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AIK – Preseason 2030

Hey everyone, welcome back!

Its been a hectic few days for myself, loads of people are wrapped up with school and stuff and I’m no exception unfortunately. Going down to Nottingham Uni this Sunday so I’ve been packing, sorting and buying what seems like the whole of IKEA. Never loose your roots, especially with a Swedish mum that’s frantic about her little son going away forever..

Anyway, I have had some time to get a pre-season update out! As you know we managed to secure promotion last season with flying colours as our star man: Francisco Sampaio broke numerous records to help us on our way to the Swedish Premier League. I had no respite though, and was working to bring in the best of the best so we could give a good challenge.

This was what I was given to work with..

Well, they have certainly gone back to being a tight board! Lets face it, 50k is not going to get me anywhere. Especially with the amount of talent that the teams have got in this league. So.. I made it my aim to defecate that and get some players in on monthly instalments lasting 48 months. Risky I know, but it was a risk I was going to have to take to stay in the division.

Obviously I needed to relieve the strain on my budgets, so I managed to get rid of a lot of deadwood over the winter break too free up some wage space. They all went out on free’s which was the unfortunate thing for me, but it seemed like no-one wanted to buy any of my players.. Bummer. Anyway, here is the comprehensive list of ‘Outs’:

Most, if not all of these names will mean nothing to you. Honestly, most of them don’t to me either as the majority were useless academy players. Couple of first teamers though, including my right winger Thor Beinees who went to Rotherham. Let go because of his extortionate wages.

Anyway now for the ‘Ins’ and I’m glad to say that I managed to get some real quality in for next to nothing. Most of them were free’s, but I did have to stretch my budget and use monthly instalments on one player, basically due to his ‘Home Grown’ status.

Javier was my first signing of the window after he was let go buy Real Madrid no less. A real prospect in the heart of my defence, I was really lucky to bring him in. Looking forward to see how he develops over my reign at AIK..

Another Spanish signing to bolster the attack. Pardo is getting on a bit now, but I thought that he would make a brilliant partnership with Sampaio, which was the reason I brought him in. Unfortunately he got injured for 4 months in a pre-season game so I’m not sure how much of his one-year contract I can exploit..

Joakim was brought in for 9k from Malmo, mainly due to the lack of ‘Home Grown’ players I had at the club. He will provide great experience at centre back im sure..

My big money signing! I managed to bring in Marcus Steen from Halmstad for 120k over a 48 month period due to the lack of funds my board had given me. Very quick, and very versatile at full back so it was well worth the fee in my eyes. Especially as one of the illusive ‘Home Grown’ players.

Name like a girl, but as fast as Bolt. Daniele will be my starting AMR for the season. It was really tough to find any right wingers this year but hopefully he will do me well over the course of the season.

Last but not least, Hugo rounded off my transfer arrivals after coming from ‘Moss’ in Norway. Excellent technical attributes, and should be a brilliant asset in the already strong area of centre mid-field.

All in all, a decent winter break with some great new additions to complement the squad!

Pre-season results managed to go our way as we battered most of the teams on the tour of Scandinavia. Particularly happy with the 5-2 against Lillestrom as we came back from two goals down. Fitness seemed to be decent throughout which was my main goal, so we were all set up to start this seasons games!

One last thing before I end the post though. I managed to find an 18 year old wonderkid, and I was sooo excited as he was interested to come to AIK. Unfortunately, I was let down by his rather greedy agent as I couldn’t afford to give him the extra 100k in fees to make the transfer happen! Argh. Here is a screenshot of him..

You can see why I was so pissed ;)

Also, if you haven’t already don’t forget to vote for my challenge in FM 2012! Any votes and comments will be appreciated.

Excessive: "Which challenge should I undertake in FM 2012?"

  • San Marino/Andorra Challenge (35%, 103 Votes)
  • Youth Academy Challenge (32%, 96 Votes)
  • Pentagon Challenge (20%, 58 Votes)
  • League Titles Challenge (13%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 296

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Anyway that concludes the post boys and girls. Will do my best, but with freshers week coming up.. I don’t think I’ll have much time.

Till next time,
Hej då :D

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9 years ago

Good signings Jake, they should really bolster your squad well, and you got them cheap too, which is fantastic as you’re working with a tight board ;) Good luck for the season mate!

Darren Smith
9 years ago

Fantastic signings Jake, they all look great and could help AIK shock the top flight. That wonderkid is awesome and must have been so frustrating to miss out on him. Such a shame to see the board tighten their purse strings.

Johnny Karp
9 years ago

You have brought in some quality players from what I can see so I think that you are on the right path here. Go get them Jake!

P.S.: IKEA is my favourite furniture supplier and I don’t have any Swedish roots ;)

9 years ago

Nice work jake, Unlucky on not having enough money for the Center Back, Very nice finds as they were all cheap but were quality.

Martin - F.M.J.S
9 years ago

Hi Jake
Good signings for AIK and a nice pre season to go with that. I can see why you was annoyed with the agent, he would have been a great addition for your team. Good luck with the rest of the season.

9 years ago

Hey Jake
Good signings, all were cheap but really good. Pardo injured for four months, that’s unlucky. He has to prove to you that he is good after he gets back. Good luck.

9 years ago

Well done Jake. good pre season results and Javier looks a brilliant signing from Madrid. good luck at Uni!!

9 years ago

Hi Jake,
Good signings and good pre-season. Unlucky about the 4 month injury to Pardo and about getting the agent of that wonderkid trying to rip you off. The season is looking like it could be a good one for AIK.

George Dobson
George Dobson
9 years ago

Well done Jake good pre season great signings hope you have a good time at uni

9 years ago

Great signings mate, hopefully you’ll do well this season … Good luck!

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