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FM 2015 Player Profile – Jeremie Porsan-Clemente

FM 2015 player profile of Jeremie Porsan-Clemente

Jeremie Porsan-Clemente

Age: 16

Position: ST

Role: false nine / poacher / defensive forward / advanced forward / deep-lying forward / target man

Club: Marseille

Nationality: French

Value: £625K

Price tag: £10 million (in patch 15.3)

CA: 100/ PA: -8 (between 130 and 160)

Jeremie Porsan-Clemente profile in 2014 (after starting new game, patch 15.3)

jeremie porsan-clemete fm 2015 initial profile

Jeremie Porsan-Clemente profile aged 24 in the year 2022

jeremie porsan-clemete fm 2015 future profile

Jeremie Porsan-Clemente career history until 2022

jeremie porsan-clemete fm 2015 career stats

This FM 2015 player profile of Jeremie Porsan-Clemente shows a talented young striker, his potential can lead him to become a solid top-flight forward. Unfortunately Marseille are very fond of him, which makes buying the lad tricky at the start of the game. Things might change after a season or two though.

In my test save he remained at OM until 2022, when he was sold to Portuguese outfit Benfica. He has bagged a decent number of goals in France and also in his debut season in Portugal, also earning seven caps for the French national team.

His future profile doesn’t impress on the technical side but he developed solid finishing, decent mental attributes overall and exceptional physique. His speed became amazing, while agility and strength are also not too shabby.

Did this player develop better in your FM 2015 save? Share a screen shot of his future profile with us by uploading the file below! (please include your name/nickname in the file name)




  1. Me ,myself and I

    April 23, 2015 at 18:07

    Hi . Can you update Patrick Roberts profile please ? after the 15.3. patch i heard he has been downgraded a lot after that patch ,

    • Johnny Karp

      April 23, 2015 at 18:16

      All player profiles have been updated shortly after the 15.3 patch, we’ll check if that slipped through somehow.

  2. Me ,myself and I

    April 23, 2015 at 18:47

    Ok ,np this is the message i read on Roberts profile — Price tag: £11 million (in patch 15.1.1)

    • Darren Smith

      April 23, 2015 at 20:38

      I have added notes in the profile, but we won’t be updating the screenshots as we would not have profiled him based on his current potential ability so I see no point in showing substandard information now, its better to show how did develop previously for those still using the previous patch, of course the new notes warn the reader of this.

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