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FM 2013 Best Regens Eleven

I know you all like regens in Football Manager, they are like nice surprises that pop up in a candy box. I played around with a test save I kept running for scouting purposes, it’s in 2019 at the moment, and I thought I’d make a FM 2013 Best Regens Eleven out of it with the best regens I could find in that game. The best eleven is for a plain 4-4-2 formation. Here goes:

Goalkeeper – Nunes (Brazil)

1 fm 2013 best regens nunes

Right Back – Michal Blazek (Czech Republic)

2 fm 2013 best regens michal blazek

Left Back – Mertcan Unal (Turkey)

3 fm 2013 best regens mertcan unal

Centre Back – Jean-Michel Hernandez (France)

4 fm 2013 best regens jean-michel hernandez

Centre Back – Petr Martinek (Czech Republic)

5 fm 2013 best regens petr martinek

Right Midfielder – Vegar Djupskas (Norway)

6 fm 2013 best regens vegar djupskas

Left Midfielder – Braga (Brazil)

7 fm 2013 best regens braga

Central Midfielder – Ivan Piskor (Croatia)

8 fm 2013 best regens ivan piskor

Central Midfielder – Joseph McGough (Australia)

9 fm 2013 best regens joseph mcgough

Striker – Dirk Nottbeck (Germany)

10 fm 2013 best regens dirk nottbeck

Striker – Joao Paulo (Portugal)

11 fm 2013 best regens joao paulo

A few interesting facts in this FM 13 best regens eleven: no English players, no Spanish players, but no less than two Czech lads! Which of these eleven regens do you like the most? Feel free to share your options in the comments.

I’m sure you have found quite a few awesome regens in your games, so please share them with the world in our dedicated topic in the forum!


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Johan Jakobsen

Wouldn’t it be better to just have a “Show your best regen thread” and then collect the best from there?

Not that it isn’t good players but every save has it’s own special regens and none are alike :)


Out of interest how do these compare to the current best world XI in FM’s eyes? It’d help solve the debate whether regens are much better than current players!

Darren Smith

Nice idea Johnny, very good way of getting the readers involved in the Forum, just a shame some don’t seem to read the full post before commenting. ;)


I believe some name are meant to be wonderkid, ie, Alex Sloan on second season, a speedy forward, it will only be regen in a decent enough epl team. Sometime he come with winger position but that’s a plus. I discover this theory in 2012’s Tom Nicholson who is a great centre midfielder which always generate on second season. I haven’t been able to test out more names at this point because of rl commitment.


Very nice players indeed, I do find England don’t get many world class regens, but countries like Turkey, Russia, Greece, Chile and Croatia have loads. Not that they’re bad teams, but you expect England to produce better players.

Gaurav Chaddah

Thanks for sharing mate, some great players their.


There are some really quality players there Johnny!


best player I have is 23 year old CB. 18 strength, 20 marking, 18 tackling and 20 jumping and heading. scores a header from corners every three games!


me and my brother are in a game in 2029 and if you get that far, the regens are sick. makes the game so much more interesting when there are no real players left.

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