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FM 2016 Competitions Preview: Belgium

Guide to Belgian playable leagues in FM 16.

FM 2016 competitions preview Belgium

Hi guys, today we are going to show you a preview of the competitional system from Belgium. Football, a sport which has been played in Belgium since the end of the 19th century, is that country’s most popular sport. Traditionally, RSC Anderlecht, Club Brugge and Standard de Liege are the three big teams, all of them playing and/or winning one or more European Cup Final(s). Except for Standard de Liege and Charleroi, most professional clubs have Flemish backgrounds.

Top League & Continental Winners

Jupiler Pro League: Anderlecht (33), Club Brugge (13), Union Saint-Gilloise (11), Standard Liege (10), Beerschot VAC (7), Racing de Bruxelles (6), RFC Liege, Daring de Bruxelles (5), Antwerp FC, KV Mechelen, Lierse SK (4), KRC Genk, Cercle Brugge (3), KSK Beveren (2), KAA Gent, RWD Molenbeek (1).

UEFA Champions League: none. UEFA Europa League: Anderlecht (1983).

Tier I: Jupiler Pro League

  • 30 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: N/A
  • Match Rules: Match squad must have at least 6 players trained by a club in Belgium
  • Continental Qualification: 2 places for CL, 3 places for EL
  • Relegation: Bottom team is relegated

The Belgian Pro League (officially known as Jupiler Pro League) is the top league competition for association football clubs in Belgium. Contested by 16 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Belgian Second Division. Seasons run from late July to early May, with teams playing 30 matches each in the regular season, and then entering play-offs 1, play-offs 2 or the relegation play-off according to their position in the regular season.

Jupiler Pro League Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Anderlecht9EL21500SuperbExcellentSecure£64M (21M)£714KWinners
Club Brugge15CL29042GoodGoodSecure£37M (17,2M)£714KWinners
Standard34EL26659ExcellentSuperbOkay£24M (14,2M)£1,4MTop half
Genk41-24604ImpressiveGreatSecure£30,5M (6M)£3,5MTop half
AA Gent41CL20000AverageAdequateOkay£15M (26,5M)£71KTop half
Lokeren51-12461AverageAverageOkay£14,75M (6M)£200KTop half
Oostende51-8225AdequateBasicOkay£4,9M (4,9M)£53KMid-table
Zulte Waregem81-11000ImpressiveGreatSecure£11,7M (4,2M)£0Mid-table
KV Mechelen81-13075AverageAdequateOkay£7M (925K)£214KMid-table
KV Kortrijk81-9399AdequatePoorOkay£7M (2,1M)£0Mid-table
Charleroi101EL17824AdequateBelow AvgOkay£8,2M (5M)£0Mid-table
Westerlo151-7783AverageAverageOkay£2,2M (650K)£0Avoid releg.
OHL151(p)9319BasicAverageOkay£2,2M (525K)£0Avoid releg.
RMP201-10571AverageGreatSecure£5,5M (2,6M)£0Avoid releg.
Waasland201-13290PoorBasicOkay£2,6M (7M)£0Avoid releg.
STVV201(p)14600AverageAverageOkay£3M (2,7M)£0Avoid releg.

Tier II: Proximus League

  • 32 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: N/A
  • Match Rules: Match squad must have at least 6 players trained by a club in Belgium
  • Promotion: Top team promoted
  • Relegation: Bottom 9 teams are relegated

The Belgian Second Division (known as the Proximus League for sponsorship reasons) is the second-highest division in the Belgian football league system after the Belgian Pro League. The season comprises the regular season (18 teams, 34 match days) and the play-offs.

Proximus League Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Cercle Brugge21(r)29042GoodAverageOkay£6,25M (85K)£0Top half
Antwerp21-13373AdequateBasicInsecure£3M (12,25M)£0Top half
WS Bruxelles34-12434PoorBasicOkay£925K (160K)£0Top half
Lierse41(r)14538AverageGoodInsecure£3,3M (35M)£0Top half
Eupen41-8363BasicBasicOkay£1,7M (1,4M)£0Top half
Tubize41-8100BasicAverageInsecure£525K (1,6M)£0Top half
Deinze41(p)7515Below AvgBasicOkay£425K (120K)£25KTop half
Lommel Utd41-12500AverageBasicOkay£850K (275K)£0Top half
Roeselare51-8950Below AvgBasicOkay£675K (2M)£0Top half
Union SG51(p)8000BasicBasicOkay£625K£22KAvoid releg.
Coxyde51(p)2500AverageBelow AvgOkay£425K£0Avoid releg.
Dessel51-4284BasicBasicOkay£925K (4K)£0Avoid releg.
Virton81-4087BasicBasicOkay£250K (110K)£0Avoid releg.
Geel81-10022PoorBelow AvgOkay£650K£3KAvoid releg.
Heist81-3549PoorBasicOkay£375K (230K)£0Avoid releg.
Patro Eisden101-4900Below AvgBasicOkay£425K (4K)£3KAvoid releg.
Seraing Utd101-1000AdequatePoorOkay£230K£0Avoid releg.

Tier III: Belgian Third Division

  • 34 games (teams play each other twice)
  • Squad Registration: N/A
  • Match Rules: Match squad must have at least 2 under-21 players
  • Promotion: Top 6 from each group qualify for Playoffs
  • Relegation: Bottom 12 teams are relegated

The Belgian Third Division is the third highest level in Belgian football. It has two leagues of 18 teams each (A and B) at the same level. At the end of the regular season, both league winners promote to the second division and a play-off is played to determine a possible third club to promote.

Belgian Third Division Clubs (Ordered by Media Prediction)

 OddsINTStadiumTrainingYouthFinancesEst. ValueTransferExpectations
Winkel Sport21-2300PoorBasicOkay£120K£3KTop half
Temse21-3000PoorBasicOkay£150K£3KTop half
Aalst26(r)4694AdequateBasicInsecure£375K (140K)£0Top half
FCV Dender34-8157AdequateBasicOkay£425K (575K)£0Top half
Bornem41-3450PoorBasicOkay£140K£2KTop half
Olsa Brakel41-3000PoorBasicOkay£130K£0Top half
Oudenaarde41-3500AdequateBasicOkay£200K (9K)£0Top half
Londerzeel41-2500PoorBasicOkay£140K£5KTop half
Sint-Niklaas41-2150AdequateBasicOkay£1,3M£0Top half
VW Hamme41-6000BasicBasicOkay£240K (70K)£0Top half
Gullegem51-2300PoorBasicOkay£300K£18KAvoid releg.
Sparta Petegem51-2500PoorBasicOkay£120K£0Avoid releg.
La Louviere51-12500PoorBasicOkay£425K£2KAvoid releg.
Acren51-2000PoorBasicOkay£80K£0Avoid releg.
Torhout81-3000BasicBasicOkay£190K£4KAvoid releg.
Izegem81-2000PoorBasicOkay£110K£3KAvoid releg.
RC Gent81-3000BasicBasicOkay£275K (14K)£2KAvoid releg.
RC Mechelen101(r)13687Below AvgBasicOkay£1,1M (130K)£0Avoid releg.
Hasselt41-8800BasicBasicOkay£325K£3KTop half
Kapellen41-3506Below AvgBasicOkay£250K£22KTop half
Oosterzonen41-1000PoorBasicOkay£65K£0Top half
Liege41-3000AdequateBasicOkay£400K£33KTop half
Berchem41-12245BasicBasicOkay£600K£3KTop half
Rupel Boom41-9470AdequateBasicOkay£325K£0Top half
Sprimont41-2500BasicBasicOkay£150K£11KTop half
Bocholt41-2512BasicBasicOkay£130K£3KTop half
Hoogstraten41-3500AdequateBasicOkay£180K£3KTop half
Overijse51-2000AdequateBasicOkay£100K£0Top half
Ciney51-4000PoorBasicOkay£160K£3KAvoid releg.
Woluwe51(r)2000PoorBasicOkay£240K (55K)£3KAvoid releg.
Hamoir51-1000PoorBasicOkay£60K£2KAvoid releg.
Grimbergen51-2450PoorBasicOkay£130K£2KAvoid releg.
Walhain51-1610PoorBasicOkay£85K£3KAvoid releg.
Tienen81-7100AdequateBasicOkay£250K (35K)£0Avoid releg.
Diegem81-4000BasicBasicOkay£190K£8KAvoid releg.
Kelmis101-1500PoorBasicOkay£75K£3KAvoid releg.

The Cups

  • Croky Cup – knockout tournament open to all clubs
  • Belgian Super Cup – single match between Jupiler Pro League champions and Croky Cup winners

Next time we’ll take a quick look at some other playable nations in the game. Below are some of the conventions I took in order to show more information in a compact view in the tables. Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. Happy managing!

Table Conventions

  • Under INT – CL, EL = Europe during first season / (p) = promoted club / (r) = relegated club
  • Under Finance – asterisk sign (*) = club is under transfer embargo due to breach of financial regulations
  • Under Estimated Value – loan debt is shown in parenthesis ().

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