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Bury FC: Season 10 Over, Bury Finish With CC + 1, 2 Or No Trophies?

Hi everyone, welcome back to my Bury story. This post will conclude season 10 and as the title says, how many trophies did we win along with out Carling Cup which was won earlier in the season.

So our first game was the first leg tie against AC Milan at Gigg Lane.

Jovanovic and Paulinho were both ineligble for this game so we literally had the same team that played them last year apart from Boyomo. It was a good result considering we were 3-1 down with 15 minutes to go. Boyomo scoring in a big game again :D

The next 2 games…

So, our CL quest ended right there! We were blown away, well slightly. The good thing is we were closer to winning the PL. Also Quimbamba was picking up some form…

Next was the big game vs Arsenal, maybe the title decider!?



Bad result, considering we were 2-0 up. At least we didn’t lose. We suffered injuries to two of our most influential players which did affect us. All we needed now was 4 wins out of 4 to gurantee we would win the title.

The last 4 games…

The title had returned to Gigg Lane! No complacency this year! The title was actually won a few games ago, 100% confirmed after the Wolves game after Arsenal’s form was terrible, like ours was towards the end of last season.

Now I’d like to celebrate:




Arsenals form end of season

Final League Table


The Players that helped us win the title:


Anyway, thanks for reading.

PS: I forgot to save the squad ratings screenshot, and now i cant as i’m too far into pre-season. Sorry!



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9 years ago

That has to be one of the most talented squads I have ever seen Sayam. Glad to see that Arsenal capitulated at the final hurdle, so congrats on winning the title! What position are you looking to strengthen during pre season?

9 years ago

Wow Dudu is a beast, amazing all rounder…, great job winning the league (some interesting managers at Bolton and Chelsea), too bad you didn;t get past AC Milan, but at least you did a double Sayam, good luck next season

Darren Smith
9 years ago

You have an outstanding squad mate, would be cool to have had Johnny’s Vauxhall, your Bury and my Newcastle team all in a mini league where we play each other four times for a title. Now that would be a super league :)

Anyway, Great finish to the season and you got unlucky in the CL, I think that competition comes down to luck sometimes and you’ll get there soon with that squad.

9 years ago

Sayam – well done mate. Your team produced the goods in the PL when it really mattered though my sympathies about your CL exit. Maybe next season. Your team is amazing by the way.

Johnny Karp
9 years ago

Congratulations Sayam, a well-deserved title! You have a great team and I think that a quadruple is achievable next season.

9 years ago

Congrats mate on the prem :) you deserved after last season, next season will be a tough challenge becuase the next thing to aim for is the champions league and beat ac

9 years ago

Hey Sayam
A well deserved title for you. Unlucky on the Champions League though, next season, that can be your goal. You can win it next time.

9 years ago

Well done mate, shame about the CL, hopefully next season, but it was a brilliant title and you wrapped it up with some real style. Well done! :D

Nicholas Phipps
9 years ago

Your team are looking world class and you wrapped up the title in style! Bad luck with the Champions League but maybe next year ;)

9 years ago

Congrats Sayam! Great season there mate, well done, you were certainly the best team in the Premier League this season, and you’ve got some excellent players in Boyomo, Jovanovic and both your centre backs are fantastic too. Shame you lost in the CL, but hoepfullly you can go further next year. Looking forward to your pre season :)

Randy petarson
9 years ago

It’s really nice to read this wide thought from this post…. Think that all these football players are professionals and well performers. I’m watching their previous stats of this post. Thanks for having a great post…… :)

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