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Romanian FM 2012 Story, Season 15: The Final Chapter

The time has come to wrap up my Football Manager 2012 story, this is the last episode of a 15-season journey that has taken Viitorul Constanta from the Romanian Second League to the top of the European charts. As you remember from the previous episode we were on course for another good season, at least domestically, as we were dominating the league once again. But I also wanted some more Champions League glory…

Well, that wasn’t the case, unfortunately. We went past Sevilla in the first round but then we got FC Bayern and they really outplayed us in both legs, something I haven’t seen in quite a while. It seems that Bayern had managed to assemble a pretty good team as they went all the way to the final where they got defeated by Inter. I guess it’s a disappointing exit but you can’t win them all, especially with a Romanian club…

The same can not be said about the Romanian Cup, we won that once again even though we had a pretty tough time in the second leg of the semi final.

As for the league, you remember that I wanted to win all 34 games after getting straight victories in the opening 18 matches… Well, that didn’t happen either as we were held to a draw in the very first match after the winter break. Then we went on to win the remaining 15 matches though.

We won the league one last time and by a landslide margin, with a goal scoring ratio just above 3.5 goals per match.

It was a sensational season for Manoel, the legendary striker bagged 30 goals in 34 appearances and also provided 24 assists. Jed Mitchel-King also did a great job with his 30 goals while veteran Rastislav Benko also contributed 21 goals.

However, all those numbers don’t matter when you don’t win the Champions League, so we moved back into second spot in the European club rankings.

There was just one challenge remaining in my career: getting Manoel to score at least 50 goals for the national team. He had 48 at the end of 2025 and I’m pleased to report that he managed to hit the target in each of the two friendly games that Romania had in 2026. :)

Manoel is by far the best player this club ever had. The overall best eleven shows that he has a massive record: 240 goals in 383 appearances for the club, by far the man with the most apps and goals for the club.

In my view five players were absolutely essential to the club’s progress:

Manoel – joined the club on a free transfer from Santos

Rastislav Benko – joined the club for a measly 350K

Dramane Sow – joined the club on a free transfer

Georgica Dicu – one of my most expensive early signings, 3.5 mil

Benko and Manoel are also listed in the club information panel as legend, along with myself :)

Strangely my manager profile shows that I prefer a 4-4-2 formation. I don’t know where they got that, since I have always used the 4-3-3 tactic in this game.

And now a bit of history, the past winners of all the competitions in which we have taken part:

Romanian First League – won 13 in a row

Romanian Cup – won 12 in a row

Romanian Super Cup – won 13 in a row

Europa League – won in 2018, runners-up in 2021

Champions League – won in 2023 and 2025, runners-up in 2024

UEFA Super Cup – won in 2023 and 2025, runners-up in 2018

Club World Championship – won in 2023 and 2025

There you have it, 15 seasons and 26 days, 11 hours and 13 minutes of actual game play. Thanks a lot for following this journey, I have enjoyed it very much and I hope you liked it at least as much as I did. If you have any screen shot requests, don’t be afraid to ask :)

Moreover, if you want to have a bit of fun with my save before FM 2013, you can download it from here and see the mighty Viitorul in action on your PC :)


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Ivo Knežević

End of an era, amazing Johnny!
One of the best stories I’ve ever read.

I’m looking forward to your FM13 story, also with viitorul?


One of the best stories I’ve read this season. You have done a great job with your club, I remember your first post in which you gave us a lot of information about the club, the owner of it and it’s youth programme. After 15 season’s you managed to make the club a powerful force in Europe as well as in Romania.

Well Done!


Hi Johnny

As always you’ve provided us the readers, with some classic entertainment and you’ve once again done a magnificent job in guiding a team from the lower depths to European glory though more importantly elevating Viitorul Constanta and Romania in the European coefficents.

Great job!

Gaurav Chaddah

I remember many months back reading your first post on Hagi and everything and what you have done is brilliant.

This was a brilliant read mate, really well done glad you done what you set out to do and good luck for FM13!

Can’t wait for your stories to return!

Karl Deighton

Well Johnny, it’s been an amazing ride.

I remember back when you began the story, how far you have come since then!

I’m gonna downlaod the save, I probably won’t play any matches but I’m extremely interested to see the best players on you game.

Well done

Karl Deighton

On the save now, man your team is awesome.

Reckon my San Marino team could give them a run for their money though :D


I think it would be fair to say you have been sucsessful! A really good story and cant wait for your FM 13 Story!

Darren Smith

Truly is the end of an era in more ways than one, but a good end all the same. Winning so many trophies and stamping your mark in Europe certainly left a joyful legacy. But for me it was the legacy of the players that committed to the club and you to them that made the real difference. Well done Johnny.

Bill Okpalor

Nice Achievement well done


I can’t really add much except for the fact that pretty much everyone has been sucked into this story like some sort of addict and I must say: best drug ever! It’s been an incredible adventure and a joy to read, only problem is that you may have set the standard too high for your next story :)

Malhar Bhadbhade

It was a really great story Johnny, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Still can’t believe you got a team from the second division of Romania to world domination. That is unheard of. I haven’t seen anyone, anywhere come anywhere close to that achievement. So congrats! Any thoughts formulating in your mind as to what the FM13 story is going to be? Anyway, farewell until FM13 comes out I guess! Cheers! :D

Niels Theis Bendtsen

Not to dilute Johnnys achievements at all butik there som sinus achievements on there SI forums as well and on tur forums.

Malhar Bhadbhade

Yeah, true that..haha did get a bit carried away, I must admit. But great story this was nonetheless. Looking forward to future ones.


A great story, Johhny and clearly one of the most successful spells you’ve had, since bringing the Champions League trophy to a Romanian team is one of the toughest things to do in FM. A game of legend and I am really happy to see that you had such an amazing career!


End of an era there Johnny! Your time at Vittorul was really successful, and this is one of the toughest challenges in FM. You managed to get them to win the Champions League twice with them. Great job Johnny.

Tegar Triemanudigdo

End of the era! I can;t wait for your next chapter in FM 2013!

P.S: I might try your save game there.

Victor Baluta

A very good story which had a lot of epic moments. :) I liked the way you presented it, especially when you won your first Champions League and made that very exciting live post.

I really like what you do with the website and the forum and I am sure that this is one of the most helpful FM-related sites that exists.

I have two questions for you: Are you going to make a story for FM 2013?
Have you ever thought to re-sign from them and go on holiday for a few seasons and then make a small post of what they achieved in these years?


As usual, highest standard in terms of relating your stories and playing achievements. Wonderful wonderful career. I guess Darren was right. Never remember you stick with same batch of players for such a long time. I am waiting to see what surprise you have for us in FM13.


Epic story Johnny! Thoroughly enjoyed every update :)


You can be massively proud of what you’ve achieved, complete domestic domination for the last 12 seasons, and eventually became a force in Europe. The Europa League and two Champions League trophies tell the story of just how far you managed to take the club. To do it from a league with as low a reputation as you did, was also quite something.

I don’t know how the preferred tactic is worked out, but it rarely seems to be right. I’ve been using a wide diamond for the last few seasons, but the game says I use a narrow diamond 4-4-2, which I’ve never used. There’s a programmer at SI who surely needs to wake up and smell the coffee. ;)

It will be interesting to see who the club does in real life, whether they can work their way to being a force in Romanian football.


15 seasons of pure brilliance here, Manoel’s story is the most touching one, I thought he was a goner for a while with all his injuries but you stuck with him through thick and thin and have been rewarded with some great performances from him (and he even turned out for Romania in the end :P)

Hope to see more great stories from you Johnny in FM2013!


Good story this year again Johnny
Looking forward to your story next year :)


Sad to see it finally end :(

The end to the Vauxhall story was sadder, but this was still an amazing journey.

Ana Garcia

I must say I enjoyed this story more than most for numerous reason the first being it is outside of the big European nations most play in which I find more enjoyable to read but more so as its your league if you will the football you have grown up watching and supporting.

That for me made this story that extra bit special knowing how much Romanian football means to you then bringing that enthusiasm and passion to us which showed and we also have learned about another league which is always nice I think.

Success for me isn’t that important even if you had won nothing the story still would have been fantastic but of course success helps you carry on I guess! :)

Am sad to see it it end, but like you said that’s life and we don’t have too long to wait for your next one! As a writer I can appreciate how much time and effort goes into a story like this so thanks for sharing Johnny and hopefully you can think of new idea for the arrival of the new game.


First of johnny congratulations on a fantastic career on .fm12. Really looking forward to next year’s story already. Secondly after enjoying yours and all the other great stories on the site I have found myself inspired. So much so that I would love .ro write a story for your site next year well once .fm13 is released anyway. So I was wondering if a this would b possible and b if so how I would go about it.

Thanks for your time.



thanks very much for that I will do that johnny cheers

Kacper Kowalczyk

Enjoyed reading this :) Good job :)

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