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FM 2015 Player Profile – Simone Zaza

FM 2015 profile, Simone Zaza image

Simone Zaza

Age: 23

Position: ST

Role: false nine / trequartista / poacher / complete forward / advanced forward / deep lying forward

Club: Sassuolo

Nationality: Italian

Value: £6 million

Price tag: £16 million (in patch 15.3)

CA: 142 / PA: 152

Simone Zaza profile in 2014 (after starting new game, patch 15.3)

FM 2015 profile, Simone Zaza 2014 profile

Simone Zaza profile aged 29 in the year 2021

FM 2015 profile, Simone Zaza 2021 profile

Simone Zaza career history until 2021

FM 2015 profile, Simone Zaza history

This FM 2015 player profile of Simone Zaza shows a very well rounded striker capable of scoring goals at any level. Zaza has good current ability and room to grow, that £16 million asking price tends to drop by half after a season or so making room for a hefty profit as AC Milan experienced in my test save. The young Italian has good attacking ability and good physical stats but his mentals are great, with concentration, decisions, flair, off the ball and anticipation making him a handful.

I like Zaza for his versatility, he is a complete forward, while movement and off the ball ability mixed with anticipation suggest a best role of poacher Zaza can also play the deeper roles.

Did this player develop better in your FM 2015 save? Share a screen shot of his future profile with us by uploading the file below! (please include your name/nickname in the file name)


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7 years ago

Do you think it’s important or gives you an advantage to sign players of home nations I.e I am juventus should I sigb zaza over fierro as zaza is Italian. Thank you for the amazing work you guys do!!

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