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Blyth Spartans April 2016

Hello my friends, sorry for the long interruption. I was very busy lately and I didn’t have any spare time to dedicate to my favorite game. We had the Premier League title already in the bag at the end of March, a great achievement that gave me the opportunity to focus on the other two competitions that we wanted to win, the FA Cup and the Champions League.

The first game of the month was at home with Sunderland in the Premier League and I chose to send in only backup players, I wanted all my first team regulars to be in top condition before the Champions League game with Barcelona. The game was quite boring as a result of that choice, Sunderland defended well and grabbed a good draw for them.

1 blyth vs sunderland premier league

Next up, mighty Barcelona… Their best player, Lionel Messi, was injured but they still had tremendous strength in their team. Their two French wingers, Ribery and Obertan, were the main threats to our defense.

2 blyth vs barcelona line ups

We played well in the first half and with a bit of luck on our side we were leading 2-0 at the break! Their defensive midfielder, Ignacio Camacho, deflected two ball right into his own net! After the break Nicao tricked Pique and scored with a placed shot, thing were looking good! Unfortunately we couldn’t withstand the pressure in the last 20 minutes and we conceded a goal that gave Barca a great deal of hope for the second leg.

3 blyth vs barcelona champions league

I prepared a mix of first team guys and backup players for the next league game so we came home with a win from Reading, but nobody cared about it, we were set for the second leg of the Barcelona clash.

4 reading vs blyth premier league

Messi was back in good health, we had to be careful with him…

5 barcelona vs blyth line ups

… but my players just couldn’t stop him in the first half. Barcelona were looking like extra terrestrials, they were leading 3-0 at the break at things were looking gloomy for us. I tried to motivate my players at half time and they reacted well, they played a superb second half but could only convert one chance. It was enough to get to extra time though and Barcelona‘s players were looking a bit tired. My lads produced a delightful performance in extra time, scored three incredible goals to give us a qualification that seemed lost at half time!

6 barcelona vs blyth champions league

I didn’t want to get Real Madrid in the semi final but luck wasn’t on my side…

7 uefa champions league semi finals

Next up, the FA Cup semi final game against Sunderland at Wembley Stadium. My boys were determined to get to the final but Sunderland defended extremely well, their goal was to try to keep a clean sheet and maybe strike on a counter attack. The game went down to the penalty shootout lottery and fortunately my lads kept cool and won the game… I expected an easier game to be honest. Anyway, we were going to meet Tottenham in the FA Cup final, they defeated Arsenal 2-1 in the other semi final.

8 sunderland vs blyth fa cup

We had two more Premier League games before the clash with Real Madrid and I decided not to fight for keeping the unbeaten record anymore. I send in only backup and reserve players in the two games, I didn’t want to risk any injuries to the 11 players that I wanted to use against Real Madrid. Our unbeaten run was stopped, Crystal Palace and Manchester United took advantage of the circumstances.

9 crystal palace vs blyth premier league

10 man utd vs blyth premier league

Finally, the last game of the month, the home battle with Real Madrid in the Champions League. We played against them in the group stage too, we clinched a 2-1 win at home back then. All their important players were available for this game while I had only one player missing, left back Andres Lara was suspended after picking up a yellow card at Barcelona.

11 blyth vs real madrid line ups

My players did a lot better this time, the first half was absolutely perfect. With Nicao in fabulous shape we went 4-0 up in the 77th minute. Unfortunately we got a bit carried away and gave Real Madrid a good chance after a quick counter attack and they clawed one back… We’ll have a good lead to defend at Santiago Bernabeu and a great chance to get to the final!

12 blyth vs real madrid champions league

We’ll have a tough last month of the season ahead of us with the FA Cup final and hopefully the Champions League final on the 21st of May :)

13 blyth fixtures may 2016

I’ll be doing my best to protect my important players in the league games, I’d be happy to lose all four of them and win the two cups!



  1. Dave

    September 17, 2009 at 21:18

    Hey mate, how you doing? Been waiting for Aprils instalment, was on earlier and thought would have a quick check and there we go. Good results against Barca and very wise to rest your first 11, unbeaten runs are good but when you have a tough cup game coming up its always best to field the reserves for unimportant games, also find its a good way to see how others players cope against better opposition rather than just other reserve teams.
    You have a good chance for the Champ final mate so good luck but one thing i am worried about is what next. If you clean up this year are you gonna abandon the Spartans?

  2. eddie eddie

    September 17, 2009 at 21:23

    Well done a great win over barca and real madrid this month.

  3. Goran

    September 17, 2009 at 21:55

    Well done.
    Great wins over barca and real madrid.
    Can’t wait for nexz month:D
    btw What oposition instruction you use [closin down … on what players (strikers,wingers…)]

    • JohnnyKarp

      September 17, 2009 at 22:03

      Thanks for the comment mate. I don’t know what I’ll do next but probably I’ll keep playing with the Spartans, we still have to win the Club World Cup if we manage to win the Champions League :)
      Thanks mate :)
      Thanks for the comment. I don’t use the same opp ins in every game but I can tell you that in the Barcelona games I used closing down always for their wingers, they created far too much danger. I don’t use opp ins for strikers very often, most times I use closing down on wingers and hard tackling plus show onto weaker foot for the central midfielders, depending on the opponent.

  4. Lye

    September 18, 2009 at 03:49

    Really good results and successful season, i am glad that you continue to manage your spartans. Though almost everything is won, i think you still can enjoy the process of scouting and buying players and get into the hall of fame for managers.

    • JohnnyKarp

      September 18, 2009 at 09:48

      Thanks for the comment Lye. I think that I will continue to manage the Spartans until Football Manager 2010 will come out, then I’ll decide which team to manage in the new game.

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