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Football Manager: Best Tips Ahead Of A New Season

The Football Manager series continues to be a huge hit, with the makers of the game recently confirming that its 2019 edition topped two million sales on all platforms for the first time ever.

The rise in popularity of FM 19 is a reflection of how seriously Esports are being taken around the world, with prize pools in competitions surpassing $30 million, and Esports being included as a medal sport in the 2019 Southeast Asia games. Betting on Esports is also on the rise, with Betway’s dedicated Esport page – – providing a guide to betting opportunities around Esport competitions for avid fans and punters.

Esports is a great avenue for fans to enjoy participating in their favourite sports in a novel way, and with the release of FM 2020 expected later this year, fans can expect the usual raft of enhancements and new features to justify investing in another edition of the globally-popular game.

Like all games, the possibility of a new outcome is what fuels our desire to play again. Much like other Esports where anyone can win on their day, a new game on Football Manager brings with it the hope of a tangible level of success and perhaps even silverware.

Read on as we bring you our best tips ahead of a new Premier League season, where many Football Manager fans are likely to rekindle their love for the franchise by launching new games.

Pick your team wisely

The FM series is a game that rewards people who work their way up the footballing ladder rather than those who set off at the top of the profession.

Bookmakers like Betway make clubs like Manchester City big favourites to win the Premier League, but with very good reason.

As a novice manager, it is unrealistic to expect to oust Pep Guardiola from the Etihad Stadium hot-seat and replicate his success.

If you’re insistent on starting in the Premier League, scroll through the latest Betway odds to find a club a little lower down the table where you will have a bit more time to build your reputation.

Alternatively, check out some of the ‘sleeping giants’ in the Championship or League 1 and task yourself with reviving their fortunes.

Utilise your staff

When you start a new game one of the first things you should do is review your current staff and determine if there are better alternatives on the market.

In the Premier League there is likely to be a fairly established team of backroom staff, but don’t be afraid to make changes if someone doesn’t fit with your particular playing style.

It is feasible to make savings on salary by searching for up-and-coming coaches from lower down the scale with similar attributes to those already at the club.

Make sure you build up a solid scouting network, as this will help you identify players who could potentially improve your squad and lead to bookmakers like Betway cutting your title odds.

Once you’ve got your backroom staff in place, assign them to the roles you’ve brought them in to do – they are there to support you and save you from doing every job yourself.

Exercise caution with club finances

Buying and selling players is one of the most exciting parts of the game, but it is important to manage your budget wisely throughout your managerial career.

If your club’s bank balance is in the red, it is highly unlikely that you will be given a decent percentage of the funds if you transfer a player.

Negotiating staff contracts and haggling with agents is a key part of the game and will help you keep the club’s finances on track.

Prudency in the transfer market and successfully working the loan market to your advantage can be the difference between bringing in the extra player you need to make a real difference to your squad.

Laying some simple foundations during the early part of the game can provide the platform you need to grow as a manager and will soon have your teams featuring prominently in Betway’s betting markets.

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