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Download Ana Garcia’s Football Manager 2011 Tactics

Hello folks! Today we’re starting a series of Football Manager 2011 tactics posts, the bottom line is that all the authors that are sharing their stories on this website will be making their tactics available to download. Of course, except those who are using my Magpies 4-4-2 tactic :) The series starts with Ana Garcia, you already know her from the fabulous Spanish stories that she provides and if you don’t know those stories then you should first be ashamed and then start reading them right now! So, without further ado, let’s see Ana’s tactics described by herself!

4-4-2 with Attacking Midfielder


GK – Goalkeeper defend

Wing Backs – Automatic but can also be set to Attack if at home against a weaker side, or Defend if away at a stronger side.

Centre backs – LoL, Defend of course! :) Set to Central defender on both.

MCR – Central midfielder support, again can bet set to attack or defend depending on team, or home or away etc Also can be set as an advanced playmaker if you want.

MC – Ball winning midfielder set to defend, to help the defence.

MCL – Deep lying playmaker, set to support needs to be creative but also good at defending.

AMC – Advanced playmaker attack or support, depends really, I find that it depends on what striker setup you are using.  Attack if not using a trequartista or support if you are using one.

STCR – Trequartista, basically a very creative player who wont defend at all so you need to keep that in mind. His job is to find space and play passes to your other striker so should get lots of assists, but also a few goals.

STCL – Poacher attack, needs pace and good finishing if you have a good trequartista then it should create alot of chances for him and if he is half decent he should get 15-20 goals a season.

The only bad thing is the game really loves wingers! So that’s a problem for my tactic, however there are few things you can do to counter act that.

Pitch size – At the start of the season you get to choose your pitch size so select the most narrow you can! Remember this attack focuses down the center so a wide pitch can really hurt, especially your wing backs so select a narrow one.

Opposition instructions – I always choose tight marking, closing down and show onto weaker foot for all wingers or wide men. It helps reduce the amount of crosses but remember it wont stop them all!

Finally  you can also use a couple of shouts if you need, I like using retain possession and pass to feet as I like to keep the ball. You can also use work ball into box if your players are not creating much or having lots of long range chances, also exploit the middle but am not sure how much of a difference that makes! But you can try it, and experiment yourself! You can download the tactic by clicking on the picture below. After downloading you have to copy or move the file into the My Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2011>tactics folder. Then start your game, go to the tactics screen and select this tactic from the “archived tactics” section.

Defence tactic

Well to preserve leads like away 1-0 wins etc, but can also nick goals on the counter attack! It doesn’t really need explaining when you see it, its just to keep leads late in games and works pretty well I think!

Pretty self explanatory! You can download the defensive tactic by clicking on the picture below, then follow the same instructions to get it into your game.

More great Football Manager 2011 tactics are coming up, stay tuned! :)


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I have waited so long for this…


Hi Johnny / Ana
Thanks for putting this up I was interested to see how the tactic was developed though of course I’m using the Maggies 4-4-2 being completely useless at creating my own :)

Ana Garcia

I like making tactics!

It almost like my previous one at Real Union, with a few changes but am still tinkering with it!


love this tactic,, incredible

Ana Garcia

Thank you. :)

Am glad its bringing you some success, its still in the draft stage so any feedback on what to improve would be welcomed.


I use almost exactly the same defensive tactics as you, however I do love my wingers. The 4 that i have in my Reading team have more assists than any other players in the prem. Reading your game posts though it obviously works for you, I might download it anyway as another option, you can never have enough tactics, thanks for putting this up. :-)

Ana Garcia

Hi Chris,

The defence tactic works very well! Am really pleased with how it keeps the lead especially late in games.

I have a new game and am using 4-4-2 with wingers and I find that it works well, I am not normally a fan of wingers but the new Fm seems to love them!

Lots of crosses = goals


Hi Ana, very nice tactic you have there. I’ll definitely give it a try with my Wolves team as I have a very good young AMC, and several good MC’s to play with. I’m not sure why this formation didn’t occur to me.
As far as giving you some feedback, I would think that playing narrow, with no wingers, would make you very vulnerable down the flanks. Also I wouldn’t use tight marking and closing down together, because if your marker gets burned, the rest of your team gets pulled out of shape trying to close down the opposition. Try tight marking if the winger is slower but has good decisions and passing. Go closing down and limit the tight marking if the opposition winger is a speed burner. If you notice, on your losses last month, you had a shocking imbalance on fouls given and free kicks. If I had to guess, (which I am of course), I’d say that was caused by marking/closing down problems on the flanks.

Ana Garcia

Hi SteveS,

This formation is almost the same as the one I used last game (except wingbacks are pushed back a place, and the DMC is pushed up a place into midfield) so it works with sides who like to push through the middle.

Flanks is a weakness, in the response above I have found that wingers and crosses often lead to goals it can be very hard to stop. This tactic is still in the draft stage, so it will need tweaking a little to give it more balance.

I will definatly try your suggestions and see how it works, at the moment I am just trying everything to reduce those crosses! Thanks for the feedback.


Hi Ana,

For your 4-4-2, you said that the focus passing is through the middle, but your screen shot says focus passing to be mixed.
Is this supposed to be so?
I’m just thinking since your tactic is fluid and players are allowed to roam, they will at some stage during the game find themselves on the wing and cross the ball, if they have good mental stats.
I found this to be the case when I played 4-3-3 with 3 midfielders and 3 strikers all rmc, mc, lmc and same for strikers. The goals were by the strikers picking up the ball on the left wing, running down the byline and crossing to the other two strikers…..on both sides as they were set as advanced forwards.
I read your whole story with REal Union and know that your arch nemesis was Atl Madrid, which usually play with two wingers and one central striker and cross the balls often (like 90% of the time), so your tactic has a weakness….(A WEAKNESS MANY TEAMS WOULD LOVE IF THEY WERE ANYWHERE AS SUCCESSFULL AS REAL UNION WAS).

I tried your tactic just for fun and it worked very well.
You’re a true FM Heroine!


Hi all

I am sorry i havent been on for a while,I have been busy doing other things in the world of FM2011,one being up all night trying to get a tactic to work,I will be downloading some of the tactics tonight and hopefully will have some success,I have got an absolute awesome team but they just arent putting the ball in the onion bag,will let you know how it goes

If anybody wants to add me on steam then please do feel free to- burtona38

Look forward to your


Hola Ana,

I will download it and test it , hope it works:)

Just one thing, I will tweak the set pieces to make them short long throws, short free kicks and short corners, and make the keeper to pass the ball to feet of a defender to retain possesion even more.


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