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FM 2013 New Features: Loans and Scouting in Football Manager 2013

The video blogs are back and the week starts with a look at what’s new in FM 2013 when it comes to loans and scouting. There will be a future episode covering other aspects of transfers and contracts in Football Manager 2013, probably tomorrow.

But let’s see what FM 2013 offers in terms and scouting and loan deals:

  • manager style and philosophy are now important when applying for a job as chairmen tend to like a particular style
  • AI transfers are now more realistic because they take the club philosophy and playing style into account
  • new contract clauses for promotion and relegation
  • new requirements when sending players on loan, such as the position they should play in and the squad status
  • players can now request a loan deal to be terminated if they feel they are not getting enough first team football
  • scouts now rate player for each role, in addition to the general positions on the pitch
  • revamped scout report screen, much easier to see the essential information

Here’s Miles Jacobson giving you all the details:

Now let’s have a look at the previously announced new features in Football Manager 2013:

FM 2013 Player & Staff Comparison

  • better graphical illustration of the differences in attributes
  • highlight key attributes for a specific role
  • compare position ability of two players
  • compare staff: coaches, physios, scouts etc

FM 2o13 Competition Updates

  • revamped youth academy and reserves competitions in England
  • co-ownership deals updated giving more liberty to negotiate such transfers
  • MLS updated, Montreal Impact are included in the new game
  • all the playable leagues were updated, including a the new youth rules in the… Romanian league! (plus several others)

FM 2013 Training

  • completely new module, much easier to manage as general and match training are in the same screen
  • improved individual training module
  • you can send your coaches to study and get training badges, improving their skills
  • training camps – you can send your team to training camps during the summer or, depending on the league, during the winter break as well

FM 2013 New Staff Roles

  • Head of youth development – the man who will make sure that you recruit the best youngsters in your region but also manage your youth team
  • Chief scout – the man who will filter the various scout reports, presenting you only the most viable options for transfers. This staff member can also handle assigning your scouts to specific tasks.

FM 2013 Director of Football

  • this new staff member will handle all kinds of transfer business for you, including selling unwanted players or loaning out youngsters

FM 2013 Leaderboards

  • separate leaderboards for each game mode (full career, FM Classic, challenges).
  • separate leaderboards for nations/divisions.
  • sophisticated scoring system that takes into account trophies, goals scored, but also the initial reputation of the club that you achieved those results with.
  • fully integrated with Steam, you will be able to compare your score to those of your Steam friends.
  • manager wages count towards the points you earn, so now there’s a point in negotiating a higher salary with your club.

FM 2013 Network Game Mode

  • much easier to set up, network games will run through the powerful Steam servers.
  • you have the possibility to export your team from single player mode into a network game. This way you can play against one of your friends regardless of which season your team is playing in the single player mode. For instance, I could play with Viitorul Constanta against Darren’s Scarborough or Kevin’s Toronto FC! 
  • agree on match view settings before the actual game, which avoids having the two players having different settings.

FM 2013 Match Engine

  • New physics engine, which allows more realistic ball trajectories. The ball is now affected by pitch conditions and weather.
  • Player bodies are more realistic.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) more realistic.
  • New cameras and the possibility to zoom in and out.
  • Increased stadium details.

FM 2013 Match Day Experience

  • live feed of suggestions and updates during the match in a single, customizable, panel, instead of multiple panels like in FM 2012
  • quicker in-game substitutions
  • animated action bar and match info bar during the match
  • easier access to camera selection and match speed settings

Remember that if you want to buy the game, which you should, you can do that at a reduced price from our Games Store: just 27 poundsIf you buy a legal copy of the game that means you support the guys who make the game, and if you buying it from us it means that you support this website that has served you pretty well for a few years now.

If you are feeling lucky you can take part in our FM 2013 GiveAway for a chance to win a free copy of Football Manager 2013, ready to download on release date!


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Darren Smith

A lot more improvements there Johnny, I am happy to see the AI will be more realistic in the transfer market but my favorite addition has to be the revamped scout reports…these seem much more user friendly.


The new scout reports definitely look to be much better, especially as it gives a star rating for the roles as well.

Good to also see them do something about the AI transfers. I’ve often been perplexed by some of the signings, so it’ll be interesting to see just how that changes things.


This video shows how much has really put into the game; the little contract niggles that annoyed us so much last year has been cut out, I think this part of the game should be much smoother and realistic. However it seems as though and this is just a hunch, that job interviews won’t be included this year based on this video. No problem, always something to look forward to next year :)

Tegar Triemanudigdo

Nice improvement there! The club style and philosophy has always been my mind when I’m playing FM.

Jamie Lewis

So many nice new features! Seems like a lot more than 2012 had over 11


Another very good addition! It has left me wondering if you could end up being sacked if you promise attacking/direct football and don’t live up to it.


Improved AI regarding transfers would be a nice add, AI controlled teams were often used to poorly perform on the market so to waste your saves in the long term.
Apart from that I see lots of fringe features, but I know marketing quite well.

Victor Baluta

I am happy that the producers are taking seriously the things that we have recommended for a long time and I think that this year’s game is going to be very good. It’s more realistic than ever and it didn’t become too hard to play because of the addition of Director of football.

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