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FM 2016 Competitions Preview: France

French competitions in FM 16.

FM16 competitions preview France

Hi guys, today we are going to show you a preview of the competitional system from France. The first football club was introduced to France in 1863, as described in a newspaper article by The Scotsman, which stated “A number of English gentlemen living in Paris have lately organized a football club. The football contests take place in the Bois de Boulogne, by permission of the authorities and surprise the French amazingly.” Modern football was introduced nine years later in 1872 by English sailors playing in Le Havre in 1872.

Top League & Continental Winners

Ligue 1: Saint-Étienne (10), Olympique de Marseille (9), Nantes (8), Olympique Lyonnais and AS Monaco (7), Girondins Bordeaux and Stade de Reims (6), PSG (5), Nice (4), Lille (3) and Montpellier HSC (1).

UEFA Champions League: Olympique de Marseille (1993). UEFA Europa League: none

Tier I: Ligue 1

  • 38 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum of 4 non-EU players
  • Match Rules: Players under 16 are not allowed to play
  • Continental Qualification: 3 places for CL, 3 places for EL
  • Relegation: Bottom 3 teams are relegated

Ligue 1 (formerly known as Division 1) is the French professional league for association football clubs. It is the country’s primary football competition and serves as the top division of the French football league system. Ligue 1 is one of the top national leagues, currently ranked fifth in Europe behind the Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A.

Ligue 1 Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
AS Monaco6CL18521SuperbSuperbRich£169M£17,8MQualify for CL
Ol. Lyon15CL41044SuperbExcellentSecure£136M£2,1MQualify for CL
Ol. Marseille34EL67354State of artGreatSecure£55M£3,5MQualify for EL
LOSC Lille41-50186State of artTopSecure£39,5M£5,7MQualify for EL
Saint-Etienne41EL41965ExcellentGreatSecure£39M£2,8MQualify for EL
Bordeaux41EL42115ExcellentSuperbSecure£41M£71KTop half
Stade Rennais41-31127SuperbGreatSecure£34M£3,5MTop half
Montpellier51-32950GoodGreatSecure£31,5M£3,5MTop half
Stade de Reims51-21684ExcellentGreatSecure£25,5M£1MMid-table
Toulouse FC51-35575ImpressiveGreatSecure£29M£3MMid-table
OGC Nice81-34684AverageAverageSecure£21M£714KMid-table
SC Bastia101-17280AverageGoodSecure£14M£714KMid-table
FC Lorient101-18110AdequateAverageSecure£22,5M£3,5MMid-table
Stade Caen151-21215ImpressiveGreatSecure£15,75M£0Mid-table
FC Nantes151-38004State of artExcellentSecure£25M£0Avoid releg.
Troyes201(p)20842ImpressiveGoodSecure£14,25M£1MAvoid releg.
Angers301(p)17835AverageGoodSecure£11M£0Avoid releg.
GFC Ajaccio1001(p)5000BasicBasicOkay£4,6M£0Avoid releg.

Tier II: Ligue 2

  • 38 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum of 2 non-EU players (4 for teams relegated from Ligue 1)
  • Match Rules: Players under 16 are not allowed to play
  • Promotion: 3 teams promoted
  • Relegation: Bottom 3 teams are relegated

Ligue 2 (formerly known as Division 2) is a French professional football league. The league serves as the second division of French football and is one of two divisions making up the Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), the other being Ligue 1, the country’s top football division.

Ligue 2 Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
FC Metz7(r)26661GoodSuperbOkay£11M£0Promotion
Racing Lens15(r)38233State of artSuperbOkay£11,2M(8M)£500KTop half
Sochaux17-20005ImpressiveExcellentOkay£8,75M£0Top half
Evian TG17(r)16109GoodAverageOkay£11,25M£1,4MTop half
Stade Brest17-15583AdequateBelow AvgAvg£5,75M£0Top half
Havre Athletic17-25278ImpressiveGreatOkay£7,75M£714KTop half
Nancy Lorraine17-20087ImpressiveSuperbOkay£7,25M£142KTop half
Dijon21-16098AverageAdequateOkay£6M£142KTop half
AJ Auxerre21-21379SuperbExcellentSecure£11M£0Top half
Valenciennes21-24926ImpressiveGoodOkay£4,5M£0Top half
Tours FC34-16247AverageGoodOkay£7M£0Top half
US Creteil34-12150AdequatePoorOkay£3,2M£0Mid-table
AC Ajaccio34-10660Below AvgPoorOkay£6,5M£0Mid-table
Clermont Foot41-11980AveragePoorOkay£3,7M£0Mid-table
Lavallois MFC41-18467GoodGoodOkay£3,8M£0Mid-table
Paris FC41(p)20000AdequateAdequateOkay£5,5M£0Mid-table
Red Star FC41(p)10178Below AvgPoorOkay£3,3M£0Mid-table
Chamois Niort41-10406AverageAdequateOkay£2,8M£0Avoid releg.
Nimes Ol.81-818482GoodBelow AvgOkay£4,8M£0Avoid releg.
en-Bresse81(p)13148BasicBasicOkay£1,7M£0Avoid releg.

Penalties: Nimes Ol. (-8)

Tier III: French National

  • 34 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: Maximum of 3 non-EU players
  • Match Rules: Players under 16 are not allowed to play
  • Promotion: 3 teams promoted
  • Relegation: Bottom 4 teams are relegated

French National was founded in 1993 by the French Football Federation and serves as a base league for clubs on the brink of becoming professional or falling to the amateur levels. The league is annually composed of professional, semi-professional, and amateur football clubs.

French National Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
RC Strasbourg6-29000SuperbGreatOkay£7,75M£0Promotion
US Orleans7(r)6833Below AvgBasicOkay£1,8M£0Promotion
Vendee Lucon17-2000BasicBasicOkay£925K£0Top half
Amiens SC21-12097AverageGoodOkay£2,8M£0Top half
SR Colmar26-7000Below AvgBasicOkay£1,2M£0Top half
Dunkerque26-4200Below AvgBasicOkay£1,1M£0Top half
EFC Frejus26-1330Below AvgBasicOkay£1,2M£0Top half
USBCO26-15204AverageBelow AvgOkay£1,5M£0Mid-table
Groupe Sportif34-1990PoorBasicOkay£625K£0Avoid releg.
CA Bastia34-1300Below AvgBasicOkay£900K£0Avoid releg.
ASM Belfort34(p)5500BasicBasicOkay£750K£0Avoid releg.
Chambly-Thelle34-2500PoorBasicOkay£925K£36KAvoid releg.
Avranches34-2000BasicBasicOkay£1,1M£0Avoid releg.
Vendee Herbiers41(p)3000BasicBasicOkay£950K£41KAvoid releg.
AS Beziers41(p)12000Below AvgBasicOkay£1,1M£0Avoid releg.
CS Sedan41(p)23189ImpressiveGoodOkay£2,4M£0Avoid releg.
SAS Epinal51-7200BasicBasicOkay£925K£0Avoid releg.

The Cups

  • Coupe de France – knockout tournament open to all clubs
  • French Champions Trophy – single match between the Ligue 1 champions and Coupe de France winners
  • Coupe de la Ligue – knockout tournament open to professional clubs from the top three football divisions

Next time we’ll take a quick look at some other playable nations in the game. Below are some of the conventions I took in order to show more information in a compact view in the tables. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. Happy managing!

Table Conventions

  • Under INT – CL, EL = Europe during first season / (p) = promoted club / (r) = relegated club
  • Under Finance – asterisk sign (*) = club is under transfer embargo due to breach of financial regulations
  • Under Estimated Value – loan debt is shown in parenthesis ().

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