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Best FM 2018 Wonderkids Shortlist – Football Manager Story

Hi guys and welcome to our best FM 2018 wonderkids shortlist. We have spent a fair few hours researching Football Manager 2018 and can finally bring you the best FM 2018 wonderkids as we did in Football Manager 2017 wonderkids shortlist.

The list below is interactive, you can sort it by age, potential and value etc, or use the search bar to find the exact player you want for any position. Just type in the letters that represent your desired position and the table will do the rest. These FM18 wonderkids have been rated on their potential alone, we haven’t taken into account current ability, this list is to help you buy better for the future after all. The ‘potential’ is a numerical rating out of 10.

Soon you will be able to scroll to the bottom of the list and download all these best FM 18 wonderkids in a shortlist. You can then upload it to your game and have all this talent at your fingertips, just waiting to receive an offer. Look for the star icon, this represents real value for money and we will add more as and when we find them.

The only way to see every FM 18 wonderkid below is to load a large database with England, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil loaded as playable.

Important: We used the 18.3 database to create this list.


Best FM 2018 Wonderkids  : Best Goalkeepers


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EU(2nd nat)FMS Rating
Lafont, Alban18GKFranceEU4.5
Früchtl, Christian17GK GermanyEU4.5
Plizzari, Alessandro17GKItalyEU4.5
Lunin, Andriy18GKUkraineNon EU4.5
Costa, Diogo17GKPortugalEU-85
Svilar, Mile17GKBelgiumEU-85
Batalla, Augusto21GKArgentinaNon EU3.5
Scuffet, Simone21GKItalyEU4
Meret, Alex20GKItalyEU4.5
Audero, Emil20GKItalyEU3.5
Nübel, Alexander20GKGermanyEU3.5
Werner, Axel21GKArgentinaNon Eu4
Gómez, Gastón21GKArgentinaNon Eu3.5
Moreira, André21GKPortugalEU4
Rajkovic, Pedrag21GKSerbiaNon EU4,5
Donnarumma, Gianluigi18GKItalyEU5


Best FM 18 Wonderkids  : Best Right Full Backs


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EU(2nd nat)FMS Rating
Vitinho18DRBrazilNon EU-85
Dalot, Diogo18DRPortugalEU-85
Pinto, Alex19DRPortugalEU-85
Carmona, David20DRSpainEU-85
Touré, Almamy21DRMaliNon EU4
Henrichs, Benjamin20DRGermanyEU4.5
Passlack, Felix19DR/WBRGermanyEU4
Bustos, Fabricio21DR/WBRArgentinaNon EU4
Tete, Kenny21DR/WBRHollandEU4
Calabria, Davide20DRItalyEU3.5
Odriozola, Álvaro21DRSpainEU4.5
Lirola, Pol19DRSpainEU4
Klostermann, Lukas21DRGermanyEU3.5
Morey, Mateu17WBRSpainEU-85
Alexander-Arnold, Trent18WBREnglandEU4.5


Best FM 18 Wonderkids : Best Left Full Backs


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EuFMS Rating
Lato, Toni19D/WB(L)SpainEU8.5
Cucurella, Marc19D/WB(L)SpainEU8.5
Centelles, Álex17D/WB(L)SpainEU8.5
Chilwell, Ben20D/WB(L)EnglandEU-85
Tymon, Josh18D/WB/M(L)EnglandEU4
Tierney, Kieran20D/WB(L)EnglandEU-85
Costa, Goncalo17D(L)PortugalEU4.5
Guilherme Arana20D/WB(L)Brazil4.5
Maouassa, Faitout19D/WB/M/AM(L)FranceEU-85
Grimaldo, Álex21D/WB/M(L)SpainEU4.5
Itter, Gian-Luca18D/WB(L)GermanyEU4


Best FM 2018 Wonderkids: Best Central Defenders


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EUFMS Rating
Holding, Rob21D(C)EnglandEU4
Jovanovic, Vukasin21D(C)SerbiaNon Eu4
Söyüncü, Çaglar21D(C)TurkeyNon Eu4
Sánchez, Davinson21D(C)ColombiaNon Eu4.5
Süle, Niklas21D(C)GermanyEU4.5
Retsos, Panagiotis18D(RLC)GreeceEU4
Diallo, Abdou21D(LC)FranceEU4
Gomez, Joe20D(RLC)EnglandEU4.5
de Ligt, Matthijs17D(C), DMHollandEU4.5
Christensen, Andreas21D(C), DM, M(C)DenmarkEU4.5
Lucas21D(LC), WB(L)FranceEU4.5
Jedvaj, Tin21D(RLC), WB(R)CroatiaEU4
Dias, Rúben20D(C)PortugalEU4
Núñez, Unai20D(RC)SpainEU4
Pavard, Benjamin21D(RC)FranceEU4.5
Tah, Jonathan21D(RC)GermanyEU4.5
Uduokhai, Felix19DCGermanyEU4
Vallejo, Jesús20DCSpainEU4.5
Kimpembe, Presnel21DCFranceEU4.5
Baumgartl, Timo21DCGermanyEU4
Mammana, Emanuel21DCArgentinaNon EU4
Holding, Rob21DCEnglandEU4


Best FM 18 Wonderkids: Best Defensive Midfielders


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EUFMS Rating
Diawara, Amadou20DM, M(C)GuineaNon Eu4.5
Weigl, Julian21DM, M(C)GermanyEU4
Neves, Rúben20DM, M(C)PortugalEU4.5
Torreira, Lucas21DM, M(C)UruguayNon Eu4
Rodri21DM, M(C)SpainEU4
Thiago Maia20DMBrazilNon Eu4.5
Zakaria, Denis20DM, M(C)SwitzerlandEU4
Ndidi, Wilfred20D(C), DM, M(C)NigeriaNon Eu4.5
Ascacibar, Santiago20DM, M(C)ArgentinaNon Eu4
Douglas Luiz19DM, M(C)BrazilNon Eu3.5
Ndombele, Tanguy20DM, M(C)FranceEU4
Tousart, Lucas20DM, M(C)FranceEU3.5
Danilo21DM, M(C)BrazilNon Eu4
Geiger, Dennis19DM, M(C)GermanyEU3.5
Valverde, Federico19DM, M(C)UruguayNon Eu4.5
Mandragora, Rolando20D(C), DM, M(C)ItalyEU3.5
Rodrigues, Pedro20DMPortugalEU4
Pires, Rui19DM, M(C)PortugalEU3.5
Gomes, Claudio17DMFranceEU4.5


Best FM 2018 Wonderkids: Best Central Midfielders


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EUFMS Rating
Ascacibar, Santiago20DM, M(C)ArgentinaNon EU4
Arthur20DM,M/AM(C)BrazilNon EU5
Winks, Harry21M(C)EnglandEU4
Cook, Lewis20DM, M(C)EnglandEU4.5
Zakaria, Denis20DM, M(C)SwitzerlandEU4
Bentancur, Rodrigo20DM, M(C)UruguayNon EU4.5
Pellegrini, Lorenzo21M(C)ItalyEU4.5
Pineda, Orbelín21M/AM(C)MéxicoNon EU4
Horta, André20M(C), AM(LC)PortugalEU4
Ceballos, Dani20M/AM(C)SpainEU4.5
Kessié, Franck20DM, M(C)Ivory CoastNon EU4.5
Tielemans, Youri20DM, M/AM(C)BelgiumEU4.5
Holbjerg, Pierre-Emile21DM, M/AM(C)DenmarkEU4
Barella, Nicolo20M/AM(C)ItalyEU4.5
Jankto, Jakub21M/AM(LC)Czech RepublicEU4
Sanches, Renato19DM, M/AM(C)PortugalEU4.5
Golovin, Alexandr21DM, M(C), AM(LC)RussiaNon EU4
Soler, Carlos20DM, M(RC)SpainEU4.5
Merino, Mikel21DM, M(C)SpainEU4
Sergio Gómez16M/AM(LC)SpainEU4.5
Ndombele, Tanguy20DM, M(C)FranceEU4
Wendel19DM, M(C)BrazilNon EU4
Meyer, Maximilian21DM, M/AM(C)GermanyEU4
Weigl, Julian21DM, M(C)GermanyEU4
Dahoud, Mahmoud21DM, M(C)GermanyEU4


Best FM 18 Wonderkids: Best Central Attacking Midfielders


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EUFMS Rating
Krovinovic, Filip21M(C), AM(RC)CroatiaEU4
D'Amico, Felice16AM(RLC), ST(C)ItalyEU4.5
Kovalenko, Victor21M/AM(C)UkraineEU4
Félix, Joao17M(C), AM(RLC)PortugalEU4.5
Harit, Amine20M/AM(LC)Morocco4
Amiri, Nadiem20M(RL), AM(RLC)GermanyEU4.5
Havertz, Kai18M/AM(RC)GermanyEU4.5
Reynoso, Emanuel21M(C), AM(RLC)Argentina4
Asensio, Marco21M/AM(RLC)SpainEU4.5
Ceballos, Dani20M/AM(C)SpainEU4.5
Fornals, Pablo21DM, M/AM(C)SpainEU4
Lemar, Thomas21DM, M/AM(C)FranceEU4,5
Lo Celso, Giovani21M(L), AM(RLC)Argentina4.5
Pereira, Andreas21M/AM(RLC)Brazil/BelgiumEU4
Alli, Dele21M(C), AM(RLC)EnglandEU4,5
Palmer, Kasey20M(C), AM(RLC)EnglandEU4


Best FM 2018 Wonderkids: Best Right Midfielders / Best Right Wingers


NameAgePositionNationEU/WPFMS Rating
Dembélé, Ousmane20M(RL), AM(RLC)FranceEU5
Bailey, Leon19M/AM(RL)Jamaica4.5
Zivkovic, Andrija21AM(RLC)SerbiaEU4.5
Chiesa, Federico19M(R), AM(RL)ItalyEU4.5
Pulisic, Christian18M(RL), AM(RLC)USAEU4
Traoré, Bertrand21M/AM(RL), ST(C)Burkina FasoEU4
Pavón, Cristian21AM(RL)ArgentinaEU4
Lazaro, Valentino21M/AM(RL)AustriaEU4
Orsolini, Riccardo20AM(RL), ST(C)ItalyEU4.6
Mbappé, Kylian18AM(RL), ST(C)FranceEU5


Best FM 2018 Wonderkids: Best Left Midfielders / Best Left Wingers


NameAgePositionNationEU/non EUFMS Rating
Rodrygo16AM(L), ST(C)Brazil4.5
Guedes, Gonçalo20M/AM(RL), ST(C)PortugalEU4.5
Sané, Leroy21M(RL), AM(RLC)Germany4.5
Success, Isaac21M/AM(L), ST(C)Nigeria4
Richarilson20AM(RL), ST(C)BrazilEU4
Iwobi, Alex21AM(RLC)Nigeria4
Sancho, Jadon17M/AM (RL)EnglandEU4.5
Zivkovic, Andrija21AM(RLC)SerbiaEU4.5
Lemar, Thomas21M(L), AM(RLC)FranceEU4,5
Brandt, Julian21M(RL, AM(RLC)GermanyEU4,5
Coman, Kingsley21M(RL), AM(RLC)FranceEU4,5
Boschilia21M(RL), AM(RLC)Brazil4.5


Best FM 18 Wonderkids: Best Strikers


NameAgePositionNationEU/Non EUFMS Rating
Hernández, Juan18AM(C), ST(C)ColombiaNon/EU4.5
Isak, Alexander17ST(C)SwedenEU4.5
Jovic, Luka19ST(C)Bosnia & HerzegovinaNon/EU4
Martínez, Lautaro19ST(C)ArgentinaNon/EU4.5
Mbappé, Kylian18AM(RL), ST(C)FranceEU5
Morelos, Alfredo21ST(C)ColombiaNon/EU4
Munir21AM(RL), ST(C)SpainEU4
Pedro, Rui19ST(C)PortugalEU4
Peñaranda, Adalberto20AM(L), ST(C)VenezuelaEU4
Pinamonti, Andrea18ST(C)ItalyEU4.5
Rashford, Marcus19AM(L), ST(C)EnglandEU4.5
Sanabria, Antonio, 21ST(C)ParaguayEU4.5
Schick, Patrik21AM(RC), ST(C)Czech RepublicEU4
Silva, André21ST(C)PortugalEU4.5
Simeone, Giovanni21ST(C)ArgentinaEU4.5
Success, Isaac21M/AM(L), ST(C)NigeriaNon/EU4
Werner, Timo21M/AM(L), ST(C)GermanyEU4.5
Woodburn, Ben17AM(LC), ST(C)WalesEU4.5


We hope you find this list helpful, and we dedicate it to some of the all-time favorite wonderkids of all time……..……     )

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