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Bury FC: Season 11, Half Season Report

Hi everyone, welcome back to my Bury story. Life continued without Paulinho and our RW became weak again, just after 6months! Lets see how we did:

Premier League Results:

Bad start to the season but we also lost our first game of the season last year also. The next two defeats we suffered were ridiculous, and could have an impact on where the title goes come the end of the season. Apart from that, there has been very convincing victories. Players playing well also. But… My RW did really bug me because Quimbamba hasn’t played that good, and he has missed a lot of games through injury.

League Table

So, for the first time in a while… Man City are up there! It’s a three horse race this season. The points gap does seem a bit big, but I’m confident we will close it especially with all the games remaining.

Champions League Results

Champions League wasn’t a problem this year, once again finishing top of our group and facing Seville in the next round, easily winnable.

Carling Cup Results

We always do good in this competition! Once again we’re through to the semi finals, with Everton awaiting us.

Player Ratings

Boyomo is our best player this season, no suprise at all, he sometimes carries this team on his own. Then the usual come after him Ze Carlos, Vinicius, Dudu. Jovanovic has 14 goals, but he could easily have had 25! He misses easy chances which is weird for him as he has good values in his shooting attributes.

January Transfer Window

Just to let you know, I have signed my new RW, but your going to have to wait to see him which will be in my next post ;-)


Thanks for reading


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Darren Smith
9 years ago

An interesting start mate, but with a weakness on the wing you were bound to start a little slow. those two losses could make a difference but that 5 point deficit to the top is nothing so early on. Can’t wait to see your new RW, good luck.

9 years ago

Pretty good Sayam, it looks like City have upped their game and are playing very well, but so are you, and Arsenal are still in it too, so it’ll be an exciting title race! I’m backing you to pip City though, especially with a better RW than Quinamaba, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he is like :) Good luck!

9 years ago

Hey Sayam
You are doing well, City have improved their form, but they will slip up soon. 5 points early on isn’t too big. You beat Galatasaray 8-2, the same score we just beat Arsenal!

Johnny Karp
9 years ago

Not bad mate, I’m sure that Man City will not last the distance :) Looking forward to seeing your new right winger ;)

9 years ago

Hi Sayam
I sense a little bit of frustration? I’m sure this new right winger will help you out and you are not that far behing City so I’m confident you will overtake them!

9 years ago

Hi Sayam
I’m not going to drone on about the arsenal result because I’d 8-2 annoy you :P
A decent start to the season and judging by the average ratings I would personally say that the team are playing well. 5 points isn’t that big of a lead and I’m sure that you’ll be able to overcome it towards the end of the season

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