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FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack

FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack small

FM 2016 will be a lot more enjoyable for you after you add these graphics, you will have all the real Premier League team logos, competition logos, team kits and also almost all the player and staff faces for Premier League clubs!

The FM 2016 Premier League graphics pack contains the following:

  • All Premier League club logos
  • All Premier League club kits
  • Competition logos (Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League and several other international competitions)
  • 910 player and staff faces, kindly offered by our friends at DF 11 Facepacks (*this is still work in progress, so watch out for their FM 2016 Megapack coming in November with thousands of player and staff faces)

Here’s how these goodies will look in your FM 2016 game (make sure you download and install our FM 2016 Real Names Fix as well):

FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack faces kits FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack faces logos FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack faces FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack logos

Download FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack

Download the file by clicking the image below:

FM 2014 Download

Please note: If you want to share this download on your website you will have to link back to this page, do not host the file elsewhere or post the direct download link! Thanks. 

How to install the FM 2016 Premier League Graphics Pack

1. After downloading the file you have to extract it to Documents > Sport Interactive > Football Manager 2016 > graphics. If the “graphics” folder does not exist you will have to create it.
2. In the game click “Preferences”, then “Interface”, then “Clear cache”. Activate the setting saying “Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences”. Then click “Reload skin” and the graphics should appear in your game.

Enjoy the game and make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more FM 2016 goodies! Also give our friends at DF 11 Facepacks a like, they deserve it!

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6 years ago

I posted this to your FB page, but perhaps this is a better place. After installing, my game keeps crashing. Has anyone else reported this? Thanks.

Johnny Karp
6 years ago
Reply to  ToonForever

Sorry, haven’t noticed the FB comment. The game crashing shouldn’t have anything to do with installing this graphics pack, it works fine on my game and nobody else reported any issues. But if you think it’s because of this you can easily delete the graphics pack and see if things get back to normal.

6 years ago
Reply to  Johnny Karp

Thanks – I’ll try that. I don’t know that it has anything to do with it, but since that was the last thing I did, I thought I’d ask :) I’ll let you know if it ends up seeming related.

5 years ago

Where are the instructions for Linux?

Johnny Karp
5 years ago
Reply to  Glen

Basically the same thing, just that your user data folder should be somewhere like /home/documents/Sports Interactive/FM2016/graphics

Ryan H
Ryan H
5 years ago

Sorry if I appear abit slow here, I’ve just got the game. Could you help with instructions to do this for MAC?

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