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An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary

Hi guys, Sports Interactive and Miles Jacobson finally unveiled the secrets behind #projecthollywood. Mile’s opted to tease us with the hashtag for months through Twitter, but we can now confirm there will be a Football Manager documentary/movie released in Cinema’s for an exclusive one night only viewing on Tuesday 7th October. You can catch this exclusive in limited Vue Cinemas and SI are making every effort to offer this around the globe with streaming and downloads, but more on that later. What do we know about ‘An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary’?

To steal a line from Sports Interactive themselves ‘An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary will examine the game’s enduring appeal and how it has seeped into and influenced the culture of the world’s favourite game and is made by Film Nova, one of Britain’s leading independent sports producers.’ Adding to that it will feature FM Creator’s, staff and famous fans of the game from the World of Football and entertainment.

Here is an EXCLUSIVE sneak preview of the Football Manager Documentary featuring Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

An Alternative Reality The FM Documentary

Mile’s Jacobson will be holding a live Q&A to boot. Each Cinema showing will share their questions before the documentary starts, Mile’s will then be streamed live to each and every cinema to answer some of those questions. On top of that, these screenings will see the premier Football Manager 2015 feature announcements. So if you have been waiting to hear about FM 2015 features, then this is worth watching. And one person per screening will be added to FM15 as a newgen, meaning YOU could be a star in the new game. ‘Darren Smith’, ‘wonderkid’, has a ring doesn’t it? :)

As mentioned, An Alternative Reality: The FM Documentary will be available to stream and download after the first showing. But if you want to see this on the big screen, then book tickets now at www.myvue.comThe full list of featured cinemas are below.



Fulham — Tickets
Islington — Tickets
Picadilly — Tickets
Westfield Stratford — Tickets
Westfield White City — Tickets  

North East

Gateshead — Tickets


Birmingham — Tickets
Leicester (NEW)Tickets

Newcastle-under-Lyme (NEW)Tickets

Northampton (NEW)Tickets

North West

Birkenhead — Tickets

Blackburn (NEW)Tickets
Bolton — Tickets
Bury The Rock — Tickets
Cheshire Oaks — Tickets
Manchester Lowry — Tickets


Aberdeen — Tickets
Edinburgh Omni — Tickets
Glasgow Fort — Tickets

South East

Eastleigh (NEW)Tickets
Oxford — Tickets
Norwich (NEW)Tickets
Portsmouth — Tickets
Reading — Tickets
Watford — Tickets

South West

Bristol Cribbs — Tickets
Plymouth — Tickets


Cardiff — Tickets
Swansea — Tickets


Doncaster — Tickets
Hull (NEW) Tickets
Leeds Light — Tickets
Sheffield — Tickets
York (NEW) Tickets


Dublin — Tickets

An Alternative Reality The Football Manager Documentary

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  1. Silvano

    12 сентября, 2014 at 21:12

    I have a question: If we live outside UK, is it possible to get a digital version of this?

    • Darren Smith

      13 сентября, 2014 at 08:01

      This has already been addressed in the post ‘An Alternative Reality: The FM Documentary will be available to stream and download after the first showing.’

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