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Football Manager Stories Podcast – Episode Six

Hey guys and welcome to our sixth Football Manager Stories Podcast. We are back to talk about Football Manager 2013 in great detail and analyse how the EPL is shaping up in real life. This is still of course an ongoing feature for the community and all the FMS Podcast’s will be available in the tab near the top of this site, through iTunes and in each episode post, but we’ll go into more detail in a minute. Let me start by introducing episode six.

Hosts: Darren Smith and Jake Lenahan. 

Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes

Content: We’ll be going into great detail on FM13, discussing the new features and how they will effect the game. Then its onto real life football as we analyse Liverpool’s start to the season and Mancini’s persistence with 3 at the back. Darren will try to catch up in the quiz and we’ll answer some of your questions from episode five.

Want to listen to episode six of the FMS Podcast? Its simple, just click the play button below!

If you don’t have time to listen right now and would rather listen through your iPod on the way to work or school, why not subscribe to our RSS feed, its simple and takes seconds…all you need is iTunes and to click this link here. That will direct you to our iTunes page where you can find all the episodes and subscribe through iTunes on your computer. Please note Episode 6 has just been uploaded so iTunes will need a little time to get everything updated, therefore the download may not be available straight away.

Alternatively just go to iTunes on your iPhone/iPod/iPad then find the podcast section and search for Football Manager Story Podcast, the download will be available there.

As always we are happy to hear your thoughts, so if you have a specific question you’d like answering in the next Podcast, just leave a comment below. Not all the questions can be featured and only a handful will be chosen, we’ll basically pick the ones that we feel the other listeners will find interesting.

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Nick Sundin
8 years ago

I love you guys! You keep me going through the drudge of year 11 :)

8 years ago

No more compliments to give you guys apart from top-class as usual. Thanks for answering my questions.
I agree with the whole Brendan Rodgers thing, you saw it last week when they gave the ball away twice from a goal kick inside 7 minutes against Stoke. The defenders don’t look like proper passers, Gerrard isn’t playing at his best, and something just isn’t clicking. More joy for non Liverpool fans though :). By the way it was Bale who also dived last Sunday, just as pathetic as Suarez. First against Villa, then against Scotland for Bale. I think Bale dives just as much as Suarez, but the media want to protect the image that “British players don’t dive” so they protect him from the social bashing. Which leads me nicely onto my next question:
Do either of you think retrospective punishment should be introduced for diving or will it just make matters more complicated?
Thanks for another great hour (and five minutes) and get well soon Jake.

ryan daly
ryan daly
8 years ago

Well this was a pleasant surprise, brightened up my boring dreary Sunday :D
I am so excited for the game. I am like a child on Christmas eve, every thing sounds amazing !

I don’t have a question as such, i would just like to hear your first impressions of the game :)

another great one guys :)

Bill Okpalor
8 years ago

Nice podcast

Thales De Mattos Oliveira

Will there be any guests on the podcast on the future? By the way, I love the quiz!

Johnny Karp
8 years ago

Jake, you can’t do a podcast with that voice mate! :P
Just kidding, I really enjoyed it :)
Oh, and I’m looking forward to your challenges on network mode, I’ll try to keep the score lines decent against friends :)

Johnny Karp
8 years ago
Reply to  Darren Smith

Should be quick on Steam, they handle even more popular and demanding games.

Gaurav Chaddah
Gaurav Chaddah
8 years ago

As usual an excellent listen guys, well worth the time, really interesting views again, brilliant! :D

As far as Suarez is concerned that dive was abysmal, really stupid and I agree with you Darren on that and I also just don’t like because of his diving and the whole racism row with Evra.

I do however go to the point where you said you are starting to prefer Baines over Cole but I think Cole does what Baines does. He has the ability and proves it doing forward taking on the wingers and getting the ball into the box, his goal the other week against Stoke City proved that but that is your opinion.

I also have a question for the next episode: Have you guys ever played FIFA and do you think it’s better than FM?

Again great episode :)

8 years ago

Great listen again.

Saurez is one of those players, loads of talent, but his attitude is terrible. That has to be one of the worst pieces of acting I’ve seen in a long time. Going down easily when contact is made, is one thing, but to make such a pathetic attempt to con the referee is crazy. The more he does it, the less likely he is to get penalty decisions given one is deserved.

In FM it really annoys me when one of my players make a ludicrous dive, and have always wished there was some way you tell them off for being an idiot. That way you might be able to influence them not to do it. Had two players booked in one game, when we already had a comfortable lead.

Nick Sundin
8 years ago

Question for both of you, how do think the interface of FM13 compares to 12? IMO 12 was far easier to understand, especially the sub menu (i.e. on the player screen, selecting profile info attributes etc.) being on the left rather than top-right of the screen. I think it’s rubbish this year, and it’s forcing me to split playing time between the two.

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