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Darren: Newcastle, August to November 2015/16

Hey guys and welcome back to my FM 2011 Newcastle United story. During the last post I signed a tonne of youth, sold some older members and made a big profit within the summer transfer window. My finances are looking good, but it’s time to see if this effects our performances on the pitch. Today’s post will be a short one and just used get you all up to speed with the goings on around Saint James Park. So, let’s see how August to November went for the toon army.

Euro Super Cup vs Leverkusan

After beating Real Madrid in the Champions League final, I have the novelty of a Super Cup to play. German side Leverkusan were victorious in the Europa League, so will make up the numbers in this one off match. I opted for a strong starting XI in the hope the squad could gain morale from an early piece of silverware. The match highlights are below.

Tough tie by all accounts as the Germans forced extra-time. Hernandez and Paloschi proved key as their link up play finished the match off. I would have preferred a more dominant match, but 25 shots isn’t a bad statistic for pre-season. :)

Premier League results – August

The season opener, most people dread it but I thrive on the adrenaline rush of the new seasons potential. Craven Cottage was the venue and Fulham my opponents, Santos made his first appearance of the season and scored a blinder. We won 1-0 and the 19 year forward from Brazil stole the show. Next up Birmingham at Saint James Park, this match belonged to Anconetani who grabbed a hat trick as we won 4-0. Short but sweet month.

Premier League results – September

Slightly longer month here and some cup matches made September a little cramped. Sanogo finished the scoring in August and opened up for September too. The forward scored Newcastle’s only goal at home to Wolves and capped off a 1-0 victory. Before Danny Wilson had to save the toon armies blushes at Middlesborough. An in swinging corner led to the only goal and helped Newcastle avoid an upset against their close rivals. September finished on a high though as Newcastle trampled Wigan and went onto win 2-0, Paloschi was amazing during that match.

Premier League results – October

The busiest month in terms of EPL fixtures, five matches in total and four of which could prove difficult. We opened the month in fine form, beating both Bristol City and Everton away. Then my next match was a little closer as Spurs defended well at Saint James Park, but could do nothing to stop Santos. After that 1-0 victory I travelled to Stamford Bridge in a sceptical mood. This was unfounded though as a great team effort saw Newcastle win 5-2. It wasn’t until a trip to the Eastlands that I came unstuck. Manchester City were immense, Adebayour and Tevez were on unstoppable form and they deserved the 2-1 victory.

Premier League results – November

Another interesting but short month in the EPL. My ironclad defence proved vital at home to Aston Villa, Sanogo was on form to help us win 1-0. Then a visit to Anfield saw my boys dominate the match but fail to make chances pay. We drew 1-1 as Anconetani’s strike was equalled very late on. The month finished on a high against Blackpool though, four separate names hit the scoreboard to help us win 4-0. All in all a great start to the season, 13 matches equalling 11 victories, one draw and one loss.

Best Premier League performance

This award had to be against Chelsea. My side won 5-2 at Stamford Bridge and dominated throughout. You can watch the match highlights below.

Premier League table

After a wonderful start I find myself in top spot, two points clear of second and with a game in hand. The league seems to be quite competitive, leaving big clubs dropping points on a regular basis, hopefully I can capitalize on this. I still believe Man United and Man City will be my biggest threat, but we’ll see if it turns into another runaway year.

League Cup results

When the third round draw came out, I was cursing my luck. To get Chelsea away was tough to take, but I held solace in the knowledge they may field a weakened side. This wasn’t the full story, but Chelsea weren’t as strong as they could be. My boys took advantage as Sanogo brought out the big guns…his incredible performance led to a hat trick and 3-2 victory. We had an easier opponents in the fourth round in Championship side Leeds. I fielded a few youngsters and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The scoreline wasn’t emphatic, but the performance was as we won 2-1 and Santos looked great. West Ham are next on my radar, a tough match away from home, but I expect victory.

Champions League results and group

My Champions League group doesn’t look like a walk in the park, but top spot is a must. We started well beating Kobenhavn 4-1, then followed this up with a vital 2-0 victory away to Shakhtar. I also enjoyed 2-0 victories at home and away against Wolfsburg, the German side look nothing like their former self. My only disappointment came away from home against Kobenhavn as we drew 1-1.

Looking through the goal scorers you may have noticed Santos in incredible form. The Brazilian has been at Saint James Park for almost two years and just started to show his true potential. Newcastle are in top spot and have secured it with ease. Our last match at home to Shakhtar will be time for experimenting.

Squad stats

My great start to the season has seen many different names on the pitch. I wanted to offer everyone a chance and this rotation policy seems to work great. The youngsters are getting better with every match, while the senior players are winning the big games and staying happy. Sanogo is now worth £20 million at the age of 22, no wonder with 12 goals from 8 starts. Anconetani has really excelled this season too, his 6 goals and 7 assists have been pleasing. One other key to my great start is Hernandez who has replaced Afellay well assisting 9 times.


It was inevatable that my finances would take a dip. I have lost a little money since pre-season, but this includes snatching Sanogo on a new deal worth £95K per week alongside a few other stars (don’t worry the wage budget hasn’t changed much.) We have £52.7 million in the bank, £9 million less than at the end of pre-season. No need to panic though as we’ll make loads of cash during the last four months of the season. I’m predicting an end of season balance of around £80-90 million.

Well that’s it for today, I’ll be back soon with my winter update. Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment below. Apologies for the short text, life has been manic but I didn’t want to leave you guys without an update. So thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments as always.

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10 years ago

Blimey, Santos looks brilliant! Potential ability of 4 1/2 stars in a champions league winning team, comparing him to Sanogo? You know what, scrap what I said before.. Sell Sanogo. This guy will become the future of Newcastle in two years time :).

Brillant results against pretty much everyone there mate, with a 5-2 at Stamford Bridge to boot. Little unlucky with the game against City. Would have liked to see you end the season unbeaten, but apart from that, I cant really fault your squad.

Finances are looking steady too!

Good luck :)

10 years ago

Well done Darren!

You continue to dominate at home and I am sure we will see another big trophy haul this season if the toon keep it up, which I am sure they will!

Also, good work in the CL, Kobenhavn always throw up shocks, I believe they drew at home vs. Barca this season in real-life so don’t worry to much.

Finally, for a manager who claims to prefer a solid defence you sure are free scoring! Not that I’m complaining as it is definitely going to bring you success this season!

The finances also look very steady, keep up the good work there too!

Well done and good luck! :D

Ana Garcia
10 years ago

Nice going Darren,

Your squad looks very talented but are you not concerned about the lack of English players? I know its a game but you could save even more money if you promote acadamy players into your team.

Of course they will have to be good enough! But it would be nice too see, but you are sort of like Arsene Wenger in finding amazing foreign players which isnt a bad comparison in truth!

But I dont want to tell you how to play your game! League wise it is a bit tight but that game in hand gives you the early advantage (if you win it!!) but having an easy CL group allows you to rest a few players which is always nice.

Congrats on the super cup win! The finances still look very steady and like you said more money to come will only improve that.

Good luck!! :)

10 years ago

Great start to the season Darren, some great results early on in the season, especially the Chelsea one.

I kind of agree with Ana…what are the Home Grown players in the Reserves/Youth like…any have potential for the first team?

I’m loving the finance part of this story, like you I love to spend the budget and not think about wages etc, but maybe I could take a leaf out of you story for mine.

Good luck for the rest of the season, i’m sure that it will be another trophy filled year :)

10 years ago

Fantastic start to the campaign Darren. Although your team is young, I predict that you will win every competition again… Good luck!!

Sayam Khan
10 years ago

Hi Darren, loving how this system has ticked so well. The loss of Affelay has not hurt you one bit as Hernandez is just as good, if not, then better.Matias Anconetani is an amazing winger for your team, if only my game had some like him! It is slightly more tight in the league this year, but i’m sure with the experience you have, you will come out on top. Santos is amazing, and like Excessive, I don’t think it would hurt you if you sold sanogo. Anyway good luck!

10 years ago

Hey Darren
Great season so far, first with a game in hand and a trophy already in the bag. Anconetai is a very good player, looks like your Y2G seems to be working. Santos is also a great signing and player, could he be the next Sanogo?

10 years ago

Great start Darren, you’ve been fabulous so far in the league, and your defence is brilliant, just 6 goals conceded. The league will be yours again, and I reckon you will go a long way in the Champions League. Good luck!

10 years ago

Santos is fantastic and you are doing very well in both the league and champions league and your finances are well on the up despite this little dip, very well done :)

Matt Clark
10 years ago

Hi darn great going on all fronts
If you want to improve youth players coming through the academy have as many of the best youth coaches as possible
Looks like more silverware this season best of luck

10 years ago

Have you improved your youth recruitment network Darren? weird, my Birmingham side has produced 3 regens who will become good/leading Premier League players in about 4 intakes, 2 of them in the most recent one too

Looking good in all your competitions so far, and very good bank balance to boot, so what are you saving up for? a new stadium? :P

Very nice to see that the average age is really low, must be the youngest squad in the Premier League surely :D

10 years ago

Hi Darren
Looking good in all competitions and your team seems very solid defensively. Finances in great shape so all is well in the North East :)

Johnny Karp
10 years ago

So far so good, both on the pitch and at the bank :) Sanogo seems to be a bit expensive in terms of wages but he’s well worth the 95k per week, that’s money well spent in my view.

10 years ago

Hi Darren,

Sanoko is absolutely on fire for you. Nice start there and your young players are doing just fine. It should be another fruitful season for you.

I believe we have the same problems on English youth. Now that i am in Premier League, the first place i look for youth players is South America. They produce really good regens. I tried in vain to sign some talented young English players but they are just not that good.

10 years ago

Hey Darren

Noticed Alex and Sears stories removed from the sidebar, obviously I understand Sears but with regards to Alex… will something be announced by you and/or Johnny about that or what’s going to happen? It all seems very strange, doesn’t it?



Johnny Karp
10 years ago
Reply to  Sibo

We will make an announcement about that Sibo, sooner or later. Alex has to make a decision and we are still waiting for a reply from him.

10 years ago

Hey darren long time no speak so i was thinking do you think i could start writing on fm stories again please as i have now finished most of my exams and im looking for an FM escape route from reality

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