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Best FM 2013 Stories: Royman’s Journeyman Carrer

He started his FM 2013 career in a rather unusual country for most of us: Indonesia. Took over a small club there, took them to glory and then moved to South Africa. Who knows where he’ll end up next? He’s Royman and his FM 2013 story is our featured forum career today.

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Here’s a quick recap of what he has achieved so far in the game, before having a few words from the writer/manager himself.

Indonesia – Deltras Sidoarjo FC

  • Won Indonesian Premier Division in 2013 and then another five times between 2014 and 2018.
  • Won the Indonesian Super Cup in 2014, runner-up in 2015,2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • Won the Indonesian Cup in 2016 and 2018.
  • Won the Asian Champions League in 2018.
  • Reached the semi finals of the World Club Championship after beating Al-Gharraffa on penalties.  Defeated by Real Madrid in the semi finals…

South Africa – Moroka Swallows

  • Finished 6th in the league in season 2018/2019, but won the South African FA Cup.
  • Won the league and South African Knock-out Cup and reached the semi finals of the African Confederations Cup in 2019/2020.
  • Finished second in the league in 2020/2012 but retained the South African Knock-out Cup. Reached the final of the African Confederations Cup.

And now the interview, here goes:

Johnny: Why did you choose this career for a story?

Royman: I chose this career because I like to have a little gander at all the leagues to be honest and reading Ana’s story on the last FM kind of inspired me to finally explore FM rather than stick with the same old leagues. I’m really glad about finding yours and Darren’s FM site, without reading the stories I probably wouldn’t have found FM as enjoyable as I have done, I used to just manage Manchester United or the odd season at a lower league team before giving up, now I’ve done saves which span 7-8 seasons. In conclusion Ana’s stories on the last FM inspired me to have a little adventure and its been a wonderful adventure so far.

Johnny: Which is the most challenging league in which you have ever played in Football Manager?

Royman: I’d have to go for South Africa because of how competitive it is, on any day, any team can beat you and any team in the top 5-6 can have a good go of the title. Apart from that I’d go for America because how hard it was initially to adapt to their rules and the lack of finances at LA Galaxy at the time or South Korea. I had got Incheon Korea Railroad promoted to the top division and after a few games, we had got quite a few good results, I had hoped that we could make the top 6, but by the end of the season we were mired in a relegation battle and survived by the skin of our teeth.

Johnny: What is going to happen next in your story, will you move to other countries in future seasons?

Royman: Well I have reached the Champions League final with Moroka Swallows, if we win it, I won’t leave straight away because I want to win the league again before I go but when I do eventually leave the club, I’m eyeing up a move to the MLS, which despite being a tough to understand league, is one I have fond memories of on the last FM. I remember getting Andy Carroll on a free transfer for LA Galaxy, he turned out to be a revelation at the club, I laughed to myself how he could be so good, if I remember right he was top scorer in one season with 20 goals. From there, I will probably move to Europe, I’m not entirely sure where yet and well South America, I think I’d go to Brazil once I’ve got the Champions League in Europe, I’d like the idea of working with some of the fantastic regens that pop up there. Once I’ve got the final Champions League, I’d like to retire back to Asia, in particular South Korea and hopefully win a couple of things there and try to build a dynasty like I did with Deltras.

So, there’s an African Confederations Cup final and plenty more adventures coming up in this story, make sure you don’t miss the coming updates! And please do check out the best FM 2013 stories in our forum!


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Darren Smith

Well done to Royman, very well deserved for a true journey. Looks like the story has some way to develop yet also so good luck to him.

Tom Miller

Congrats mate you really deserve it :P

Craig Carroll

Thanks a lot guys :D

Ana Garcia

Thanks for the kind words!

Never would have imagined how many people were inspired by that story I wrote, but I must be blind as I never saw it in the forums! :)

Usually I enjoy stories more when they are outside of Europe so will be definitely giving it a read when I have time so congratulations! :)


Tottaly deserved award, great story and a brilliant read! Like the interview aswell :D

Gaurav Chaddah

A great read and a great interview, well done :)

Cameron Moulton
Cameron Moulton

When playing in a cup final is it best to attack or be cautious

Varun Chaddah
Varun Chaddah

Well done Royman!

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