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FM 2016 Winter Transfer Update out Now

FM 2016 patch

The Winter Transfer Update for Football Manager 2016 is finally here, also known as Patch 16.3. Along with the updated player and staff transfers, the update also brings a series of match engine tweaks and fixes plus various other improvements to the game.

Here’s a list of the changes:

— Updated ‘Winter Transfer Window’ database included

— Fixed crash on Linux when using multiple monitors
— Fixed rare crash during processing
— Fixed rare crash with Dutch league play-off match
— Fixed rare crash with Belgian European Play-off match

— Stop keepers punching the ball when making a save from a penalty
— Prevent a player from taking a throw in from behind the goal line
— Give more time at the end of the match when a team wins a competition
— Fixed missing commentary for competition win at the end of a shootout
— Fixed throw in issue which caused dead time

— Fixed ‘Potential’ and ‘Ability’ filters showing incorrect players on Scouting page
— Fixed use of Match Analysis time bar during a match
— Fixed code showing in calendar when using Greek language
— Fixed rare issue where no conversation options presented when interacting with homesick player
— Fixed rare warning popup when interacting with player
— Fixed player faces sometimes appearing blue on Competition Stats panels after a match

— Fixed issue where user was not asked to name their Copa Sudamericana squad
— Fixed issues with removing players from the Disabled List in MLS
— Fixed incorrect generation of Under 19 teams in MLS
— Fixed rare instances of User not being able to participate in the MLS Superdraft
— Improved AI squad building and Designated Player signing in MLS
— Fixed issue where Yellow Cards in Brazillian leagues were incorrectly counted towards Brazilian Cup suspensions

— Fixed issue where some nations would start qualifying campaigns without a manager in place
— Fixed instance of sacked manager remaining in role
— Fixed instances of players not being removed from the transfer list after the player has requested to be removed
— Fixed instance of staff rejecting transfer offers for user’s player despite not being instructed to do so
— Improved manager hirings in leagues that have been activated via the editor
— Improved the retention of goalkeepers by the AI throughout different squads
— Improved AI transfer & contract negotiations
— Fixed issue where Individual training for players returning from loan could be forgotten

— Improving effectiveness of Positional Training
— Fix for Allow Rest Before/After Match re-selecting itself
— Fix for Position/Role field returning blank

— Improved long term board confidence to update club expectations
— Fixed issue where multiple ëBoard return feeder club verdictí news items were generated into the users inbox

— Fixed various crashes on specific Editor files
— Fixed specific instances of competitions not scheduling correctly in edit files
— Improved several error messages to be more helpful

— Fixed issue with background kit not updating quickly enough to show the change when edited

— Fixed match score divergence between PC & Mac
— Fixed Must Respond timer issues
— Fixed Break Request issues

— Fixed rare example of save game failing to load
— Fixed rare crash accessing in-match Tactics screen
— Fixed rare crash with Dutch league play-off match
— Fixed rare crash with Belgian European Play-off match
— Fixed rare crash with Italian Serie C playoff match
— Fixed Belgian Pro League fixtures not being scheduled in second season
— Fixed user being able to take control of Reserve teams
— Prevented job adverts for coaches and physios for national teams
— Removed age restrictions from Swiss Reserve Teams
— Ensured Austrian Premier Divisions enter into Reserve Competitions

— Fixed issue where imported teams use incorrect badge

— Fixed reserve and youth teams not using the correct create a club kit colouurs
— Fixed issue where a created player could be cup tied indefinitely.

— Fixed issue where Design a Son could be applied when cancelling

— Fixed issue where Create a Club team names would be used instead of the userís club that earned the score

— Improvements to Steam controller functionality

As always, you will need to start a new save in order to use the updated database. Enjoy the game!

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