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What The New UEFA License Will Mean For FM 23

What The New UEFA License Will Mean For FM23 

The latest iteration of Football Manager, which will be released on 8 November 2022, is eagerly anticipated, perhaps more so than ever before.  

The excitement surrounding its launch date is perhaps mostly due to the fact that not only will it include a raft of exciting new features but it will now also boast UEFA Club competitions.  

This significant addition is the result of the game-changing (quite literally) deal that was inked with UEFA earlier in 2022, which has resulted in an intensive collaboration between the Association and the FM23 developers.  

Attention To Detail 

As the creators of FM23 have revealed, the introduction of the UEFA license has led to a slew of alterations to the game’s format, some of them minor, some of them significant.  

However, each change, no matter how small, has been designed to contribute to the authenticity of the experience, as FM23 strives to recreate the atmosphere of UEFA Club Competitions. This means that everything from the podiums and balls to the pre-match line-ups and scoreboard graphics will resemble those seen when real-life UEFA matches are being aired on TV. Similarly, the walkout scenes and music will channel the genuine scenes and music that game players would expect to see in the footage of real-world teams as they emerge onto the pitch.  

When it comes to kits, the teams that have deals with Sports Interactive – such as Manchester City – will even have their real-world kits featured in the game. However, players can also install various kit packs with the options they prefer. Many FM fans purchase football shirts and retro football shirts representing the teams they play with to help build a connection. You could go a step further with this and purchase genuine retro football shirts from Classic Football Kit to showcase the history of the team you’re managing to enhance your experience.  

New And Improved Cup Draws 

Perhaps one of the most popular new features that will be included in FM23 is the cup draws, which have been entirely overhauled, with the goal being to create as realistic and “immersive” an experience as possible.  

The process has also been personalised for each football manager playing the game. At the appointed time, they will receive inbox messages that contain the results of polls taken of their fan base, indicating which teams they are hoping to see their favourite club vie against.  

Once the big moment arrives and it’s time to click the ‘Start Draw’ button, football managers will be shown a screen featuring the branding of the competition they are entered into. This screen will include fan commentary and information on the teams taking part. It will also provide managers with the chance to click on a pop-up representation of all of the teams that will be competing, offering a crucial opportunity to weigh up their opponents and begin honing a strategy.  

What The Future Holds For Football Manager  

Looking to the not-too-distant future, the creators of Football Manager have revealed that they are already poised to incorporate future changes to UEFA Club Competitions, to try and ensure that the game remains as lifelike as possible. This committed approach is perhaps one of the main reasons why the Football Manager game has risen to become such a cult classic.  

Women’s football will be coming eventually. It will help to generate a wider audience for real-world football; something which SI studio director Miles Jacobson has previously stated would be “fantastic”. This addition will undoubtedly transform the game’s landscape forever and will potentially attract many new female players.  


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