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FM 2016 Competitions Preview: Spain

Spanish competitions in FM 16

FM16 competitions preview spain

Hi guys, today we are going to show you a preview of the competitional system from Spain. Introduced in the late 19th century by a combination of mostly British immigrant workers, visiting sailors and Spanish students coming from Britain, football in Spain has been dominated throughout the years by the two rival clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, who share no less than 55 titles between them. The matches between the two clubs, “El Clasico”, are one of the most viewed sports events in the world.

Top League & Continental Winners

La Liga: Real Madrid (32), Barcelona (23), Atletico Madrid (10), Athletic Bilbao (8), Valencia (6), Real Sociedad (2), Deportivo La Coruña, Sevilla and Real Betis (1).

UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid (1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1966, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2014) and Barcelona (1992, 2006, 2009, 2011, 2015). UEFA Europa League: Sevilla (2006, 2007, 2014, 2015), Real Madrid (1985, 1986), Atletico Madrid (2010, 2012) and Valencia (2004).

Tier I: Liga BBVA

  • 38 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum of 3 non-EU players
  • Match Rules: Players signed on free transfer can be registered at any time
  • Continental Qualification: 4 places for CL, 3 places for EL
  • Relegation: Bottom 3 teams are relegated

The Primera División (First Division) of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP), commonly known in English as La Liga, is the top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system. It is officially named Liga BBVA (BBVA League) for sponsorship reasons. It is contested by 20 teams, with the three lowest placed teams relegated to the Segunda División and replaced by the top two teams in that division plus the winner of a play-off.

Liga BBVA Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinanceEst. ValueTransferExpectations
FC Barcelona2,25CL99394ExcellentTopSecure*£1,1B (192M)£17,14MWinners
Real Madrid2,25CL80354State of artExcellentRich£1B (149M)£14,28MWinners
Atletico9CL54851SuperbGreatRich£417M (182M)£3,57MQualify for CL
Sevilla17CL45500SuperbGreatRich£241M (10,75M)£21,42MQualify for CL
Valencia21CL55000ImpressiveGreatRich£336M (172M)£8,57MQualify for CL
Ath. Bilbao41EL53332ExcellentSuperbRich£168M (11,75M)£2,14MQualify for EL
Villarreal41EL25000ImpressiveGreatSecure£131M (12,5M)£1,42MQualify for EL
Real Sociedad41-32000ExcellentSuperbSecure£123M (29,5M)£2,14MTop half
Celta Vigo51-31800GoodGoodSecure£126M (1,1M)£714KTop half
Malaga101-28963GoodGoodSecure£44,5M (11M)£714KMid-table
Espanyol101-40000ExcellentSuperbSecure£52M (40,5M)£0Mid-table
Real Betis151(p)52500ImpressiveGoodSecure£61M£2,36MMid-table
Levante151-25354ImpressiveGreatSecure£49M (19M)£0Mid-table
Rayo Val.201-14708GoodGoodOkay£23,5M (7,5M)£0Mid-table
Deportivo501-34611GoodAverageSecure£27,5M (47M)£0Mid-table
Eibar2001-6300AverageAverageSecure£13M£571KAvoid releg.
Sp. Gijon2001(p)25885SuperbGreatSecure£20,5M (15,25M)£185KAvoid releg.
Las Palmas2001(p)32000AverageAverageSecure£23M (6,75M)£260KAvoid releg.
Getafe5001-17700GoodAverageSecure£24,5M (12,5M)£0Avoid releg.

Tier II: Liga Adelante

  • 42 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum of 2 non-EU players
  • Match Rules: Players signed on free transfer can be registered at any time
  • Promotion: 2 teams promoted, 4 teams qualify for playoffs
  • Relegation: Bottom 4 teams are relegated

The Segunda División (Second Division) (also named Liga Adelante for sponsorship reasons) is the second-highest division overall in the Spanish football league system after the Liga BBVA. As of 2010-11 the league contains 22 teams that play each other home and away for a 42 match season. Each year three teams are promoted to La Liga. The top two teams earn an automatic promotion. The third team to be promoted is the winner of a play-off between the next four best qualified teams in positions 3 through 6 (reserve teams are not eligible for promotion). The bottom four are relegated to Segunda División B.

Liga Adelante Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinanceEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Zaragoza11-34700AveragePoorInsecure£10,25M (50M)£0Playoffs
Mallorca17-23142GoodAverageOkay£12,25M (11M)£0Top half
Numancia17-9025SuperbBelow avgOkay£5M£0Top half
Elche21(r)34000ImpressiveGoodOkay£24,5M (10M)£0Top half
Alcorcon21-5400AverageBelow avgOkay£4,7M£37KTop half
Lugo21-7500BasicBelow avgOkay£3,7M£0Top half
Real Oviedo26(p)30000ImpressiveAverageOkay£7,5M (7,75M)£71KTop half
Osasuna26-19800ImpressiveGoodOkay£14,75M (17,25M)£357KTop half
Ponferradina26-8400AdequateBelow avgOkay£4,4M£0Top half
Alaves26-19200AverageAdequateOkay£6,75M£0Top half
Girona26-9286GoodBelow avgOkay£4,6M£56KTop half
Albacete34-16551GoodGoodOkay£7,5M (3,2M)£11KTop half
Tenerife34-23660GoodAverageOkay£9M (7,75M)£93KTop half
Llagostera41-500Below avgPoorOkay£3M£13KAvoid releg.
Mirandes41-4886AdequateBelow avgOkay£2,8M£0Avoid releg.
Nastic41(p)16600AverageBelow avgOkay£4,7M£0Avoid releg.
Huesca51(p)5000Below avgBelow avgOkay£2,2M£0Avoid releg.
Bilbao "B"51(p)2250ExcellentSuperbOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Valladolid101-26512ImpressiveGoodOkay£8,5M (21,5M)£0Avoid releg.

Tier III: Segunda Division B

  • 42 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum 2 goalkeepers in the team; maximum team size of 22 players
  • Match Rules: Players signed on free transfer can be registered at any time
  • Promotion: Top 4 teams from each group qualify for playoffs
  • Relegation: Bottom 4 teams from each group are relegated, 16th place relegation playoffs

Segunda División B is the third level of the Spanish football league system. It includes the reserve teams of several La Liga and Segunda División teams. Currently it features 80 teams divided into 4 groups of 20. The top four teams from each group, 16 teams in total, qualify for play-offs to determine four teams to win promotion. However reserve teams are only eligible for promotion if their senior team is in the Primera División. Top five teams from each group and best two teams regardless of group outside the previous twenty, excluding reserve teams, also qualify for the following seasons Copa del Rey. The bottom four teams in each league are relegated. Also, the four 16th-placed teams enter into a relegation playoff to determine the two teams to be relegated.

Segunda Division B Clubs [B1, B2, B3, B4] (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinanceEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Racing7(r)22124ImpressiveGreatOkay£8,25M (6,5M)£56KWinners
Ferrol1712042AdequateBelow AvgOkay£2,5M£9KPlayoffs
UD Logrones2116000GoodAdequateOkay£3,6M£60KPlayoffs
Sporting B343000SuperbGreatOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Compostela4114000Below AvgBasicOkay£1,1M£0Top half
Coruxo411500PoorBasicOkay£400K£0Top half
Celta B414500GoodGoodOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Burgos4112200AdequateBelow AvgOkay£1,5M£0Mid-table
Pontevedra51(p)12000AdequateBelow AvgOkay£1,4M (350K)£0Mid-table
Tudelano5111000Below AvgPoorOkay£825K£0Mid-table
Lealtad513000Below AvgBelow AvgOkay£475K£0Mid-table
Valladolid B81500ImpressiveGoodOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
At. Astorga812000AveragePoorOkay£800K£26KAvoid releg.
Cacereno819000GoodPoorOkay£825K£0Avoid releg.
Arandina101(p)5000AdequatePoorOkay£625K£0Avoid releg.
Izarra151(p)3500Below AvgBelow AvgOkay£300K£0Avoid releg.
Pena Sport301(p)2500AdequateBasicOkay£300K£0Avoid releg.
Castilla "B"68400State of artExcellentOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Sestao River417000BasicBasicOkay£850K£0Top half
Sociedad B412500ExcellentSuperbOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Getafe B415000GoodAverageOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Socuellamos412000PoorBasicOkay£700K£0Top half
Barakaldo418000AdequateAdequateOkay£1,3M (325K)£0Top half
Real Union414600AdequateAdequateOkay£975K£0Top half
Amorebieta412500PoorBasicOkay£325K£0Top half
Fuenlabrada412500AdequatePoorOkay£825K£0Top half
Guadalajara415000AveragePoorOkay£1,3M£42KTop half
La Roda513000PoorBelow AvgOkay£700K£5KMid-table
Ebro51(p)1220Below AvgPoorOkay£1,1M£46KAvoid releg.
Leloa512000BasicPoorOkay£400K£0Avoid releg.
Portugalete81(p)3000GoodBasicOkay£425K£0Avoid releg.
Majadahonda81(p)3865GoodPoorOkay£525K£0Avoid releg.
Talavera101(p)4000PoorBasicOkay£500K£0Avoid releg.
Arenas Club151(p)1200PoorPoorOkay£240K£0Avoid releg.
Mensajero151(p)6000AdequateAdequateOkay£650K£5KAvoid releg.
Gernika201(p)2500AdequateBelow AvgOkay£425K£0Avoid releg.
Barcelona B13(r)15276ExcellentTopOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Hercules1729500ImpressiveAdequateOkay£7,5M (12,25M)£61KPlayoffs
Huracan Val.263200PoorBasicOkay£900K£5KPlayoffs
Villarreal B341500ImpressiveGreatOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Alcoyano345000AveragePoorOkay£1,6M£0Top half
Reus345000GoodPoorOkay£900K£0Top half
CE Sabadell34(r)11981AdequatePoorOkay£2M£0Top half
Mestalla "B"414000ImpressiveGreatOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
At. Baleares413000Below AvgBelow AvgOkay£975K£0Top half
L. Esportiu4113500PoorAdequateOkay£1,7M£7KTop half
Espanyol B511500ExcellentSuperbOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Ol. Xativa513600PoorBasicOkay£550K£0Avoid releg.
Olot81500PoorBasicOkay£550K£0Avoid releg.
Levante "B"81(p)2500ImpressiveGreatOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Cornella811500AdequatePoorOkay£650K£0Avoid releg.
Hospitalet1016740GoodBelow AvgOkay£925K£0Avoid releg.
Eldense1014036Below AvgBelow AvgOkay£575K£0Avoid releg.
Badalona1011000AdequateAdequateOkay£525K£0Avoid releg.
Llosetense151(p)1500PoorBasicOkay£475K£0Avoid releg.
Mafumet "B"151(p)300AverageBelow AvgOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Recreativo11(r)19860ImpressiveAdequateOkay£4,6M (4M)£129KPlayoffs
Murcia1533045GoodAverageOkay£8M (10,5M)£0Playoffs
Cadiz1725033ImpressiveGoodOkay£4,9M (4,7M)£0Playoffs
Cartagena2616000GoodBelow AvgOkay£2,6M£0Top half
UCAM3416823Below AvgBelow AvgOkay£2,4M£0Top half
Jaen4112569Below AvgAdequateOkay£2,3M£20KTop half
Granada B4123000ImpressiveGoodOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Linense4115000Below AvgBasicOkay£1,5M£7KTop half
Sevilla "B"515100SuperbGreatOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
La Hoya518064PoorBasicOkay£1,1M£0Mid-table
Almeria B5112000ImpressiveAdequateOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Melilla5112000BasicBelow AvgOkay£1,1M£0Mid-table
Merida AD51(p)14600AverageBasicOkay£1,8M£0Mid-table
Real Betis B812500ImpressiveGoodOkay£0£0Avoid releg.
Villanovense815000PoorBasicOkay£500K (16K)£0Avoid releg.
Linares101(p)10000PoorBasicOkay£1M£0Avoid releg.
San Roque1013500PoorPoorOkay£500K£0Avoid releg.
Jumilla101(p)3000PoorBasicOkay£350K£0Avoid releg.
Algeciras151(p)9000Below AvgBasicOkay£775K£0Avoid releg.

The Cups

  • Copa del Rey – knockout tournament open to all clubs
  • Spanish Federation Cup – knockout tournament open to clubs from Segunda División B (Tier III) and below
  • Spanish Super Cup – single match between the Liga BBVA champions and Copa del Rey winners

Next time we’ll take a quick look at some other playable nations in the game. Below are some of the conventions I took in order to show more information in a compact view in the tables. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. Happy managing!

Table Conventions

  • Under INT – CL, EL = Europe during first season / (p) = promoted club / (r) = relegated club
  • Under Finance – asterisk sign (*) = club is under transfer embargo due to breach of financial regulations
  • Under Estimated Value – loan debt is shown in parenthesis ().

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