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Bury FC: Pre – Season of Season 10

Hi everyone, welcome back to my Bury story. After missing out on the Premier League title last season, letting it slip from our hands, we did win the Carling Cup and the FA Cup but as you know the Premier League is the real deal! Despite doing the domestic double, I wasn’t happy, as we should have had the Premier League also at Gigg Lane. Anyway, we’ll hope to make that straight this season!

Start Of Season Expectations

The board wanted a minimun Euro Cup finish but I promised them a title challenge. I can’t promise them that I will bring the PL home to Gigg Lane, as Arsenal’s team is just too good.

Transfers Out

I wanted to get rid of dead wood and Stefan Meyer was that. He did not impress in the two seasons he played for us, however we still made a 4.5m profit as we signed him for 6m. Sergio Araujo also departed, he never shined after Adebayor (remember him) departed. Them two really ticked. We also made around 5-7m profit on him. Borja was signed on a free transfer last season and sold for 5m this season despite spending the whole season in the reserves last season.

Transfers In

Well transfers in are meant to be the most exciting part of transfers, but this season it isn’t for me. There was only one major signing made, he is Sebastien Boyomo, Cameroon internation who plays AM. Truely world class if you ask me.

Where is the RW?!!!

Now, we all expected a RW to come in, and I had two on my shortlist, however, the best right winger, I had a fee agreed of 26m. The stumbling block was his wages, he asked for 145k! And 3m for scoring 10 goals! Which would simply destroy our wage schedule! The other right winger was 75% as good as him, and I didn’t want to go past the 20m mark for him. Anyway, we’ll have to stick with Antonio Quimbamba for now, he is soooo sooo talented, just doesn’t perform consistently. Who know, he may blossom this season, with the formation change **cough**cough**

Antonio Quimbamba

 Just look at how good he is! Yet he has only gone past 6.91 as his average rating once in 5 seasons!

Speaking of a change in formation, I will be playing a 4-2-3-1 next season:

Transfers Conclusion:

Why did we have a quiet window? We had a quiet window as I didn’t find any players that would improve our starting XI. And the players I did find, they wouldn’t join us. For example I wanted to sign a star striker, a neymar/sanogo/pato/babacar/aguero/kadlec but none would join us. Our reputation is not strong enough yet. It’s vital we win the league next season.

Pre Season Freindlies:

Community Shield:

Well well, not suprising at all, although I was suprised we managed to come back from 2-0 down :D


Pretty well covered I think…

Anyway thanks for reading!





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9 years ago

Boyomo looks like a Beast

Good luck in your season this season… If you win everygame besides the Arsenal ones I can see you taking home the Title


9 years ago

Boyomo looks like a quality player, and hopefully Quimbamba can finally fulfill his potential this season, otherwise you might have to sell him. Bad luck in the Community Shield Sayam, but good luck for the season :)

Darren Smith
9 years ago

Boyomo looks incredible mate and must be one of the best around for sure! Good luck for the new season and I reckon your new star will flourish within the new tactic.

9 years ago

Hey Sayam
Boyome looks really good, and he must be one of the best players. Your tactic should help your team a lot. Good luck.

9 years ago

good stuff mate :D

9 years ago

Hi Sayam,

You’ve got a great team and Boyomo is definitely world class. As for Quimbamba maybe its his Speed that hinders his ability, he’s really slow in winger terms. Anyway good luck for the coming season and hopefully you can take the title from Arsenal.

Nicholas Phipps
9 years ago

Boyomo looks incredible and you should at least mount a serious challenge for the league! Personally, the 4-2-3-1 is one of my favourite tactics so it’s nice to see someone else use it! Your team looks very solid and look like they can challenge anyone. Good luck for next season! :D

9 years ago

Quimbamba needs more acceleration, has the pace but doesn’t reach it fast enough, Boyomo looks great though so it will be good to have him in the team, how good/bad is Wilshere by the way, thought he would be good at the left wing at least…………You did okay in the community shield too Sayam, you got quite a few chances, good luck for the milestone 10th season!

Johnny Karp
9 years ago

Those two new lads look great, I’m sure they will deliver the goods shortly. Good luck!

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