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FM 2016 Player Profile – Fabio Castellano

FM16 player profile, Fabio Castellano, image

Fabio Castellano

Age: 17

Position: MC/AMC/ML/AML

Role: deep lying playmaker / advanced playmaker / central midfielder

Club: Atalanta

Nationality: Italian

Value: £71K

Price tag: £900K (patch 16.3)

CA: 80 / PA: -8 (between 130-160)

Fabio Castellano profile in 2015 (after starting new game, 16.3)

FM16 player profile, Fabio Castellano, 2015 profile

Fabio Castellano profile aged 25 in the year 2023

FM16 player profile, Fabio Castellano, 2023 profile

Fabio Castellano career history until 2023

FM16 player profile, Fabio Castellano, history

This FM 2016 player profile of Fabio Castellano shows a midfielder with the ability to score from set plays and pick up a nice number of assists. Starting the game with low CA he can take some time to develop and doesn’t hold the best flexible PA but if maxed out Castellano becomes a great playmaker with technique, passing, flair and a great set piece. If you can get the Castellano from my test save above he is well worth £900K, Lyon and Atalanta enjoyed his ability in front of goal and from the middle.


Check out the screen shots below, sent by Depe, showing Fabio Castellano’s progress in his FM 16 save:



Did this player develop better in your FM 2016 save? Share a screen shot of his future profile with us by uploading the file below! (please include your name/nickname in the file name)


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