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FM 2016 Competitions Preview: Italy

FM 2016 Italian competitions guide.

FM16 competitions preview Italy

Hi guys, today we are going to show you a preview of the competitional system from Italy. The nation’s top domestic league, the Serie A, is one of the most popular professional sports leagues in the world and it is often depicted as the most tactical national football league. Serie A hosts three of the world’s most famous clubs as Juventus, Milan and Inter, all founding members of the G-14, a group which represented the largest and most prestigious European football clubs.

The modern variation of the game was brought to Italy during the 1880s. The title of the first Italian football club is a controversial one, the most commonly cited in popular history is Genoa Cricket and Football Club who were formed as a cricket club to represent England abroad, founded by Englishmen in 1893. However, evidence exists to suggest that the first club may have been from Turin. Edoardo Bosio, a merchant worker in the British textile industry had visited England and experienced the game. He returned to Turin in 1887 and was motivated to help spread football in his homeland so he founded Torino Football and Cricket Club during the same year.

Top League & Continental Winners

Serie A: Juventus (31), AC Milan and Inter (18), Genoa (9), Torino, Bologna, Pro Vercelli (7), AS Roma (3), Lazio, Fiorentina and Napoli (2), Cagliari, Casale, Novese, Verona and Sampdoria (1).

UEFA Champions League: AC Milan (1963, 1969, 1989, 1990, 1994, 2003, 2007), Inter (1964, 1965, 2010) and Juventus (1985, 1996). UEFA Europa League: Juventus (1977, 1990, 1993), Inter (1991, 1994, 1998), AC Parma (1995, 1999) and Napoli (1989).

Tier I: Serie A TIM

  • 38 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum team size of 25 players
  • Match Rules: Maximum 2 non-EU players signed from abroad per season
  • Continental Qualification: 3 places for CL, 3 places for EL
  • Relegation: Bottom 3 teams are relegated

Serie A, also called Serie A TIM due to sponsorship by Telecom Italia, is a professional league competition for football clubs located at the top of the Italian football league system and has been operating for over eighty years since the 1929–30 season. For most of Serie A’s history there were 16 or 18 clubs competing at the top level; however, since 2004–05 there have been 20 clubs altogether.

Serie A TIM Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Juventus2,50CL41475ExcellentExcellentRich£532M (134M)£14,2MWinners
AC Milan11-80018ExcellentSuperbOkay£675M (170M)£6,4MQualify for EL
AS Roma13CL70634ExcellentSuperbRich£283M (125M)£9,2MQualify for EL
Napoli15EL60240SuperbGoodRich£334M (18,25M)£10MQualify for EL
Inter15-80018ExcellentSuperbRich£260M (151M)£7,1MQualify for EL
Lazio26CL70634ExcellentGreatRich£235M (58M)£6MQualify for EL
Fiorentina34EL43147ImpressiveGreatRich£164M (22M)£7,8MQualify for EL
Sampdoria51EL36599ExcellentGreatSecure£31,5M (3,4M)£3,2MTop half
Udinese51-19763ImpressiveGreatSecure£61M (16M)£3,5MTop half
Genoa81-36599SuperbGoodSecure£79M (46,5M)£5MMid-table
Palermo101-36349GoodGoodSecure£65M (9,75M)£4,2MMid-table
Verona101-39211GoodAverageSecure£33,5M (16M)£2,1MMid-table
Sassuolo151-21584AdequateAverageSecure£47M (14,75M)£6MMid-table
Atalanta151-24726SuperbSuperbSecure£40,5M (25M)£2,8MMid-table
Chievo201-39211ImpressiveGoodSecure£25M (33M)£1,7MMid-table
Bologna501(p)36462SuperbGoodSecure£34,5M (29M)£3,5MAvoid releg.
Empoli1001-16284AdequateGoodSecure£20M (5,25M)£2,1MAvoid releg.
Carpi2001(p)21092AdequatePoorSecure£14,75M (3,4M)£1,2MAvoid releg.
Frosinone2001(p)9563AdequateAverageSecure£12M (3,6M)£1MAvoid releg.

Tier II: Serie B

  • 42 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum of 20 Over-21 players
  • Match Rules: Teams are not allowed to sign non-EU players from abroad
  • Promotion: 3 teams promoted (if more than 9 points between 3rd and 4th), 2 teams otherwise
  • Relegation: Bottom 4 teams are relegated (3 if fewer than 5 points between 18th and 19th)

Serie B, currently named Serie B due to sponsorship reasons, is the second-highest division in the Italian football league system after the Serie A. Serie B was composed of 20 teams until the 2002–03 season. It was enlarged to 24 teams for the 2003–04 season due to legal problems relating to Calcio Catania relegation. The league reverted to 22 teams for the 2004–05 season, while Serie A expanded from 18 to 20 teams.

Serie B Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Cagliari3(r)16003GoodGoodSecure£34,5M (17,7M)£1MWinners
Cesena13(r)23860ImpressiveGoodSecure£22M (13,5M)£428KTop half
Spezia17-10336AverageAverageOkay£8,75M£535KTop half
Bari21-58270AverageAverageOkay£9,75M (4,7M)£714KTop half
Pescara21-20486GoodGoodOkay£6,5M (8,5M)£535KTop half
Perugia26-23625GoodAverageOkay£8,5M£571KTop half
Modena34-21092AdequateAdequateOkay£5M£357KTop half
Vicenza34-12124ImpressiveAverageOkay£4M£178KTop half
Latina34-7191Below AvgPoorOkay£4,4M£428KTop half
Livorno34-19238ImpressiveAdequateOkay£10M (6M)£571KTop half
Salernitana41(p)31300AverageBelow AvgOkay£4,9M£357KMid-table
Brescia41-27547ImpressiveGoodInsecure£7M (22,5M)£285KMid-table
Ternana41-17460GoodBelow AvgOkay£4,5M£357KMid-table
Crotone41-9547GoodBelow AvgOkay£3,8M£321KMid-table
Virtus Entella51-5500Below AvgAdequateOkay£3M£500KAvoid releg.
Pro Vercelli51-5500GoodAverageOkay£4,3M£285KAvoid releg.
Como81(p)13602AverageBelow AvgOkay£2,4M£214KAvoid releg.
Ascoli81(p)20550GoodAdequateOkay£3,1M£143KAvoid releg.

Penalties: Novara (-2)

Tier III: Lega Pro Serie C

  • 34 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Teams are not allowed to sign non-EU players from abroad
  • Match Rules: Players signed on free transfer can be registered at any time
  • Promotion: Top team from each group promoted, teams placed 2nd-4th qualify for playoffs
  • Relegation: Bottom team from each group is relegated, teams placed 14th-17th go into playout

Lega Pro is the governing body that runs the eponymous third highest football division in Italy. It also included the sole professional club of San Marino until the club were relegated in 2015. The league is composed by 60 teams, divided geographically in three groups of 20 each, and will promote four teams to Serie B (three group winners, plus one coming from a promotion playoff involving the three group runners-up), and nine relegations to Serie D: last-placed teams from each group will go down directly, whereas teams between 14th and 17th place will play a relegation playoff.

Lega Pro Serie C Clubs [A, B, C] (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Pavia21-3999AverageBelow AvgOkay£2,8M£143KPlayoffs
Cremonese34-20034SuperbGoodOkay£5,5M£107KTop half
Reggiana34-21584AverageBelow AvgOkay£1,5M£50KTop half
Bassano34-2902AdequatePoorOkay£1,2M£71KTop half
FeralpiSalo41-2364Below AvgPoorOkay£850K£57KTop half
Mantova41-14884GoodAdequateOkay£2,7M£35KTop half
Giana Er.41-3766PoorBelow AvgOkay£1,1M£21KTop half
Alto Adige51-4041GoodAdequateOkay£1,2M£57KMid-table
Pro Piacenza81-21668AverageBasicOkay£525K£21KMid-table
Lumezzane81-4004GoodBelow AvgOkay£775K£50KAvoid releg.
Renate101-2500AdequateAdequateOkay£875K£35KAvoid releg.
Cuneo151(p)4060AdequateBelow AvgOkay£550K£21KAvoid releg.
Pro Patria201-4627AdequatePoorOkay£750K£28KAvoid releg.
Spal21-19000AdequateBelow AvgOkay£2,5M£42KPlayoffs
Ancona41-23976AverageAdequateOkay£2,9M£50KTop half
L'Aquila41-6700AdequatePoorOkay£950K£42KTop half
Maceratese41(p)9000Below AvgBasicOkay£750K£14KTop half
Lupa Roma41-2544PoorAdequateOkay£525K£28KTop half
Carrarese41-9500Below AvgPoorOkay£1,2M£50KTop half
Tuttocuoio41-4014PoorPoorOkay£600K£28KTop half
Pontedera41-4014AveragePoorOkay£850K£21KTop half
Siena41(p)15373GoodAverageInsecure£4,3M (47M)£57KTop half
Lucchese41-11523AdequateBelow AvgOkay£1,3M£35KTop half
Rimini41(p)9768AdequateAdequateOkay£1,3M£25KTop half
Arezzo51-13128AdequateBelow AvgOkay£1,3M£21KMid-table
Teramo51-7498AdequateBelow AvgOkay£1,3M£128KMid-table
Prato101-4084AdequatePoorOkay£950K£42KAvoid releg.
Santarcangelo151-2610BasicPoorOkay£525K£35KAvoid releg.
Savona501-20000AveragePoorOkay£1,6M£28KAvoid releg.
Lecce11-33876ImpressiveGoodOkay£4,9M (3,6M)£214KWinners
Benevento21-12587AdequateBelow AvgOkay£2,4M£142KPlayoffs
Foggia34-25085Below AvgBelow AvgOkay£3,7M£71KTop half
Matera34-7490PoorBelow AvgOkay£1,8M£35KTop half
Casertana34-12000AdequatePoorOkay£2,1M£28KTop half
Juve Stabia34-12800AdequateBelow AvgOkay£2,1M£107KTop half
Catania41(r)20104SuperbAverageOkay£11M (26M)£321KTop half
Catanzaro41-14650GoodAdequateOkay£2,2M£107KTop half
Martina Fr.51-3976AdequatePoorOkay£825K£57KMid-table
Cosenza51-24479GoodBelow AvgOkay£2,6M£35KMid-table
Paganese81-5093AdequatePoorOkay£1,1M£64KAvoid releg.
Messina101-38722AveragePoorOkay£1,9M£107KAvoid releg.
Ischia101-5000Below AvgPoorOkay£950K£10KAvoid releg.
Lupa Castelli101(p)4125PoorBasicOkay£350K£14KAvoid releg.
Monopoli151(p)6880Below AvgBasicOkay£675K£14KAvoid releg.
Melfi151-4100BasicPoorOkay£700K£7KAvoid releg.

Penalties: L’Aquila, Benevento and Martina (-1), Matera (-2), Ischia (-4), Teramo (-6), Savona and Catania (-11)

The Cups

  • TIM Cup – knockout tournament open to all clubs
  • Supercoppa di Lega TIM – single match between the Serie A champions and TIM Cup winners
  • Italian Serie C Cup – knockout tournament open to clubs from Serie C
  • Italian C Super Cup – single match between the Serie C champions and Serie C Cup winners

Next time we’ll take a quick look at some other playable nations in the game. Below are some of the conventions I took in order to show more information in a compact view in the tables. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. Happy managing!

Table Conventions

  • Under INT – CL, EL = Europe during first season / (p) = promoted club / (r) = relegated club
  • Under Finance – asterisk sign (*) = club is under transfer embargo due to breach of financial regulations
  • Under Estimated Value – loan debt is shown in parenthesis ().

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