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Top 100 Best FM 2015 Free Players

The best free players in FM 2015 in a downloadable shortlist.

top 100 FM 2015 free players feature

We all love freebies and for most of us searching for free players is the first thing we do when starting a new Football Manager save. That’s what I did and the result is this downloadable shortlist which contains the 100 best FM 2015 free players. You can see the list below and you can also download the shortlist and then import it into your own game.

The table below is interactive, which means you can sort players by name, wage demands, rating, position or nationality. The rating is a numerical value out of 10, I determined that value according to the player’s current ability (for established players) or a combination of current and potential ability for young players.

I have also tried to sign each of these 100 players just to determine how much they would want in wages. However, you might be able to get better deals if you negotiate with them thoroughly. It’s also worth mentioning that you might not be able to find all these players in your game, depending on the leagues you load. When scouting them I was playing a save with England, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil loaded as playable and a large database.

So, here are the 100 best FM 2015 free players:

Player namePositionNationalityAgeWage demandsAbility Rating
Víctor ValdésGKESP32£8.55M p/a8.50
DuylioDM/MCBRA22£325K p/a6.90
Felipe NapolitanoSTBRA19£49K p/a6.90
Dani AranzubiaGKESP34£738K p/a6.90
Marco EstradaDMCHI31£700K p/a6.85
FábioMC/AMCBRA21£155K p/a6.85
Houssine KharjaDM/MC/AMCMAR31£738K p/a6.80
DiogoAMCBRA20£145K p/a6.80
Pablo AimarAMCARG34£413K p/a6.75
Juan Cruz CareagaMR/AMRCARG21£90K p/a6.75
Italo MeloAMC/MC/AMRBRA21£250K p/a6.70
Andriy VoroninAMC/STUKR34£1.25M p/a6.65
LucasDR/WBRBRA26£1.1M p/a6.65
EzequielML/AMRLCESP23£913K p/a6.62
Miroslav StevanovicMRL/AMRLBIH23£775K p/a6.60
Landry N'GuemoDM/MCCMR28£838K p/a6.60
Anthony RéveillèreDRL/WBRFRA34£463K p/a6.60
Piotr TrochowskiMLC/AMRLCGER30£950K p/a6.60
Cristian CampestriniGKARG34£638K p/a6.55
Jonathan ZebinaDCFRA35£300K p/a6.55
John MensahDCGHA31£563K p/a6.55
EdílsonDR/WBR/DM/MCBRA27£888K p/a6.50
Youssef MohamadDCLIB34£363K p/a6.50
Younis MahmoudSTIRQ31£700K p/a6.50
Cristian BaroniDM/MC/AMCBRA31£725K p/a6.50
Marc BertránDR/WBRESP32£413K p/a6.50
André DiasDCBRA35£313K p/a6.50
MasoudAMLCIRN30£425K p/a6.45
Yassine El GhanassyAMRLBEL23£800K p/a6.45
André LimaSTBRA29£875K p/a6.40
Tomasz KuszczakGKPOL32£525K p/a6.40
Bănel NicoliţăMR/AMRROU29£763K p/a6.40
Wout BramaDM/MRCNED27£488K p/a6.40
JumarDL/DM/MCBRA28£888K p/a6.35
Achille EmanaDM/MC/AMCCMR32£550K p/a6.35
Gustavo ColmanDM/MC/AMCARG29£763K p/a6.35
Daniele PortanovaDCITA35£275K p/a6.35
William GallasDCFRA36£400K p/a6.30
Denis StracqualursiSTARG26£538K p/a6.30
Christian LellDRC/WBRGER29£725K p/a6.30
SimãoMRL/AMRLPOR34£463K p/a6.25
Rudy MaterDR/WBR/MRFRA34£275K p/a6.25
Sotiris NinisMC/AMRCGRE24£650K p/a6.25
Mourad MeghniMC/AMRCALG30£650K p/a6.25
Dudu CearenseDM/MCBRA31£625K p/a6.25
Costin LazărDM/MCROU33£563K p/a6.25
Mahamadou DiarraDM/MCMLI33£413K p/a6.25
Joseph YoboDCNGA33£450K p/a6.25
BolívarDCBRA33£400K p/a6.20
Júlio CésarDL/WBL/MLBRA32£425K p/a6.20
ZelãoDCBRA29£700K p/a6.20
Marco DonadelDM/MCITA31£663K p/a6.15
David SaugetDRL/WBRLFRA34£263K p/a6.15
Chaouki Ben SaadaAMRLCTUN30£463K p/a6.15
Roland LinzSTAUT32£625K p/a6.15
Cristian SapunaruDR/WBRROU30£725K p/a6.15
Leandro EuzébioDCBRA33£488K p/a6.15
Innocent EmegharaSTSUI25£850K p/a6.15
Branko BoskovicMLC/AMLCMNE34£400K p/a6.10
NanoDL/WBL/ML/AMLESP32£625K p/a6.10
Gaby MudingayiDM/MCBEL32£550K p/a6.10
Anthony GardnerDCENG33£775K p/a6.10
Marco AmeliaGKITA32£650K p/a6.10
IlanSTBRA33£350K p/a6.10
Túlio de MeloSTBRA29£625K p/a6.10
Abdoulaye FayeDC/DM/MCSEN36£210K p/a6.10
Alou DiarraDC/DMFRA32£650K p/a6.10
Pablo BarzolaDRL/WBRLARG30£425K p/a6.10
Kwame QuansahDM/MCGHA31£575K p/a6.05
AlessandroAMC/STBRA32£538K p/a6.05
AlêDM/MCBRA28£838K p/a6.05
Bojan JorgacevicGKSRB32£463K p/a6.05
Gérson MagrãoDL/WBL/ML/AMLCBRA29£725K p/a6.05
Michaël ChrétienDR/WBRMAR29£713K p/a6.00
Randall AzofeifaDM/MCCRC29£450K p/a6.00
VicenteMRLC/AMRLCESP32£588K p/a6.00
Carlos MarchenaDC/DMESP34£475K p/a6.00
Jermaine PennantMR/AMRENG31£1.67M p/a6.00
Mikele LeigertwoodDM/MCATG31£588K p/a6.00
Andrea DossenaDL/WBL/MLITA32£550K p/a6.00
Danijel LjubojaAMC/STSRB35£200K p/a6.00
Per KrøldrupDCDEN34£325K p/a6.00
Chidi OdiahDR/WBR/MRNGA30£575K p/a6.00
Felipe SeymourDM/MRCCHI26£850K p/a6.00
Pablo AlvarezDRL/WBRLARG30£650K p/a6.00
Lucas MarequeDL/WBLARG31£363K p/a6.00
Alberto RodríguezDC/SWPER30£638K p/a6.00
Christian TiffertDM/MC/AMRCGER32£638K p/a6.00
Demy de ZeeuwDM/MCNED31£488K p/a6.00
Javier CamuńasAMLCESP33£500K p/a6.00
Igor GabilondoML/AMLESP35£200K p/a6.00
Carlos ArandaSTESP33£588K p/a6.00
IrineyDM/MCBRA33£513K p/a6.00
Kaspars GorkssDCLVA32£838K p/a6.00
Márton FülöpGKHUN31£500K p/a6.00
Zurab KhizanishviliDCGEO32£463K p/a6.00
El-Hadji DioufMR/AMRLSEN33£488K p/a6.00
Reto ZieglerDL/WBL/MLSUI28£825K p/a6.00
Mathieu BédaDCFRA32£400K p/a6.00
MaranhãoAML/STBRA30£425K p/a6.00

Download the best FM 2015 free players shortlist by clicking the download button below:

FM 2014 Download

Alternative link

Please note: If you want to share this download on your website you will have to link back to this page, hosting the file elsewhere is not allowed! 

How to install the best FM 2015 free players shortlist

1. Put the downloaded file in this folder: Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > shortlists. If the “shortlists” folder doesn’t exist you will have to create it.

2. Start your game and go to shortlists – click ‘scouting’ on the sidebar, then ‘shortlist’ within the top tabs. Click the small arrow pointing down just above the player list screen on the far right.

3. Select “load shortlist” from the menu and then select the respective file.

That’s about it, enjoy! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more FM 2015 goodies!

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