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FM 2013 Player Profile – Diego Reyes

fm13 profile, reyes, image

Diego Reyes

Age: 19

Position: DMC/DC/MC

Club: America MEX

Nationality: Mexican

Value: £1.9 million

Price tag: N/A agreed deal with Porto (in patch 13.3)

Diego Reyes profile in 2012 (after starting new game, patch 13.3)

fm13 profile, reyes, profile 2012

Diego Reyes scouting report from Cagigao of Arsenal

fm13 profile, reyes, scout report

Diego Reyes profile aged 27 in the year 2020

fm13 profile, reyes, profile 2020

Diego Reyes career history until 2020

fm13 profile, reyes, career stats

This FM 2013 Player Profile of Diego Reyes shows just why Porto have agreed to pay £6 million in real life. What a top asset, this kid can function as a ball winning midfielder, or central midfielder. Reyes develops incredible physical stats, brilliant mental attributes and seems capable on the ball technically. Certainly one of the best central and defensive midfielders, but a shame you can’t sign this kid off the bat.

Best buy rating: 9.5/10

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8 years ago

He’s an amazing player in my save as well but… good luck getting Reyes for anything less than a king’s ransom from Porto.

8 years ago

Can u do profile for casemiro.

8 years ago

i picked him up in an old spurs save before he signed for porto IRL
hes a great player and is a bit like vidal but without all the bookings that vidal picks up.
one problem i encountered was after 3 years i tried to sign him to a new long term deal but i was having trouble as he had been dropped by the national team as he wasnt getting first team football and he wasnt being allowed a work permit,if you sign him you need to have him in your starting 11

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