenty of things that this particular member of the staff will be able to help you with.

You can give him the power to hire or fire staff for you, he can assign the scouts to specific tasks, he can handle transfer negotiations and he can also identify new signings for your club and even put pen to paper if you want him to.

But the best is yet to come: you can give him a shopping list of players you want and then he can wheel and deal in order to get you those players. Moreover, you can present him a list of unwanted players at your club and then he will do his best to sell them at the best possible prices.

Last but not least, you can compile a development list, a shortlist of young players at your club that need more first team football, and you can give the Director of Football the task to find them appropriate loan deals.

Here’s Miles Jacobson giving you more details about the role of Director of Football in Football Manager 2013:

Here are the previous Football Manager 2013 features that were announced in last week’s video blogs:

FM 2013 Leaderboards

  • separate leaderboards for each game mode (full career, FM Classic, challenges).
  • separate leaderboards for nations/divisions.
  • sophisticated scoring system that takes into account trophies, goals scored, but also the initial reputation of the club that you achieved those results with.
  • fully integrated with Steam, you will be able to compare your score to those of your Steam friends.
  • manager wages count towards the points you earn, so now there’s a point in negotiating a higher salary with your club.

FM 2013 Network Game Mode

  • much easier to set up, network games will run through the powerful Steam servers.
  • you have the possibility to export your team from single player mode into a network game. This way you can play against one of your friends regardless of which season your team is playing in the single player mode. For instance, I could play with Viitorul Constanta against Darren’s Scarborough or Kevin’s Toronto FC! 
  • agree on match view settings before the actual game, which avoids having the two players having different settings.

FM 2013 Match Engine

  • New physics engine, which allows more realistic ball trajectories. The ball is now affected by pitch conditions and weather.
  • Player bodies are more realistic.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) more realistic.
  • New cameras and the possibility to zoom in and out.
  • Increased stadium details.

FM 2013 Match Day Experience

  • live feed of suggestions and updates during the match in a single, customizable, panel, instead of multiple panels like in FM 2012
  • quicker in-game substitutions
  • animated action bar and match info bar during the match
  • easier access to camera selection and match speed settings
Remember that if you want to buy the game, which you should, you can do that at a reduced price from our Games Store: just 27 poundsIf you buy a legal copy of the game that means you support the guys who make the game, and if you buying it from us it means that you support this website that has served you pretty well for a few years now.
If you are feeling lucky you can take part in our FM 2013 GiveAway for a chance to win a free copy of Football Manager 2013, ready to download on release date!


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YES! This is perfect because I hate the process of selling unwanted players.


It is very helpful as I am just too lazy to supervise the outgoing of reserve players and they usually just stay and suck up the wages. The director of football should really help, great addition!


I love the development list and unwanted players list idea…as for the rest I think I will continue to do myself. And a big up to the SI team for listening to the fans requests.

Gaurav Chaddah

This is brilliant!

I hate when you have unwanted players and no one comes in when you offfer them out and when you have a young player looking for football and they can’t get it and you want to get them loaned out, yet another brilliant addition into this years game, well done SI!


When this was first announced, it was unclear exactly what he would do. The initial screenshot reveal the best parts.

I’m really glad to see that this will be a very useful addition, not just a new job with little to real substance. Selling unwanted players is very often a pain, and also finding clubs to loan out some of the players who need it.

Darren Smith

Fantastic addition! I will definitely be using him to offload unwanted reserve players as that takes up too much time IMO and also to help develop my youth by finding appropriate club to loan too. I also assume that his ability may reflect on his bargaining power to getting better deals for the club, if so the director of football could become one of the more powerful members of staff now.

Niels Theis Bendtsen

I wonder at what level you can hire there director of football?

Tegar Triemanudigdo

I wonder what kind of stats that determined the great Director of Football to pick there.

Bill Okpalor

Nice Feature, I will Definitely be using It.

Ronan Patrick Donovan

This is gonna be brilliant! Really helpful new feature and I’m really excited about it :)


Actually this is very nice feature allowing the manager to focus on winning games

Scott Brown
Scott Brown

Probably the best new addition to the game right here!!

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