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FM 2017 Patch 17.2.0 Released

First major patch for Football Manager 2017 is out, version 17.2.0 brings quite a few improvements and fixes to the game. All you have to do is start Steam and the update process should start automatically.

Here’s a list of the most important changes:

Stability and Performance
– Fixed rare instances of crash on continue
– Fixed lag when browsing inbox


– Fixed issue in Austrian leagues which prevented staff in certain roles from being appointed
– Adjusted German players willingness to move clubs
– Fixed issue where players asked to be removed from the transfer list, but were not
– Adjusted payments received for players they had offered out on loan
– Adjusted likelihood of user in charge of an international team being offered club role
– Fixed rare examples of players complaining about being left out of continental squads for rounds they are unavailable for
– Fixed incorrect strings on promise panel related to different context promises to accept bids for players
– Fixed rare contradictory inbox items regarding promises not being met
– Added unhappiness reason to list of players supporting/against a manager in group unhappiness meetings
– Fixed rare example of a player not becoming happy again after playing more following a first team football unhappiness
– Improved AI squad building in salary cap leagues
– Fixed issue where user couldn’t postpone game due to large number of international call ups in MLS
– Fixed hotseat issue where holidaying one manager past a match, also continued the other manager past their match
– Fixed issue where user cannot add players/confirm squad for national U23s
– Fixed issue where user is incorrectly asked about facing newly appointed manager
– Fixed various issues with records
– Fixed derby question appearing for non-derbies
– Fixed various odds issues
– Adjusted effect of training intensity on injuries
– Fixed examples of league enforced stadium upgrades going wrong
– Improved Tottenham’s attendances when switching grounds


Match AI

– Improved implementation of Inverted Wing Back role
– Fixed shots which were also free kicks not displaying as Set Pieces on chalkboard
– Fixed rare case of match getting stuck after ball is thrown out of play
– Fixed example of a player clearing rather than throwing
– Improved mentality of teams down to 10 players
– Fixed issue where injured players from AI teams sometimes don’t get substituted when injured during a goal
– Fixed ball going through ad-hoardings
– Fixed issue with the match incident thinking the pen shootout goal was own goal
– Fixed rare issue with player being treated on side line being used for offside decisions
– Fixed inability to alter closing down setting for certain role/duty combinations
– Improved instance of referee and carded player not facing each other
– Fixed rare instance of dribbling past opponent commentary being used inappropriately
– Fixed instances of player incorrectly being considered to have made a mistake
– Fixed rare instance of inappropriate commentary for a free kick
– Fixed instances of player being considered to have performed a dribble too soon after controlling the ball
– Fixed instance where we would skip to dead time before a red card occurred
– Fixed ghost goal example
– Fixed deflections not being accounted for properly
– Fixed keeper handling and judgement bugs
– Improved outfield player judgement of ball AI
– Made keeper use strongest side for throw outs where possible
– Fixed a handball mistake/chalkboard event being assigned to a goalkeeper who was inside their own area
– Improved distance a player can be offside for a disallowed goal to be deemed “controversial”
– Fixed keeper bug where he could deflect it in same slice as save causing own goal
– Fixed subs being subbed off too early in case of a red card
– Improved instances where Key Passes were not recorded
– Fixed issue with assistant manager not following user’s instructions when user holidays match and ticks use formation + use current team when possible


– Improvements to stadium appearances
– Adjusted Grass/Synthetic pitches to appear in same way as standard grass pitches
– Fixed issue with substituted player appearing sat on the field rather than on the bench
– Fixed issue with player who has been subbed on to the field briefly appearing to be wearing tracksuit rather than playing kit
– Fixed issue with players not wearing long sleeve shirts/under layers
– Fixed issue where linesman flag would flash in the centre circle


User Interface
– Fixed manager profile reverting to default setup
– Various cosmetic fixes to the light skin
– Fixed issue on conversation history panel which prevented users from scrolling through previous chats
– Fixed issue with match formation widget not updating when players swapped


– Fixed rare issue where certain leagues wouldn’t schedule after season turnover
– Fixed issue with Bulgarian league playoff
– Fixed Chinese league registration rules
– Fixed Home/Away games imbalance after Scottish Premier League split
– Fixed French Ligue 1 prize money
– Fixed loaned in players not being able to play in Swiss Cup
– Fixed issue with regionalisation in Swedish Second Division
– Fixed Betfred Cup prize money
– Fixed Israeli Toto Cup schedule and teams in correct groups
– Correct Belgian clubs now qualify for European competitions
– Improved scheduling for Belgian, Russian and Ukrainian clubs in European competitions
– Fixed issue where we were not taking the strongest line up for Portuguese Cup Competitions


In-Game Editor
– Fixed issue when editing person who had Manager or Asst Manager attributes
– Fixed issue editing players with fog of war active including changing preferred foot
– Fixed loans not showing in player history


Pre-Game Editor
– Fixed new season not being scheduled when using a valid German lower league Editor file
– Fixed issue verifying advanced rules in languages other than English
– Fixed various crashes and errors on files submitted to us
– Fixed editing nation tax rules
– Fixed some issues with editing club continental rules
– Fixed a few issues to do with kit editing
– Fixed issue where large files could cause a freeze during game set up
– Fixed real results extracting incorrectly
– Fixed crash editing rivalries
– Fixed a few nations which were set up incorrectly in basic rules
– Fixed instances of seasons not scheduling in files submitted to us
– Fixed issue with certain files failing verification checks incorrectly
– Fixed several issues with implementing a salary cap in leagues
– Fixed issue with League Championship Playoff end dates
– Fixed transfer window changes not extracting to the game correctly


Network Games
– Disabled non-admins from being able to remove clients from network games
– Fixed issue whereby users sometimes couldn’t view replays

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