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Highest Transfer Budgets in FM22 | Richest Clubs in Football Manager

Do you want money to spend in Football Manager 2022? We have the list of the highest transfer budgets in FM22.

Covid-19 has changed the football landscape. Money has tightened, especially in FM21 and FM 2022, so starting a save with money can be key if you want instant success in FM22.

Let’s peak behind the curtain and use the Pre-game editor to sort the clubs in the world with the highest transfer budgets in FM22.

Transfer Budgets in FM 2022

Perhaps you want to save up for approaching Kylian Mbappe for free in the summer of 2022, or trying to put together an offer for Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland. Whatever your goal, you need money and leverage.

Knowing which clubs start with the highest transfer budgets in FM22, gives you an advantage, and with knowledge is power. Transfer power.

All of the clubs on this list have a minimum of £10 million to spend, and there’s no surprise the newly rich Newcastle United have the highest transfer budget in FM 2022.

You could even take some of these clubs, take a bag of cash to some of the World’s smaller teams and buy one or two Wonderkids from our list of over 600 players. Just try not to spend it all in the one shop.

Highest Transfer Budgets in FM22

The list below states which clubs have the highest FM 2022 transfer budgets. We have included every team with 10 million or more to spend, and then added their overall balance to the table.

Find the best FM 2022 players:

Football Manager 2022 Highest Transfer Budgets

ClubTransfer Budget (£)Balance (£)
Newcastle United200,000,000250,000,000
Manchester City100,000,00070,600,000
Real Madrid51,300,20894,050,376
Paris Saint-Germain38.475,156230,901,376
Shakhtar Donetsk34,200,13650,358,216
Manchester United30,000,000230,000,000
Bayern Munich25,650,104299,251,200
Dynamo Moscow21,3750867,399,491
Athletic Bilbao21,375,08618,810,076
Wolverhampton Wanderers20,000,00019,700,000
Aston Villa20,000,0006,000,000
Red Bull Salzburg17,100,06829,419,814
RB Leipzig17,100,06848,307,696
Olympique Lyonnais17,100,06875,601,968
Brighton & Hove Albion15,000,00015,000,000
Tottenham Hotspur15,000,000357,000,000
Lille OSC14,535,05813,385,934
Atalanta B.C13,680,05521,802,588
Atlanta United FC13,308,95728,776,122
S.S.C Napoli13,252,55325,650,104
OGC Nice12,825,05229.018,816
Stade Rennes12,825,05242,016,580
AS Monaco12,825,052116,670,352
Olympique de Marseille12,825,05242,753,592
Villarreal CF12,825,05218,810,076
SS Lazio12,397,55022,230,090
Dalian Yifang11,130,18527,825,464
Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors11,000,00010,000,000
A.S. Roma10.260,04121,375,086
Norwich City10,000,00011,300,000
Leeds United10,000,00047,400,000
Leicester City10,000,00013,800,000

Every year we test countless tactics and review the very best. For FM22 these systems will be ranked and listed within our tactics index linked below.

BEST FM22 Tactics Index

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