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Football Manager 2014 announced, see the new features in FM14!

Finally, FM14 is getting closer and closer! A few minutes ago Sports Interactive have announced the release of Football Manager 2014, but, as usual, with no specific release date yet. All we know is that it will be, as always, before Christmas. Let’s see some of the new features in FM14 and also some “work in progress” screen shots of the new game, kindly provided by SI. FM 2014

Play FM14 on Linux

The game will be available for Linux platforms for the first time. It will also include ‘cloud-save’ technology which means that you can now have access to a single career from any computer, anywhere in the world.

FM14 Improved Match Engine

The 3D match engine will be improved, including enhanced AI, improved lighting and player animation, individual player character and kit models, more realistic player reaction to on-field incident. They say it will be the best and fastest FM Match Engine yet.

FM14 Tactical overhaul

They have redesigned the way how tactics are created, selected and implemented with player roles and team strategies becoming even more important. There will be definable roles for players for multiple positions, new player roles and instructions and improvements to rival managers’ AI.

FM 14 Realistic transfers and contracts

Football Manager 2014 will also feature a revamped transfer module, with a more realistic approach from clubs and managers when making or responding to transfer offers. Some new ‘real world’ transfer clauses have been added, such as loaning a player back to the club he’s just been bought from and the option to offer a combination of cash and loan players, as well as new contract clauses such as a sub bench appearance fee. There will also be a new ‘live’ system when negotiating transfers, similar to that used in the contract negotiations.

More sophisticated board interaction in FM14

Managers and boards can now make demands and lay down their respective visions for the club in both initial job interviews and contract renewal discussions. Managers can also attempt to renegotiate transfer and wage budgets as a reward for staying loyal.

Improved interaction with players, staff and media

Members of the coaching staff now offer feedback on how reserve and youth team players are performing. Managers can also ask key players to have a chat with unhappy squad members. There will also be an end-of-season meeting allows the manager to let the squad know how they have performed and set targets for the coming season.

News system

There will be an overhauled news system, colour-coded, based on category, and with more detail. For instance scout reports now appear as a single news item with a top-line report on all players scouted and the facility to shortlist or make an offer for each of these players.

Better user interface

The training overview page has been redesigned, as well as the the transfer centre and the news homepage.

Football Manager Classic

You can now choose more than three playable nations in Classic mode. FM’s ‘fast play’ mode now includes Transfer Deadline Day, a Match Plan wizard and new unlockables.

FM14 Screen Shots

Remember that you can win one of three free FM14 activation codes on release day in our giveaway, take your chance here!

You can also pre-order FM14 from our games store, the price is just £32.54, and if you pre-order now you will get access to the beta version of the game two weeks before the official release!


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Edd the Red
Edd the Red

Words really cannot describe my joy for this, hoping for the best game yet (which in my mind was FM12). They say the match engine has been improved so I’m hoping for less of those stupid goalkeeping decisions and headers straight to an opposition forward. The thing I’m most curious about so far is the tactical overhaul, could prove to be very interesting.

Ryan Daly
Ryan Daly

I’m kind of hoping that the layout/interface is just the FM13 one in the screenshots because they don’t want to give anything away. I always like a slight change in the layout to make it feel new or refreshing.

The in depth tactics looks great, an awful lost more life like by the looks of it !

Most importantly though, the new match engine, hopefully no more silly mistakes or predictable things that happen every match !

Miles 'Uni' Smith

As I thought, this year they are focussing on improving existing features rather than having a huge overhaul as they did last year. I think it’s a good idea. Super excited for the new game although it is still Months away!


I hope that transfers are a bit easier. It seems like it’s impossible for me to have my transfers for hot younger players resemble anything close to real life. In-game teams refuse my request for players to come in on anything less than an absurdly high fee!


I hope there’s a better tactic assistant to help out: for example, a system that warns you about flaws on your tactic and how to solve them :)

Really nice site!!


I am so excited for this! Improved transfers and board and team interactions were what I wished for and they’re delivering on exactly this

pedro roriz
pedro roriz

i read somewhere that there are still lots of improvements that weren´t released to the public as of yet and also that milles will deliver them news as the release date approaches.
i like the idea of investing energy in the current features instead of revamping everything, however both match engine and youth caring should be improved. as it is, at present you can only invest “money” and on a feeder club to have better youth players coming through your ranks and that is just not real. there are lots of details that shouldn´t be too difficult to improve regarding that matter.

also, making it easier to share databases with the community should give a whole new way of sharing experiences.

looking forward to it!


And so the excitement starts…..


Liking the look of the new tactical instructions. New tactical roles too, wonder what will be introduced? I reckon false nine will be one at least.


Why is the Euro version 8,50 euros more expensive?


[…] the way, FM14 was just announced and you can pre-order the game from us to get access to the beta version two weeks before the full […]

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