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FM 2015 Challenge: World Hero

World Hero Challenge in FM 2015.

FM 2015 challenge world hero

This FM 2015 challenge is based on the steam achievements with similar names. The challenge do exceed the requirenments for the achievements.

The achievements

125px-Premier_League.svg   130px-Logo_de_la_Ligue_1_(2008).svg   170px-LegaSerieAlogoTIM  Clydesdale_Bank_Premier_League_logo.svg
220px-Liga_BBVA.svg Brasileirão_Chevrolet_logo

  • Brazilian Hero
  • English Hero
  • French Hero
  • Italian Hero
  • Scottish Hero
  • Spanish Hero

To get the Hero achievements you have to get a team promoted from the lowest league to the highest. That’s all you need to do. Getting them all is not a real achievement but it is referred to as the World Hero achievement on some forums.

World Hero Challenge

For the World Hero Challenge you have to get a team promoted to the top and you also have to win the domestic league and cups.

Rules and Goals in every country.

  • Get a job in lowest tier.
  • Get promoted to the top tier.
  • Win the league.
  • Win the cup.
  • Win the Super Cup (where applicable)
  • When done with above resign and move to a new country.
  • Extra: Win the World Club Championship with one or all teams.


Strategy is about the same as in Lower League Management. But some variations exist. In Brazil, Italy and Spain you can find more passing type players that works better with a passing play tactic than a crossing type. I would still consider the goalkeeper the most important player.

In Brazil loaning players is a culture and you can often find a lot of alternatives. Watch out for problems with team gelling. You can however loan players over a 2-year period to avoid this. With non-existent loan rules you can fill your team with loanees that you can send home at any time. Some without paying for salaries at all. This in turn can give you a decent economic windfall.

I would suggest to start in Brazil or France. They both probably have to shortest way from start to finish. Brazil can be done in 3-4 years if you get those quality players on loan and shop for free agents before the start of the next season. The last give you almost no competition for some really good players. I got top level players to the second tier in this way.

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pedro roriz
pedro roriz
6 years ago

my problem when managing here in brazil is in economics. our teams are really struggling, even though they have a good income. so, bottom sides will struggle. but, as you said, fm is really an angel when creating regens in brazil, so almost all teams get at least 1 decent regen. if you try and go with a top side, with good infrastructure, you’ll surely get good ones.

6 years ago
Reply to  pedro roriz

Yeah, the economy is a bit of a hassle. That why loaning as a small club is so important. And when you get bigger some talent is very cheap to buy. After a few seasons, selling players overseas is very important for revenue. Last time I played in Brazil I was very successful a Youth 2 Gold approach. Width the abundance of talent you can get your hand on you can sometimes sell them earlier then at about 27 years old. Just to fill the treasure chest. :)

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